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  1. Well cheese comes in different sixes and flavours, chalk comes in different kind and colours and what screwed St K and what the island faces today are in both cases either chalk or cheese. Not one of each. Look at what there is not what you wish it was.
  2. St. Kilda should be a warning to the us all. St Kilda economy failed when it lost its export earnings and the people had nowhere to turn and so life on the place was impossible. Our economy is on the way out so we’d better be looking for something new and not try to patch up a lost cause. Tourism is sunk, fishing is sunk, now the banking is on the way out and we can’t eat stone walls and cushag. It makes me think anyway. The island might be facing something along the same lines as St K in the not so distant future. No way to earn what we need to pay for our essentials, and no one to give them to us. Maybe a population of a couple of thousand could just possibly get by on the island as long as there was a constant supply of wealthy retired people to bring their money in to spend in local shops and busnesses and then peg out but without money coming in from off the island its not going to be long before were buggered.
  3. Why? Because I am willing to say what a great amany people think? http://www.jewwatch.com/
  4. I am not a troll but I do have experience with the jew as a neighbour and as an employer. And I detested both. Israel is NOT here to stay. It cant exist for much longer specially because the US of A is becoming les jew owned and jew driven with the increase in the number of immigrants who don’t care for jews any more than I do. The jews probably would destroy what they cant take with them, thats what they did in other parts they had to give back but they didn’t in Gaza because of course money is more important than principal and so they left some buildings including some odl greenhouses alone when they were paid to. The only solution is for the Jews to GTFO of where they have no right to be. It will happen, it has to happen, it should happen, it would be better to get it over with sooner rather than later.
  5. The business that the Island engages in doesn't lend itself to a FOI act like the British one. We do need an act but one that is limited to how our taxes are used.
  6. The main cause for fighting would be taken away because the land would be returned to the rightful owners. If the rightful owners came up with rules that the jew would live by then that would be up to the rightful owners first to set out those rules and the jew next to deciude if he would live by them. If the rightful owners didn’t want the jew in their lands then that would be up to them. Their land, their choice. If the jew didn’t want to live by the rules, then get out. Theres enough places the jews own or controls for them to go to.
  7. You're confusing a nationality with an ethnic groups and no doubt the meaning of them. Do you mean the British mandate? That was going to come to an end. A new state had to be created. The question was what form it would take. I think a bi-national state would have been the best result. Better that than just an Arab or Jewish one. And what immoral ways would you condone? And what considerations would make for the Jewish people? What is needed is the complete dismantle on Israel as a country and the whole land restored to the Palestinian people and for them to decide who they will allow to remain or get rid of. No, afraid it wasn't. Not until the 1920s/1930s did the idea become prominent in Zionist thought. If you knew your jew you would know that for hundreds of years the jew was a self sealing society and the result was that an ethnic jew came into being. It is why some genetic diseses are in jew groups but not non jew groups. I think one gene disese is called tey sacks. No I didn’t mean the British Mandate. The British mandate wasn’t a state anyway it was an authority over a state and that state was Palestine. Zionism was always intent on getting land from somebody to make into a jew state from back when it was come up with in Europe in the 1800s.
  8. I am afraid you are incorrect. The Jewish people are an ethnic group. It isn't the same as talking about Christians or Muslims, where we are talking about their religion (although in Britain there is a tendency to refer to Muslims are an ethnic group) The Palestine in the region should live there. It is their home. And it was wrong to create a Jewish state - rather than a bi-national one. And i was wrong to move the Arabs from the land. But a state now exists. And it cannot simply be utterly dismantled by pressure from without and nor should it. It has been over fifty years since the state has existed. People have lived there, brought up their children - it is their home. That state needs to help in the development of a separate Palestinian state that has good access to resources and infrastructure. The only problem is overcoming the Israeli (and American) elites objection and evasiveness in establishing a state that is not a collection of poorly connected enclaves. Zionism is a European nation, but early Zionism was never about the creation of a Jewish state. It was about finding a homeland. Establishing a state solely for the Jews was a later desire and a great mistake. But it probably isn't worth using the term on here unless we define what we mean by it. No your wrong. There are ethnic jews and there are jews that are of various ethnic backgrounds and just jew by religion. Ethnic jews are the same as any other ethnic people. If they settle in a country then they become whatever that country is or are you saying that an ethnic colored person living in the USA cant be an American? Why should a bi-national state be created anyway? There was a state already in existence. There is no reason at all why what was created can’t be un created especially as it was created in an immoral way and even an illegal way. What is needed is the complete dismantle on Israel as a country and the whole land restored to the Palestinian people and for them to decide who they will allow to remain or get rid of. Zionism was everything about the making of a jew state on land that would be the jew homeland. It always was and it always will be.
  9. I thought you were serious. This has to be trolling or you don't have a good grasp of reality in respect of foreign policy, Zionism, and any welfare of the Israeli people. I am serious. The jew is found throughout the world and has the nationality of the country the jew was born in. The jew dont need a separate country, it’s a religon ffs not a nationality. The people living in that part of Palestine who have a right to be there and that has been called Israel do not need jews in there. Call it what you want, it’s still Palestine and zionism is a Europe invention by jews and as for welfare the jew has a strange idea of welfare when it involves shelling hospitals in Gaza and schools in Gaza and innocent people in Gaza. Same with the wall. If the jew needs a wall to protect him then he’s doing something wrong. If he wasn't he wouldnt need a wall would he?
  10. The jew should not have a country. It was only Britain trying to get the Americans to get into ww1 that caused the Brits to push for it at the league of Nations. Lawrence (of Arabia fame) and what he did on behalf of Britain made it crystal clear that we were against a jew "home" land, so did Churchill after ww2. As for that wall its didgusting in every way. If the jew needs to go to such lengths then it shows that the jew is in the wrong morrally and legally. There needs to be a UN resolution dismantling illegal Israel in the same way that it was ilegally created under duress as a result of American hegemony and jew terrorism. Its time to right a terible wrong that has been done.
  11. Gut it then 20 min a pound plus 20 min @185 deg. Baste occasionally.
  12. Why should there be a jewish state? There’s no christian state, there’s no muslim state, why should the jew have a state?
  13. Forget the petrol companies and blame the government. THEY set the tax.
  14. Tell the sons of bitches to sue. It’s a no loss situation. Explain that the publicity that you (or whoever) WILL milk out of it will be horrendous for them, and it would be best all round to settle for a bill of say the average plus 10%. The worst would be having to make a last minute payment of the full amount followed by a HUGE letter writing campaign to at least get some satisfaction by poisoning their well.
  15. The “Israeli” dont want peace. They want land land land. They also want continued hand outs from Uncle Sam. War with the neighbours pretty well ensures that. Maybe Obama is the first sign of the end of the line for the jewish lobby in the US and that could be the start of a peaceful middle east by it also being the start of the end of “Israel”.
  16. While “Israel” exists there will never be peace.
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