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  1. It’s frustrating that the measures have been agreed this evening but we have to wait for the Howard show tomorrow morning to find out what those measures are.
  2. Good lord! Just woke up to this. It's like Brexit all over again.
  3. Notwell - not a penny. I'm am not "one of them" (nor am I stupid) but I do know a couple of people "on the inside".
  4. No, it's not a church asset either wholly or partially. It's owned personally.
  5. Mr Oddbins would be better spending some of his spare loot on Africa House rather than just allowing it to fall down.
  6. I understand there was a child in the back of the car, which could (based on nothing but conjecture) have caused a distraction. Feel sorry for the kid witnessing that.
  7. RBSI are in the middle of a very similar exercise, Barrie. I understand it's a cost cutting exercise.
  8. Thanks for your responses, all very interesting. It's funny that many of us think about what we eat, trying to make "healthy choices", but we don't often think about what our food (eg cattle) eat. I had some "real" eggs recently, from chickens that weren't fed chicken feed, but we're left to scratch and forage naturally. Bloody hell. They were the best eggs ever. I was surprised how different the taste and colour was.
  9. Really? So Manx cows don't get "cattle feed" only grass? (I'm not disputing what you're saying by the way, I'm genuinely asking). I thought farmers used cattle feed over here?
  10. Is it possible to buy grass fed beef on the IOM?
  11. It was in road and track being serviced when it was stolen apparently.
  12. Natalie Winter, previously of Urban Hair, now doing a few days at Utopia. I let no-one else touch my barnet.
  13. Standard bank on circular road are good.
  14. Yes, you are wrong. They are in no way related.
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