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  1. Finding funding from somewhere to get the job done properly would be your best bet. Some designers offer lower rates for charities and some if your lucky may do you a contra deal for exposure/press coverage (depending on how much work is involved). In the long run a well designed and coded website will save a lot of heartache. Alternatively take some time out, buy some books on html, css and jquery. Learn them and practise... then buy a lot of books on design and layout, art and photography. Then you can move on to photoshop, illustrator and flash (don't use too much flash... its dying out). You could then move on to more dynamic, database driven web design but thats too complicated for here and now. There are no true short cuts with web design (well there are but only if you don't mind giving up quality, usability, fitness for purpose, longevity and your sanity) As mission has said, social media is a good place to start promoting. Set up a profile and provide the same information as you would on a website.
  2. Real leg work will follow in due course. I have used manx forums as a starting point. Please note that I do not get paid for this.
  3. I think it's fine as a temporary version. Same printer could be employed. The real thing will need to be A5 size Presumably they will be losing the adverts Keep the maps Issue individual route versions A6 size on card at £1 each to get some revenue The tender was in last weeks edition of the Courier. More advertising will appear in the 2011 version I'm afraid.
  4. I am intending to pitch for the design of the 2011 Isle of Man Bus Timetable. Regardless of the new bus routes and times, which I believe are subject to change, I am interested in hearing the views of the general public on any issues you have had with the layout, legibility, style, ease of use or size of the existing timetable. Your opinions are highly valuable and I would not be doing my job effectively if I did not take into account the views of the people that use the bus service. Thank you for your time.
  5. The Manx Grand Prix road safety campaign was launched yesterday. It is the same as was used for the TT. The key KEY MESSAGES are: • Stay Alert – Stay Alive. • Don’t drink and Drive. • Think Bike. • Be alive to the road. • Drive or ride to arrive. • Enjoy TT but think of others. • If you are having a drink – lock it, leave it and think about whether you can use it in the morning. How effective do you think this campaign is/has been? Are the messages hard hitting enough? Would they make you think about your speed?
  6. Like this... I agree, they are nice. Unfortunately I don't think many people/businesses are willing to pay the prices charged for things like this.
  7. What makes it look like a student project? Medium more prominent than the message. Like that bank that sends you a tea bag. I see your point, though to my mind the medium in this case reinforces the message. That was not the case with the teabag. Although I do still remember which bank it was.
  8. What makes it look like a student project?
  9. This is one of the most well designed business cards that I have seen in recent years. Such a simple concept. Do you have a favourite that you would like to share?
  10. I would have loved to produce the artwork for the creamery but alas, I was not responsible.
  11. Dipstick... really? Why on earth would a company call themselves that?
  12. Hi Adrian/Richard, Did you pitch for the rebrand and not get it? No we did not pitch for it as we were not in business when the tender went out.
  13. Very disappointed that the Manx gaelic has gone - what's the reason behind that decision? Its not just the milk that is homogenized, it's the branding too. I might go for that tasty organic milk from England now I can't get any bainney. By the way 'element_graphics' it is creamery's heritage not creameries heritage - hope you had someone check the spelling on the labels. They were once called "Isle of Man Creameries"
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