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  1. I could point you to a property , occupied by a retired couple, comprising 5 bedrooms 9 (all en suite) with a 2 bed ( en suite) flat on the lower ground floor.. just saying , hope this helps
  2. What a disgusting post. Saved if only to demonstrate what depths this self confessed sadist will stoop to to delight in the deaths of innocent women and children .
  3. paswt

    TT 2023

    I was referring to the TT 'sidecar celebration'
  4. Where did HeliX say what you claim ? Personally I think the mods should ban you for posting scurrilous lies . You really are an odious little brat. Hope this helps
  5. paswt

    TT 2023

    One could be forgiven for thinking that he has no incentive/interest for TT/MGP to succeed as an event and is more interested in cycling events if he is 'the big cheese' in the 'Grand Fondu' as some claim. just saying
  6. paswt

    TT 2023

    Sounds the standard procedure , as evidenced by the powers that be's determination to cancel "Jurby Day" ( April if memory serves). "deliberate " ? perhaps because they were embarrassed that the local branch of the VMCC ( bunch of pensioner motorcycle enthusiasts ) could organise and run a financially successful well attended event whereas the best they could do with a £2 million + budget was get 3 modern sidecars to do a lap . Would the offer of 5% to an individual have made a difference? Just saying
  7. Have to say I do not always agree with you but on this thread I do , pointless arguing with PK ( PK demonstrably doesn't 'think' ) . Just saying
  8. paswt

    Firm closing

    Unpleasant? perhaps but if you have had seen the way this company has behaved and made someone's life a misery for a couple of years making ludicrous assertions and claims before dropping the action it's entirely understandable IMO . The individual concerned was representing himself and would have been ruined and lost everything . Hope this helps
  9. On 26/8/2023 I paid ( @ the desk ) £20 for parking for up to 24 hrs . It would seem that Guernsey is catching up with the IOM . Just saying
  10. Max , I understood the ACU training course instructed marshals how to deal with casualties , I am pleased to see that it is now accepted that there may be situations where " the rider can not be moved". That said I would venture to suggest that the idea to get injured riders to Nobles asap was sound however the concept of "bringing the hospital to the patient" can result in unfortunate delays eg when David Linsdel (SP)and Bernie Wright (SP?) had their off @ 'Black Hut' the helicopter was on the ground for well over an hour while the doc could not decide who should be go in the helicopter first ( as I'm told 2 riders cannot be taken at the same time) . It was an evening practice ( not red flagged) and the riders were roadside beginning to suffer from hypothermia (IMO) and the marshals (reassuring them that they hadn't been forgotten) were a tad chilled . I emailed the CoC in relation to the 5 "offs" ( including sadly 2 fatals )@ Caseys and a request that perhaps safety fencing could be provided , his reply indicated that he did not see there was a problem . To be fair I now accept that some modifications to the adjacent trackside to mitigate the situation to a degree. just saying
  11. I'm afraid I don't believe you , perhaps you could specify where you witnessed these incidents you claimed . FWIW I have witnessed 12 "offs" and assisted the paramedic when we had one otherwise I was on my own with the rider. Your broad assertion that "marshals haven't got a clue and run around flapping " is offensive and untrue. Out or the 12 , 2 were "fatals" ,neither of which fitted your description of the aftermath of a "fatal" and both were a result of the initial point of impact trauma . I no longer marshal as I feel the CoC has a cavalier attitude to rider safety ( see my previous posts ) and I do not accept the instruction that irrespective of the circumstances riders should be dragged off the road and 'rolled' onto a 'scoop stretcher' . I have yet to meet a paramedic who would agree with that instruction and not split the scoop stretcher when a rider clearly may have leg/pelvic/ internal injuries . A number of local marshals opted not to marshal because they could not , as required by the ACU / CoC obey ( without question), adopt and applaud all the decisions / instructions of the COC . Failure to do so would involve the diciplinary procedure and being told your services were no longer required ( see the sacking of the CSM Sector 10 by the CoC when (comically), he actually had no authority as he held no position in the IOMTT MA , but later apparently ratified (?) ) I think the "cock" you refer to is in fact you blade runner. hope this helps . Just saying
  12. I suspect that will be sufficient for a ban . Is it any wonder that many now chose not to post . I thought JW was bad enough ( BTW banned me for "spamming" 🤣) , but the present mods have exceeded even my wildest expectations😂 , seldom a dry leg in this house when reading the drivel of the sites 'Marco Polo' bragging about his travels and overseas property portfolio , someone who claims to be a politician and not forgetting the 'Brexit bore '..... bless
  13. paswt

    TT 2023

    Just expressing an opinion on what I have witnessed . I no longer marshal and take the view that to remain silent is to be complicit . TBH I suspect my services would " no longer be required ", as I have been described as a "troublemaker", based on the treatment the former CSM ( sector 10) for expressing a view contrary to that of the ACU .
  14. paswt

    TT 2023

    Very true , at "Casey's" on the mountain hit the curb early and the point of impact was/is the culvert in the gully behind the curb /the remains of the culvert pipe and the rocks in the gully (the gully has now been infilled with large rocks without a permeable smooth finish. Hit the curb late and the rider will fly over the former gully and onto the banking . That said the powers that be have taken the fencing further back so less chance of a rider hitting it and installed a chamfered curb but if the initial point of impact is the rocks in the gully sadly it will IMO ( as history has proved ) result in a third fatality . Just saying
  15. paswt

    TT 2023

    Just hoping they don't leave the digger in the road Rox
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