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  1. Howard. When you use a go card a ticket gets printed and on it is now many rides you have left. I have a concession pass but keep a go card for visitors from across. Contactless is not used much yet but I did see a young lad use an app on his smart phone to pay for his ticket, took ages but it did work.
  2. Sat waiting for the bus this morning, watched cars trying to get into Castletown square to park. They were queuing up past the bus stop,when one car left the square the next one in queue moved in, some parked on the bus stop to nip into the co-op. Plenty of spaces in the car park by the old grammar school. In a recent survey I agreed with the suggestion that the few spaces on the left of the square should be for disabled only. No other cars should be allowed.
  3. Not well. Yes if you get any benefit you get the TV Licence paid for you in full. No benefit (£2 over the limit) you pay yourself.
  4. The reason I posted this is because most of my pensioner friends get just few pounds over the limit for claiming support. Some actually miss out on all the freebies with benefits so get less overall in their pockets. One lady is only £2 a week over so gets nothing extra. This is not a personal grievance as when I retired I gave my TV to the grandchildren and have not replaced it. I have not watched TV for two years, do not miss it. Radio suffices and occasional forays to the internet via a basic kindle. Some elderly use the TV to combat loneliness being unable to get mobile, they are the ones I feel for.
  5. From September the TV license will no longer be free for over 75's unless you are on income supplement or some other benefit. For some pensioners this is almost a week's pension per year. Government reckons they will save £600,000. Not a lot considering the amount they waste on consultations. Can we reverse this decision?
  6. She asked him twice for his name. I tried to see if he was wearing an ID badge but could not see one. He had a smirk look on his face. Not pleasant. He was very chatty with the driver.
  7. I can back granny. Same situation on bus from Castletown this week. Young mum with pushchair and toddler was made to pay extra to bus stop before Derby Castle. She did give the inspector a good mouthful, asked for his name, he refused to give it. Said she would complain to the management.
  8. So, if a regisration number gets recognised will the Department of Transport give the parking enforcement the car owners details? I thought that was against the IOM protection of data act. Didn't Tescos try that few years ago and had to remove the ANPR cameras as the DoT refused to give out details?
  9. Grandma

    Phone Boxes

    In the very old boxes that had A and B buttons you could tap out your friends phone number on the hand rest! I got quite good at it. Must have saved me a lot of pennies. A basic call was 4 pennies.
  10. Thread encouraged me to get out my Breadmaker. Tried Cambon 's recipe today. Thought it may not work as it seems to break all the don't rules that came with the breadmaker. I followed cambon' s recipe to the letter and Lo and behold I am eating a lovely crusty warm buttered slice of bread right now. Used up some malted flour and some other brand, not manx. Thanks Cambon.
  11. Grandma


    http://earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/earthquakes/recent_uk_events.html Try this site. Quite interesting. A few very recent . More earthquakes in Great Britian than you realise. On the site there is somewhere to send them information if you felt any tremors.
  12. Fire is wireless only. No 3g. I did tether to a 3g iphone yesterday and it worked fine. No USB availability but you can use a mobile WiFi set up with a PAYGo or contract. Plenty of free WiFi around, my Grandaughter uses her neighbour's wifi with permission! If you need internet when out and about get an iphone, or as i do with a simple nokia C3! (iphone better though).
  13. Just downloaded the Tune in Radio App. Added Manxradio and energy FM to Favourites on the App. Only available when on the Wi Fi though. Only AM and FM on Tune in. Now looking for a DAB app.
  14. Silly Billy me. LOL. Video took about 5 minutes to down load. Have also downloaded a couple of music albums from Amazon, now they did take a while but not two days! Sound is quite good on the Fire but better on the headphones. I have not tried my ipod external speakers yet, they are supposed to work quite well. Someone has asked me if they can download books you already have on Amazon. If you already have books in your Amazon archive which you have downloaded to the e-ink readers, just find them in the archive and in the Actions drop down box, send a copy to your 2nd kindle. No instruction books in the box but easy to play around and find what The Fire can do.
  15. Been using my Kindle Fire HD since Thursday. I am on holiday across so ordered in September for delivery to friend's UK address. Arrived by Postie first thing and I forgot to eat or get dressed till 3pm!!! (played with Fire for 6 hours!) Accessed friend's BT wireless easily, also my son's BT Wireless, and Cross country trains 1st Class WiFI and tethered to my sons Iphone whilst out and about. To stream iplayer from BBC, download the iplayer app from Amazon and it will prompt you to also download the Media player app , works a treat, streaming on WiFi only at the moment but BBC are working on being able to download to device or cloud. I have also downloaded the Video, Explore the Isle of Man in two days direct from You tube to the Fire through a free You Tube App from Amazon. Now i can show people where I live, always sunny on the Video! Downloaded some new books but I will still use my old Kindle Keyboard 3G. Accessed my emails and downloaded lots of new games. Very versitile, fits in my handbag, battery life not spectacular but I am very happy with it. I am not a youngster, actually becoming a Great Grandma this week. If I can find the Fire easy to use, so should most other people. I do confess to being a bit of a gadget freak though. |Plenty of advice available on the Amazon UK kindle discussion Boards.
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