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  1. paswt

    Guy Martin in Court

    Perhaps the stories only existed in your mind.
  2. paswt

    Brexit Is Reversible...

    "Oh no it couldn't"
  3. paswt

    Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    I am reminded of a union rep who , when acrimonious accusations were being made by the employer and union reps saying:- "Ladies and gentlemen before any of us make an observation perhaps we should ask ourselves .... Is it truthful, is it helpful, is it kind".
  4. paswt

    Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    I don't think LC is respectful of others opinions. To voice that honest opinion I feel is acceptable . I don't value LC's opinions ( or for that matter those of PL, TSM, MTP etc), if I'm alone in taking that view then I am . You have your own opinion , fair enough . We will have to agree to disagree
  5. paswt

    Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2016

    fair point but do folk really cares what she/he posts?
  6. paswt

    Memorial Ride Out

    The 'minutes noise' was for all members of the motorcycling community to remember all motorcyclists who had "gone under the chequered flag " including those who had died of old age. Just saying Personally I've never heard of "world day of remembrance for road traffic victims" , how long has that been going on? The 2 minutes silence was observed at Laxey at 11.00 .
  7. paswt

    Battle of the Somme

    I remember an old boy who survived WW1 telling me back in the early 60's that he would never buy a poppy as it was giving money to the "Earl Haig Fund" which was an insult to his comrades who died .
  8. paswt

    Mallett's Mallet

    pedant ()
  9. paswt

    Donald Trump

  10. paswt

    Donald Trump

    when you have been exposed for what you are you resort to the "victim card"
  11. paswt

    Mallett's Mallet

  12. paswt

    Account`s Hacked

    Have to say I agree , had to happen one day
  13. Which posters do you include in the etc etc ?