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  1. If so then the charge should have been causing death by dangerous driving?
  2. No comparison. She knew the cyclist was there and deliberately put her own interests before the safety of the cyclist.The red light event was carelessness, the smacked head resulting in death was an unforseen outcome, in this case she put the cyclist in harms way deliberately. You should be careful what you say. There is nothing suggesting anything like what you are saying. There was nothing deliberate. The road was narrow, she deliberately overtook the cyclist. QED.
  3. No comparison. She knew the cyclist was there and deliberately put her own interests before the safety of the cyclist. The red light event was carelessness, the smacked head resulting in death was an unforseen outcome, in this case she put the cyclist in harms way deliberately.
  4. They wouldn't put themselves out. Instead they'd be watching it on their 50 inch wide screen 3d TV.
  5. I've given a bit of thought before commenting on this, and it's only my opinion, so here goes. Cyclists are not my favourite road users, but that's just me. But --- in this case, and I stress it's just my opinion, the driver was outrageous in her actions before the incident (by her own admittion) , after the offence, the charge was wrong, and the sentence is derisory.
  6. Britain became great not because of slavery but because of trade and the British working class who were the ones that slaved. Slaved in awful working and living conditions to provide the manufactured goods that the world demanded and were willing to pay to get. Then there's the Brits who slaved in horrible countries to bring civilisation to parts of the world that had previously been living in tribal savagery and that when independence was returned to them along with schools, hospitals, physical infrastructures such as railways and other means to move goods to and from ports so that trade could be conducted, and a society based on law and democracy. And that when left with all that returned to tribal savagery once left to their own devices. Britain did not thrive because of slavery, that's just nonsense. Britain thrived by the blood and sweat of the British workers.
  7. What a load of tripe. To start with to hang blame on the Germans of today for what SOME of the germs n's, and others did, at a time when the majority of German people were even born is stupid wrong and offensive to German people everywhere. But staying with that comparison, the Nazis were intent not on enslaving the jew, their intent was genocide.
  8. Aah, the old import/export nugget. Wondered how long it'd take you to get on that bandwagon. You do know it is the year 2105 don't you Spook? Digital industries n all that. Digital industries like all industries require customers as well, as suppliers.
  9. Ha Ha, yes. As in the UK. Absolutely. It's a big problem here but it's being fudged over by the Treasury issuing Gilts but now with a government unencumbered by the Lib Dumbs and with Liebour back under the rock they periodically crawl out of a falling standard of living and culling the government handouts at least the UK is on the right road to recover. The Island is in a different position. The housing market has seen money flow in but mortgage debt owed offshore and the government has been selling the family silver but now the game is changing. The distortion of the housing market is becoming unsustainable and short if selling of vital resources and leasing them back there is increasingly no silver to be sold. Even the invisible export sector is being reduced by external uncontrollable pressures that is eroding it's value. IMO unless all efforts and resources address increasing exports the effect of increasing the Man economy will result in increasing imports, and that will add petrol onto a bad enough fire as it is.
  10. Creating new businesses in an economy that is service heavy and export light when compared to imports is a recipe for disaster.
  11. I think a bund is a normally dry watercourse behind a berm that provides a way for any overflow from a berm to be routed safely away rather than just flood a wide area. I seem to recall having heard them called that here where quite a lot of land, especially fenland would be inundated if the watercourses did overflow. Parts are actually below sea level and virtually all the so called windmills are, or were actually wind pumps to constantly drain the land. Most pumping is now done by electricity.
  12. Unless EVERY penny of that cash is spent to create export earning businesses and not just to boost the present Manx economy it will only not only be a waste but actually make a terrible situation disastrous. How Bell, and especially Teare taking his background into account can not see this defeats me unless it is deliberate, and if it is deliberate they want horsewhipping.
  13. There's worse things to be full of, P.K. as you more than most be aware of.
  14. Very true, there's been enough cases reported over the years.
  15. You wish what was true? What I highlighted ----- 'I did what anyone would've done in the circumstances.'
  16. Sounds more like he had his house coated in bl**dy rubbish! Why have you put asterisks there, where presumably there should be two os? Who are you trying to protect here? I think you are really silly doing that. You're probably right, no, you are right.
  17. I wish that was true. What he did was what a very few people would have done, most would have just watched albeit in horror. What he did was what a real hero who was willing to put his own life on the line would do when a situation arose that would otherwise have very likely had a terrible outcome. There can not be enough praise for him and what he did.
  18. Sounds more like he had his house coated in bl**dy rubbish!
  19. All of which is of interest, all of which is relevant, but unfortunately all of which diverts attention from the utter hypocrisy of the horrible little creep, Bell.
  20. I've got some houses in a terrace with nine inch walls, and improved insulation and penetrative damp by having them clad in shiplap painted black. It was done professionally along with the installation of chemical damp courses. It looks quite smart and as the walls are to the rear of the properties it doesn't show from the street, and the difference in insulation for my tenants is huge. The fronts I have had sealed with some form of wax to prevent penetrative damp and with the interior dry lined with insulating Gyproc it really has made a significant cost reduction when it comes to heating the places. It also cuts medium and long term maintenence costs. Again I had the work done by local professionals. I have no time for wall coatings. Tried 'em and had no satisfaction. Just do the job properly. All things that people who set out in the BTR sector have to face if they do the job properly and things that people who just sit and carp at us don't realise.
  21. Then they're doing a piss poor job on the Island at present where Joe Public is concerned.
  22. Don't talk rubbish. I went back up this thread and nobody has. You're Geoff Corkish and I claim my £5. All this is being whipped up (as I see it) as Teare has made some shit decisions and he now wants some sympathy from the public for being on the tail end of some shit decisions. Nobody in their right mind condones anyone getting threats to their family and I can't see that anyone has. Some have, however, questioned why this is being covered in the press this week after the pensions decision publicity.You've clearly not read the thread in full, Quilp's first page reply reinforces my statement "almost justifying" but crack on anyway ...You'd make a fantastic juror you. And you'd make a lousy analyst. Quid did not justify or almost justify what is claimed to have taken place. What he DID do was to suggest that it was not surprising to anyone that someone was so disgusted with Tear as to do what they did which when push comes to shove was as I have written previously was on a par with howling at the moon out of pain or frustration or both. And to me it did indeed come as no surprise other than there hads not been widespread criticism and condemnation of The Troika in general and Tear in particular.
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