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    OK you're ugly
  2. paswt


    When caught vandals trot out the same old crap that it's not their fault "cos I'm ABOAC* (and dyslexic) : society has failed me :I've been brought up in a one parent family etc etc ......................................... and those given the job of sentencing them fall for it . Don't get me started on the advocates who manage to keep a straight face while stating the 'mitigating factors' (see above) and insisting it was 'out of character' as they were pissed /drugged up and they should be given another chance , even if they have only got several pages of 'previous' . Just saying * a bit of a .
  3. True but when one listens to the 'weather forecast' they always initially tell you what the weather has been like. When one listens to the news they invariably tell you what a politician/individual is going to say or do or visit etc. And .............comets etc fly around in the hemisphere but are called 'asteroids' whereas haemorrhoids are found up one's ass. funny old world, I'll get my coat
  4. I've been told that Conan Doyle was the chap in the boater (next to the chap with the pushbike ?)
  5. paswt

    TT 2018

    Has anyone seen the report in the local rag that the ACU is (allegedly?) taking legal action against Steve Mercer, what's that all about?
  6. Stan , clever man I knew once said to me "Always remember Paul nothing is as good as it first seems but there again nothing is ever as bad as it first seems" and IMHO he was spot on. That and the expressions "What's the worst that can happen" and "how hard can it be" have stood me in good stead along with (and in the social situation ) "It'd be rude not to" Just saying
  7. would he get a grant for that as well?
  8. Not taken too much interest in 5G TBH as it doesn't really impinge on my lifestyle . That said to describe all those who have reservations about its safety as insane and drug-addled is not helpful IMO and perhaps says more about you . just saying
  9. paswt

    Dafter by the minute

    To be fair cyclists have more experience than other road users (in London for example ) of going the wrong way down one way streets
  10. Well the ' road tax ' would then be zero as opposed to £15 (allegedly according to FB) ..............perhaps the initial purchase will be grant aided or better still give the land owners a grant irrespective of whether they buy agricultural machinery or not ?
  11. A decision was made to clear part of Epping Forest from all members of the crow family , the result was a significant increase in the population of song birds including the return of nightingales. I have to admit I'm not overfond of members of the crow family and seagulls particularly when they are present in such numbers that the other garden songbirds are all but wiped out . Just saying
  12. You could be right (sadly the foot soldier marshal is unaware of where the 'buck' stopped at the last shambles), but it goes some way to demonstrate that the organisers are pretty inept. Presumably they have records of all those who have marshalled , as I understand it after 3 sessions one is entitled to attend an Incident Management course so perhaps marshals could be invited to attend one initially and again when their current course expires. If someone wanted to volunteer for the first time I would venture to suggest they would have some difficulty in gaining a satisfactory result in this test ,even if it was in their first language. Just saying
  13. One wonders why that chap off the television was instrumental in banning the shooting of all members the crow family and pigeons (?) My mate Eric would say "He needs interfering with , with a well frosted brussell"
  14. Came over for the TT in the mid 50's , I have a few vintage motorcycles, have friends who race/have raced and on the mountain I have "one of the best seats in the house". Without the marshals the races would not continue which IMO would be a shame as I think ( perhaps wrongly to some , ) that the TT/MGP are part of the IOM heritage and one of the reasons I consider myself lucky to live here.
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