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  1. Bank of Valletta is worse.
  2. So I need some new radiators for our flat refurb. We went into B&Q, picked up a rad catalogue, spoke to someone there who said I can order home delivery as normal from the website (but it’ll take an extra day or two to reach the island). I went home, selected the rads, and attempted to checkout. A message pops up- “sorry we can’t complete this order”. I try again, same result. I try a third time, but key in our London address. Surprise surprise, it’s quite happy with that so can’t be a stock problem. I check the website T&Cs for home delivery and while they don’t deliver to most islands it says clearly they do to the IoM, subject to the extra day in transit. Has anyone else had this problem or is it a one off glitch? I’m hoping they haven’t decided to stop IoM delivery as some sort of backward new year resolution and haven’t got around to updating the website.
  3. I need a UK mobile number as most of my customers are UK based and I have to spend a fair bit of working time there. For the last 12 years I've had an account with O2 which has worked just fine - their roaming charges were ok in the scheme of things for calls made and received in the IoM and my other overseas base, and, crucially, calls made to the IoM while in the UK were included in my contract inclusive minutes. Until now it appears. Yesterday they sent me a text out of the blue saying that from 4th December calls to the IoM will no longer come out of inclusive minutes but will cost 35p/min. They claim higher call costs, but this looks on the face of it like a rip off, especially when O2 and Manx Telecom are AFAIK part of the same group of companies. And given my pattern of usage over the last 12 years and that my bills are sent to my IoM address this looks very much like a breach of contract on their part to me. If I bend over and take it my regular and long calls to the office and my business partner when in the UK will add hundreds per year to my bill. My contract with them still has several months to run and at the moment I'm resisting the temptation to tell them using some short words to copulate in the general direction of "off" as I need to keep my number and don't want to jump from the frying pan into the fire. Suggestions please? I guess others use a Manx Telecom contract and allow home or office to call them while across rather than the other way around?
  4. Gladys, Ronseal make a product called "Diamond hard floor varnish" - I've used it and can recommend it. Good luck, Adrian
  5. Forget it. If a job's worth doing and all that.
  6. Use the besr water-based floor varnish you can find. After the prep work you won't want to revisit the task in a hurry. Fitted carpets are minging, unhygienic repositories for dead skin cells. The work and dust will be worthwhile in the end.
  7. Crack on then and get your stuff nicked. Horse...lead...water.
  8. I was at WOMAD the week before Mannifest. As an aside it must be said that WOMAD is known to be a very safe and largely crime-free event, despite being one of the really big UK festivals, but that may be a reflection of a generally more mature audience. Anyway, all over the WOMAD campsite were signs warning festivalgoers to keep valuables with them, and adding that a padlocked tent actually puts a prospective no-gooder on notice that there are probably valuables inside. Surely good sense...
  9. You're right of course on all counts. But the cynic in me asks why the IoM should police what is by any standards a Mickey Mouse effort of a festival in this softly softly way while ensuring the sniffer dogs are still out in force at the airport when the TT is on. Answers on a postcard?
  10. Seems to me there are a few people who shoul try going to a proper festival, and not one reminiscent of the fair on Craggy Island. I'll not dignify the ad-hominems with a reply.
  11. Maybe your sniffer is broken. My comment was about the lack of consistent approach to policing the Island's stated anti-drug stance. It wasn't any kind of opinion for or against substance use.
  12. No they don't. And yes, I've been to big UK festivals. Mannifest was a shambles today. Obviously the weather is beyond the control of the organisers, but the blind eye apparently turned by the police attending the event towards the illegal substances I saw and smelt several times was surprising to say the least. Drug free IoM? Yeah, right...
  13. No great problem for the Steam Packet with its captive audience. For anyone like me who was booked as a foot passenger on the slow/fast craft Liverpool sailing, I will now get tipped out in the middle of bloody nowhere, some time around lunchtime, forced to cram my ample frame into a school bus, and then have to fork out 15-odd quid of train fare from Lancaster to Liverpool, where I'll arrive 5 hours later than I should have. Will the Steam Packet contribute towards the cost of my train ticket out of its fuel saving? I suspect that I stand more chance of being fellated by the Queen.
  14. To be fair, even with the UK's greater resources I don't think all older statutes there are available online either.
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