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  1. Not quite true if you read the public inquiry report. Rushen failed to inform those buying houses that a boundary extension application existed when asked on standard local authority searches which I find rather shocking. I’d be surprised if some homeowners won’t take legal action against Rushen for misleading them.
  2. Port St Mary still hasn't held an election according the Independent this week, despite getting rid of their member five weeks ago. Be interesting to see how this one develops as the article alludes to the fact that they are ignoring or breaching the Local Elections Act.
  3. Reading the brief report on IOMonline the slightly strange thing seems to be that in order to 'save' the initially proposed £2m cost of getting the properties revalued for the new system you now seem to be able to value your own house. What a novel concept. Allowing someone who pays a tax linked to the value of an asset to determine the value of that asset. We hope it catches on and for things like road tax you will be able to make up the engine size or emissions rating of your car to keep your road tax down. It'll be amusing seeing folk (or of course Estate Agents) over valuing their house when trying to sell it, yet under valuing when it comes to the rating valuation...!
  4. Needs to go one step further and as well as micro chipping take a DNA swab. An easy and low cost irrefutable method to identify the lazy dog owners who don't pick up their pet's deposits from the pavements. You could do this for one fee when the dog is obtained which would allow the scrapping the dog license altogether.
  5. Monday 3rd June Port Erin TT Day is back again this year with plenty for the families, visitors and bikers. FREE ADMISSION (but please note that rides are chargeable) From 11:00am ... Street Market with stalls and fun rides, Sandcastle competition with prizes, Junior 5-a side beach football competition and fun beach races for the kids, mums and dads, there is plenty of entertainment throughout the day. From 7:30pm The famous Royal Signals White Helmets, the infamous Purple Helmets and the master of balance and machine control Steve Colley, will be performing opposite the Lifeboat House. From 6:30pm Live music on Bushys Beach Stage from "Our House", "Chris Gray" & "Switch" At 10:30pm The Grand Finale Fireworks Display, which promises a spectacular end to the event with a display across the stunning Port Erin Bay. https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/487189921328580/
  6. Erin bike hut are renting mountain bikes now if you get stuck.
  7. He's probably hoping for some cash from this longer term.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22182949
  8. And if it's not currently the local authority responsibility to clean the pavements, you can guarantee the DOI will passing that onto the rate payers!
  9. I'm sure Braddan residents will still end up paying more in total. I expect water rates to go up by the maximum 4% they are bound by in statute as they have taken the drainage agency back from the Local Authorities. Anyone know when water rates will be announced?
  10. How far is the abbatoir from the rest home for old meat horses..?
  11. Give Alan Kermode at RGW a call. Did a great job for me earlier this year. 495903
  12. Donald, the Commissioners certainly think so! Have to say I think the village has missed a central community venue and with all the hotels seeming to have closed down South could become a really important venue. May even help some of the local businesses. I've heard its pretty low cost to rent at the moment too so I'll be taking a look for some of the groups I'm involved with. I believe there's even two pubs again in PSM now!
  13. Port St Mary Town is reopening this Saturday 10th November from 3pm. The free afternoon event will have vintage cars, acrobats, jugglers, circus school with closing fireworks at 6:30pm. In the evening there is a Ceilidh Night starting at 7:30. Tickets are only £5 and include a Hot Pot Supper. The venue is unlicensed so you can Bring Your Own. Tickets available from Port St Mary Commissioners Office - 832101
  14. Cret, Port St Mary Commissioners have some garages which come up for rent every now and then. I think they're about £20 or so a week. Might be worth dropping them a line.
  15. Taking it off the youngsters to prop up the increasing aging population pension costs. I don't agree with means testing CB as it will only squeeze those in the middle (as usual) and would definitely encourage more cash in hand jobs for those who can get away with it. Capping it at 2 kids maximum would get my vote and I'm sure would save a significant sum. Over 2,200 households with 5 or more people living in them in the 2011 census....!
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