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  1. Pretty sure it's a joke account from the person that started this thread.
  2. Ted

    Our NHS

    'That would at least be a start in stopping all the NHS tourists, of which there are many, who claim to live here and get treated for free.' Have you got any proof that there are many NHS tourists on the island? There are loads. I personally know several people who just pop back for treatment, one or two for heart monitoring, a few for other matters - all still pretending they live here using friends addresses and paying no tax here at all. Also the kids of people who used to live here who are still on the books even though they've never returned to live permanently here. Have you ever informed anyone (health service management, your MHK, etc.) about these people and if so what was the outcome?
  3. No they definitely taped over the triskele. Be interesting to see what the explanation is, I think the commentator was guessing when he said it was because it looked like a commercial symbol.
  4. ofcom are investigating that on the UK mainland Edited for the usual reasons. What tedious shit this is. This idea that you're not allowed to say "mainland" if you live on the Isle of Man, it's pathetic.
  5. Perhaps Noam Chomsky doesn't have anything to say about it.
  6. Ted

    Pets At Home

    That can be arranged. We can just fit a wave guide from any large radar (the one at Ronaldsway would do) to your chest. See how perky you are after 30 seconds. Twiddle the right knobs on the MRI scanner at the hospital and you can be microwaved, apparently. Reminds me of this: http://lannyland.blo...signs-kill.html
  7. I like this guy. We should put him in touch with Befuddled and see what sort of children they produce.
  8. I thought it was pretty good, not much keeps me watching the TV for 3 hours. Thumbs up from me.
  9. I may be wrong but I don't think you'll be able to wave a Manx flag. I think the rules say only flags from the competing nations are allowed to be taken in.
  10. Ted

    Mystery Ramsey Girl

    I too have thought about doing that. I do have an account under my real name with about six posts and I have been tempted to ask the mods to merge this account with my real name on. I don't think it would make any difference to my posting style at all. I used to see a car driving around with a number plate of "Old Git" in the rear window and I assumed it was you. Not that I was any the wiser who you actually were .
  11. Ted


    A man dresses on whichever side is the most comfortable. But the tail of his belt, should he be wearing one, must dress to the right. You really do talk some shit.
  12. Ted

    Dominos Pizza

    But it says 'pre-paid' on the receipt on the side of the box. I've never checked, I have a look next time and see what it says.
  13. Ted

    Dominos Pizza

    Not exactly the same problems that you've had but yes, we have frequent problems with on line payment and Dominos. On nearly every occasion I've used them the delivery guy has asked for cash on delivery even though it's already been paid for by credit card. On one occasion they phoned me saying the payment hadn't gone through and asking for a different card number, a few days later I saw I had been charged on both. Got a refund by phoning them easily enough but it's a pain in the arse. Delivery guys seem to accept this straight away when I tell them it's already been paid for now. I get the feeling it's not an uncommon occurrence for them.
  14. Ted

    Juan Says Sorry

    So you bumped it up, but which is your post other than the one quoted? Just did it to irritate you as you're off on one.
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