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  1. Wonderful event! We loved it and the children did well. Thank you to all involved, particularly those in the kitchen ensure plenty of cakes and cups of tea!
  2. Really looking forward to seeing this exhibition!
  3. Hello, Tonight is World Book Night. Bridge Bookshop, Port Erin, is holding a reception 7-9pm. Where we have copies of Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Misery by Stephen King will be given away for FREE. Anyone know of any other World Book Night events taken place on Island?
  4. Hello, Tonight is World Book Night. Bridge Bookshop is holding a reception 7-9pm. Where we have copies of Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Misery by Stephen King will be given away for FREE. Anyone know of any other World Book Night events taken place on Island?
  5. Good question Chris, would be interested in the answer. Research into learing a second language as a child is compelling and has been quoted many times during today's debates.
  6. I hope that a solution is found that can be fair for all. We were lucky enough to be offered a space at Victoria Road Pre-school for youngest. Would like to see Pre-school services offered Island wide within school environment.
  7. He did speak out against the cuts. He spoke very eloquently in favour of pre-schools and library service.
  8. Quackers

    Budget Vote

    David Quirk and Brenda Cannell
  9. The long-term benefits of pre-school education have been noted by acedemics all over the world. Recently I found the following article interesting and informative http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2008/aug/28/earlyyearseducation.schools
  10. I wonder if Mr Karran has ever been into the family library? The Family library is such a wonderful resource. We were in there today changing books, audio cds and dvds, and took part in a craft activity. There were about 20 plus children in their, including a local nursery. The family library is so different from other libraries across the island. It's about making families and children welcome in a building of literature and learning. We are member of our local library as well but very rarely attended as the children section is small and the library has a very traditional feel. The family library has music playing, allows the children to be children, with staff who are knowledgable, helpful and always smiling (and why wouldn't they surrounded by such wonderful books!). I will be doing everything in my power to ensure this unique resource is not lost from our Island. Although I do not use the mobile library I will ensure that all letters written will also be in support of keeping both services.
  11. Hello, Arbory school summer fayre takes place on Sunday 22nd May. We are having a previously loved book stall. If you have any books that you wish to donate we would happily take them from you. All funds raised are going towards the playground appeal. Thank you p.s. See details in the local events category.
  12. Pre-School education is a want not a need IMO. There are many available playschools and nurserys which can be used if parents deem neccesary, although they do cost money. It is frustrating that some get free pre-school places and others have to pay, however, it is a personal choice if you want your child to start in a formal school environment before reception class. There are many groups and activities on the Island which can give children the same level of socialising and pre-school skills without the need to place a child in a formal environment before they are ready.
  13. There was a book shop in Peel that used to stock old books, they might have it. Also we have found a few rare books on various subjects at antiques fares over here. The last one we attended was in Peel Cathedral. Not sure who the supplier was though.
  14. Why not suggested for small children?
  15. Are you a member of a Isle of Man based book club? Do you have an interest in books, poetry, fiction or non-fiction? We are looking to hold a Literary festival on the Isle of Man in 2012 and would like to come and talk with local book groups to discuss what you may want and expect from a festival. We have had some great feedback so far but want more! Manx Lit Fest details can be found at: Twitter @Manxlitfest Facebook: Search Manx Lit Fest Blog can be followed the blog at: http://manxlitfest.blogspot.com
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