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  1. When driving in a lane with clearly marked direction arrows you MUST follow them. You were in a lane clearly marked for turning right. This is your fault, quite frankly trying to do a u turn there is just plane stupid.
  2. jah_pet

    Ramsey pier

    Firstly its not of historic importance. Secondly I wasn't talking about it not being used for berths, I meant that not enough people are going to pay to walk down a freezing cold windy structure. It fell in to disrepair for a reason, not enough people were using it to pay for its upkeep.
  3. jah_pet

    Ramsey pier

    The bridge was largely a vanity project, however, so is the pier. It doesn't serve a purpose and won't be used when its fixed.
  4. The car park that they are building on is by far the most tatty thing on that street. This project should leave the area in a much better condition. I have never gone to a budget hotel like premier inn expecting a good view. When somebody selects to stay in this sort of place they are wanting a convenient location for amenities and a clean room at a reasonable price. This location is fine for the market they are aiming at.
  5. jah_pet

    Driving test

    Well actually i'm criticizing a system that won't even allow you to take one test in a month
  6. jah_pet

    Driving test

    in the uk you can sit a test within days and you can resist it if you fail after 10 days. You can have had 3 tests in a month where as here you wouldn't even be close to doing your first. Plus here there is a minimum 1 month wait between tests. The system here just isn't fit for purpose.
  7. I have decided to sit my driving test in the uk rather than here due to the nearly 2 month waiting time for a test. In order to do this I need a uk provisional, does anybody know if they will send one here or will I have to use a uk address.
  8. It always makes me laugh when elon is referred to as an inventor. Not a single idea of his own and hyperloop is just crazy.
  9. I would do the same, only thing that would stop me is the time it would take me and hassle that it would cause. Its not hard to stay off your mobile while driving. With the state of peoples driving on this island you could go out with a camcorder and come back with enough examples of careless driving in a couple of hours to keep the courts busy for months.
  10. I would actually get behind RTC if only they could come up with a proposal for its use that actually makes sense. Not one of the suggestions that has been put forward has any merit. They are all either unrealistic or the need is already being met by other buildings.
  11. https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/iomgovjobs/displayjob.aspx?jobid=4948 If they have enough money to employ someone for this then they need their budgets cut. If this isn't a job that has been created for somebody's son/daughter etc then I would be very surprised.
  12. I have had it a few months now and while I do definitely like it I wish it would stop playing the same 5/6 artists when I don't specify what to play. If it tries to play bruno mars to me again then it is likely to be thrown across the room.
  13. 500 jobs is realistic but, the jobs market is like a conveyor belt as jobs are being created at one end they are ending at the other. It doesn't matter how many jobs are created if they are being lost even quicker.
  14. Firstly let me say that I fully accept it is a thankless job and that you will have taken a loss on it as you will have been unable to see any of your normal clients. However I feel it's misleading to include the holiday pay of staff as an expense. Your employees will have had a certain number of days holiday awarded to them in their contract. If they had not used up a day for this then they would have had an extra day to use at some other point. You paid them the same amount overall for that year as they would have been paid had you not taken on the job.
  15. If you think your getting them for the estimate then your deluding yourself. They have been put low to get people interested.
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