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  1. None of the incidents that you 'seem to recall' were as a result of a building trade operative not wearing a hard hat. And it's the wearing of hard hats, all the time, on a building site - if you recall - that is the subject and not Health & Safety legislation per se
  2. I thought 'sexed up' was topical at the moment with Dr.Kelly's name all over the national press. And it got your attention. Secondly, not only has there not been one fatality, on the Island, as a consequence of a building trade operative not wearing a hard hat, there has not been one serious accident either. However, I agreed with your sentence, "H&S generally gets (sic) a bad press but when it comes to health and safety at work I feel it is justiied." I also feel that the bad press H&S get is justified.
  3. Just back from sunny Spain (Viva Espana!) to be handed the 30th. July edition of the 'Manx Independent' with reference to its front page photo that showed a near-collasped garage. I'm a retired master builder and it just struck me as odd. As did Mr. Bentham's statement that 'hard hats' must be worn at all times on a building site. Odd enough to send a letter of to the 'Manx Independent' who didn't print it. This is an edited version of what it didn't print. I was somewhat confused (as I'm sure a lot of your readers were) by your story on the front page of the 'Manx Independent' Friday the 30t
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