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  1. But if you are a driver on a ZHC or full time doing an extra shift and you are offered a cruise shift with chance of some tips or a bus full of kids, which are you going to choose?.
  2. You might be right but I hope this is just a one off to remove corrosion pitting on the rail head due to the rails having been in storage for many years. You may remember a stretch of track on the MER between Majestic and Boncomptes(or whatever it is now) which was laid with secondhand short 15ft rails from I think some ex MOD depot. The rails had a rolling date of 1918 and I don't think had been used since then. The pitting on the rail head was awful and took several years to wear away. The racket as you drove along them was loud even on wooden sleepers.
  3. Pads and surrounded in some sort of flexible resin type material
  4. Are there usually? When I worked for the department bank holidays were double time and a day off in lieu so no problem getting staff to work. I imagine it is not that now.
  5. Where the bar is was a garage/taxi place I think. There was a youth place in the old MER Goods shed/museum (now demolished). The new outside bit across the road was a cattle dock/loading bank for the MER but in more recent times seemed to be a dog shit collection area
  6. Nearly everyone I know of that has caught it since TT has not knowingly contracted COVID before. Very unscientific I know but it could be one of the many variables at play
  7. Should England hold a referendum on whether it still wants Scotland to be part of the union?.
  8. Perhaps we need some sort of surtax on people over say 55 moving here to help pay for their healthcare etc. Plus maybe a surtax on multiple house/residential property ownership or purchase or income therefrom?.
  9. You could probably say the flights to LCY and LHR had only just restarted though if you say that about DUB. People may have already booked on the EZY LGW service before those were announced (I had a few trips like that as at the time of booking there was no alternative)
  10. Would the people in China and India not just say cut your carbon emission’s down to our level first?. We need to reduce the world population if we are going to be able to live the way we do now.
  11. Dublin seems well down too. Has the frequency reduced ( I thought it was only daily in 2019 and is similar now) so is that due to it being a business destination or pax not traveling long haul via DUB I wonder?. The LCY flights I have taken so far have been pretty busy, LHR much less so, so hopefully the LCY flights will survive in some form past October.
  12. You may be right but the excuse given by EZY is ATC restrictions
  13. And again it seems their flights LGW to Jersey are operating almost to time so it does make you wonder where and what the ATC restriction is?.
  14. There is no front and back on the tram🤣. Where they will take the horse from one end to the other is not on the roadway anyway although I can imagine people taking the wrong turn and driving on it.
  15. But pollen bomb, thunder fever and thunderstorm asthma sound much more scary
  16. I think you missed the word "right" before infrastructure and facilities. They squandered many millions on the infrastructure after all
  17. Pollen Bomb https://www.itv.com/news/2022-06-13/why-super-pollen-might-be-making-your-hay-fever-and-allergies-worse-right-now
  18. I had a quick look today at the welding, some seems to be to where the rail is of different sections and they have welded a bit to stop there being a sudden 90 degree change in the groove width, not sure why the point rails could not have been the same section. Looks awful.
  19. I think they mean Castle Mona Avenue. Be a bit of digging up to do anything by the Castle Mona now. Seem to call it just Castle Mona for some reason
  20. Doesn't say where and currently their flights to JER this afternoon and evening are operating to time in case banker hasn't noticed
  21. A lot more information is available in the FOI request 2216150 Horse Tram Problems dated 18/02/22, even down to drawings of the motor ( called controller)
  22. I thought the intention was to procure from H & K as per the minutes of a meeting on 13/07/2020. (extract below) 12.0 Post Meeting Note: Going Forward :  The tram crossing and point operation / signalling are to be two independent systems.  Identify a single traffic control supplier to provide a solution for the Castle Mona crossing, which will utilise ground loop transponders for automatic operation.  Points to be operated using H&K controllers linked to a purpose built signal controller, which is triggered by line side tag readers. Whether that actually happened who knows for sure or perhaps H and K is Manx for by hand lol
  23. The expensive and likely maintenance intensive motorised points system at Broadway for the horse trams seems to have been abandoned as a big white handle has been fitted there to change the points.
  24. Is some of this not just a function of this particular virus being new to the species (human) and it is therefore evolving more rapidly in it's newly found species host.
  25. Not sure you are entirely correct there, Newquay has a PSO to ensure a frequent regular service to London but without that they would likely just get a somewhat irregular low cost service like Easyjet currently give us.
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