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    Meantime in Bangkok and elsewhere people are weeping because once again filth have killed and maimed. Reports coming out indicate that everything about this bears the hallmark of the usual scum and nothing whatsoever to give support to it being associated with the local disputes. Tunisia tourism devastated, not that long ago Bali tourism hit, and more ---- and all with a common theme. Sick making.
  2. spook


    Albert, it is. People can, (and sadly do if from Christian) convert to jew as their religion, but there is a race that is jew.
  3. spook


    HAHA! You (arguably) may or may not need lessons on offensive language, but you certainly appear to be in need of lessons on geography. Here's one for free. While the jew is a race being mohammadan is not.
  4. Huh? That's not what I meant. Someone pointed out all the immigrants who apparently have the audacity to drive taxis on the island. My point was that if you suddenly banned all of them from driving cabs, 'locals' probably wouldn't race to fill those jobs as they wouldn't want to do that type of work, and you can't force them to do it. The whole "evil immigrants take poor manxies jobs" thing is bullshit, bascially. Why can people who are unemployed not be required to undertake work they are capable of doing or lose all tax payer support and face other sanctions?
  5. spook


    The word 'midget' is now considered by decent people to be offensive and is replaced by 'person of small stature' or 'small person' neither of which I am.
  6. We know you mean it. That's why we pity you.... No doubt you will applaud this farrago as well http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/aug/18/dwp-admits-making-up-positive-quotes-from-benefits-claimants-for-leaflet I totally applaud it, it's no more than a form of 'faq'.
  7. If a person is unemployed and work is available that they can do they should be made to do it or lose all benefits and support, and some form of curfew (using a tag?) should be imposed in order to reduce the liklihood of them committing crime.
  8. spook


    If it does turn out to be the usual filth it'll not be racist in the least or even nationalist. Unfortunately.
  9. Another outrage and once again it's odds on it'll be the usual filth behind it.
  10. Cut benefits and get people to work. Refuse work if a person is capable of doing it and NO benefits whatsoever. It really is that simple, especially as there is minimum wage legislation and if people don't like the standard of living that they can afford then either improve their employability - or live with it. And don't anyone think for a second that I don't absolutely mean it.
  11. I would like to see you nailed to a tree but that's not going to happen either. Is this a sex thing? No, but if you have a plentiful supply of radishes then do as you feel fit. I feel that I must warn you, radishes give me gas.
  12. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a country protecting it's own. Personally I would like to see an immigrant tax surcharge in addition to an NI surcharge to make employing immigrants financially less attractive and the monies so raised to help pay the costs of Nationals who saw their job opportunities being quite literally sold down the river. Granted there would need to be a tightening of the benefit system but there are a whole lot more things than charity that should start at home.
  13. More like provide an easy route for second and third class workers to enter while the better people bail out for better jobs or at least more secure future. It's all going down the pan - tick tock tick tock........
  14. The civil service in particular and the public sector in general. As organisations bloat so empires emerge and within those empires 'support' groups grow that inevitably duplicate similar support groups elsewhere. It is these 'bullshit' jobs that are only there because they have grown to support other 'bulshit' jobs that are the cause of the ludicrously huge and disproportionate Manx CS and Public Sector. Bell should have tackled thus joke in bad taste years ago and defiantly when he was put in the role of CM (which was a joke in itself).
  15. Whenever and wherever cash changes there can be a fiddle. As long as you don't break the eleventh commandment you'll more than often get away with it.
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