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  1. You could always try "Handy Harry" Payne , mobile vehicle engineer (07624 490053) ,sorts out all my cars , nice bloke and very reasonable . Just saying
  2. Fair comment . With regard to the sidecars it's pretty well known that the intention is to get rid , one of those in charge was heard to remark that the intentions to reduce the number of entrants to 30 or under and concentrate on the " real 2 wheeled racing" . Those "in charge" seem ,IMO , hell bent on destroying the TT/MGP , they were effective in putting the skids under Jurby Day , perhaps because it wasn't organised by them and ,having heard disparaging remarks about the "amateur old boy bikers" and how 'they' could run a better 'event' (well now they have their chance , if they do I'll bare my backside in Burton's window ). Many of those "old boy bikers" have been successful in business/life and take, rather than abdicate responsibility hence the success of Jurby Day . I understand that the local branch of the VMCC is in discussion with 'Government' to arrange an 'event' next "Mad Sunday" involving veteran/vintage/classic machinery , I admire their optimism ! A bit like those volunteer who marshal Max , particularly those on the mountain ( been up there until after 11,00 pm) fortunately for me I was not sitting on scaffolding ( eg Casey's advanced), but we do get time to watch the racing (in the cold /rain /mist/etc ) I've found there is no conduit of communication from the marshals to the TTMA and Race Control , in the past emails were acknowledged and despite assurances that a reply would be forthcoming .......... nothing , last MGP not even an acknowledgement of receipt ! There comes a time in any organisation when it's ability to survive in spite of itself runs out .
  3. JW 'banned' me for "spamming" ( "questioning a mod's decision" , an interesting hypothesis ) you have to remember that disagreeing with JW , however politely will result in a ban ...... how we laughed...... just saying . ETA on the up side I wasn't fined
  4. paswt

    House prices dip

    True , my company owned one or two a year or two back but what do I know ?
  5. JW, I reserve the right to defend myself from false assertions , if that results in a suspension ( A first for me I believe ) then so be it . That said I seen reason for me to continue to post on this thread.
  6. The last thing I require is advice from you thanks . My advice to you is before " bigging up" your RAF military experiences you read 'A Doctor's War ' by Aiden MacCarthy ( Robson Books), a stark war story, France, Dunkirk, Bomber Command (where he won a particularly gallant George Medal) and the short but eventful East Indies campaign , but his experiences as A POW in Japanese hands , the tale of horrors land and at sea, including the greatest horror of all , the Nagasaki atom bomb ( he was there as a POW!) command attention. It may put your military service (as a pencil squeezer?) into perspective but I wouldn't be at all surprised if you claimed Aiden made the whole thing up because you are who you are and are judging others by your own standards perhaps Hope this helps
  7. I was referring to your claim that my old dad had not served in the RAF and that your service experiences were so traumatic ( that they would make a racer............... I posted a pic of his campaign medals which you then claimed were , if memory serves , downloaded from the internet ( bit of a cheap shot ) You have steadfastly declined to expand on your own service career Just saying
  8. should have bought a Vincent Meteor Doc
  9. Didn't a cyclist run someone down , and kill them in London a few months ago? A friend's daughter in law was run over by a cyclist in Whitechapel ( on the pavement FFS) who left the scene , she was hospitalised , cyclist not traced Just think it may be prudent to have insurance .
  10. Perhaps you are right at some points , where I marshal I'd hope to have 4 seconds. Just saying
  11. Fair comment "Manxy" , as for the offer of donating to a charity , well it's not the first time he's made a similar offer (and failed to deliver). Just saying
  12. Not a bad idea IMHO , would beat shouting to a marshal attending an incident with his/her back to the traffic that another competitor is approaching. just saying
  13. When you are camping and have a very early start , I could be wrong but I think there may be a paucity of accommodation available , particularly for a single night on the island.
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