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    I think comparing gay people to people who commit incest is way out of order. However, no doubt the island is a hub of inbreeding, especially with the static strands of the population. Also, let’s face it, if daddy had a little affair around the corner, it would be quite easy to inadvertently marry your own sister, particularly in Ramsey or Port Erin.
  2. worcester

    Outsiders welcome?

    I visited the IOM for the first time this week with my family instead of taking our usual break in Wales or the Lake District. Are tourists welcome? I was with my family in Douglas the other afternoon when we stopped to examine a cafe menu in the window. A woman flew into a rant because she had to walk around us, swearing about tourists etc.. On the same day a member of pub staff served every local who walked upto the bar while we waited to order a meal. In the end we left, only to see the locals laughing at our expense. Finally, as we drove back to our accommodation, a car tailgated us aggressively within inches for about half a mile, even though we were keeping to what we assumed to be a good urban speed. Moments later another car pulled out in front of us, causing us to break. What is all this about? We wanted a nice break, like we usually have, but this experience was a first and seemed totally bizarre.
  3. worcester

    What Happens When You Spend Too Long On The Iom

    There is a difference between 'good breeding' and 'good inbreeding'. I hear the Isle of Man college are now offering college courses in 'Stupid', but many weren't qualified enough to apply.
  4. worcester

    What Happens When You Spend Too Long On The Iom

    Oh wave your little flag !I do so love to get you all wound up. Drink in front of the telly anyone ? Big trip to Tesco or perhaps a nice drive round the multi storey ?
  5. worcester

    What Happens When You Spend Too Long On The Iom

    I do so love to touch a nerve in those who live in the land of the 'Wicker Man'. My point is, little chum, that you lead the blinkered existence.
  6. worcester

    What Happens When You Spend Too Long On The Iom

    If your only experience of the UK is Salford then you really are sad.
  7. worcester

    Manx Knockers

    So sad...so wierd...so manx.
  8. I've been home in the UK for three months now after 4 years on the IOM. It's only when you get back that you really realise what a messed up little hole the IOM is. I can't believe that people there go to B&Q as a major trip or drive around and around the depressing roads of Port Erin like rats running around a wheel. Young men drive around the multi storey car park in Douglas at speed like it is the most exciting thing in the world(so funny/so wierd). The 20 year old lads are like overgrown 12 year olds;Slapping their friends on the back of their heads as a form of greeting in front of Douglas 'shoppers'(this is wierd). Pubs all have the telly blaring and the inbreds sit staring at the screen, completely plastered and itching for a fight. Politeness and manners are forgotten on the IOM. You soon stop saying 'please' and 'thank you' in shops as you will get the 'vacant' expression in return. Outsiders soon learn that you can only go out to a very few, select and expensive bars if you want to avoid the locals, who will swear at you or try to pick a fight with you for no reason, beyond the fact that you are not Manx. Just to remind you that you are 'isolated',in more ways than one, they stick that silly flag everywhere you look. God ! I am so happy not to see that ridiculous flag any more. Drive around the Cotswolds or the Malverns and you will see what beautiful countryside looks like, thatched cottages and tudor buildings, real history. If the Manx love their countryside so much, why do you hardly ever see any of them out enjoying it? Still who needs it when you can have your can of cider and wave your silly little flag in front of the telly ? You really are welcome to your rock in the middle of the sea and when the 'comeovers' leave what will you be left with ? Nothing.
  9. worcester

    Need A Good Mechanic

    sorry was auto solutions and kirby garden centre-already mentioned here.
  10. worcester

    Need A Good Mechanic

    The one opposite greeba nursery is good and reasonable.cant remember name, but it's on the industrial park.Charged less than half the price of Ford to do the same job on my Ford and did a good job.