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  1. or running around trouser less , a cottage industry in the north of the island I've been told. Could it also explain the underwear spotted by Gladys on Marine Drive as a female stands more chance of conceiving if she "goes commando" ?
  2. paswt


    In the UK vintage vehicles do not require a MOT however there is no charge for "road tax". Our political masters have decided to charge a "nominal sum" ," to pay for the admin cost" of road tax on this island for veteran /vintage machinery ( while making no charge for electric vehicles, funny old world). I would not be surprised if 'they' (eg Skelly ) insisted on MOT's for veteran/vintage vehicles to generate an 'income stream' despite the fact that a mechanic would have difficulty in understanding their ' mechanical excentricities '
  3. paswt


    Not necessarily , I know of someone who has 4 vehicles and 10 vintage motorcycles ( all 'mint') insured ( with an Island company ) taxed and tested, if our political masters decide to insist on annual MOT's the owner has ventured to suggest that he wouldn't bother with the hassle and maybe tax a couple of vehicles and an odd bike which would result in a net loss of income for IOM gov. Just saying.
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    Rob Callister

    Did she go on a "Media Training Course" ?
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    Mallett's Mallet

    mind (the)
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    Mallett's Mallet

    tom ( as in tom foolery)
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    Mallett's Mallet

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    Mallett's Mallet

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    Mallett's Mallet

  10. It's sufficient to fail to agree with the views of one poster to be called a "xenophobic thick as pigshit daily wail reading little englander" ironically the same poster claims to be bullied and on the receiving end of abuse.
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    Mallett's Mallet

    nuts (in May)
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    Mallett's Mallet

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    Representing the people...

    Perhaps it would be useful for you to identify those posters who you claim are multiple accounts of the "sultan of sheight" . If you think that I am one of his sock puppets based on the fact that I expressed disappointment at your inability to establish the cost of your "media training course" then it would be polite to give me the opportunity to try to disabuse you of that notion .
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    Mallett's Mallet

    Stout ( as in stout and bitter , drink known as a MiL)
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    £18,000 ?

    Sec 37 of the H&S at work Act states;- "Where an offence under any of the relevant statutory provisions committed by a body corporate is proved to have been committed with the consent or connivance of ,or to have been attributable toady neglect on the part of any director, manager, secretary or other similar officer of the body corporate or a person who was purporting to act in any such capacity, he as well as the body corporate shall be guilty of that offence and shall be liable to be proceeded against and punished accordingly" Section 1 places an obligation on employers to secure the health and safety of persons at work and protecting others against risks to health and safety arising out for in connection with the activities persons at work. Connivance come from the latin Connevere (SP?) = to wink. Under Sec 2 of the Act states that :- It shall be the duty of every employer to maintain as far as is reasonably practicable to maintain safe systems of work. Given that the general rule is that there should be "fail safe systems" employed where practicable, and it is common practice to install such a system the I would venture to suggest that the management are either negligent or incompetent beyond belief. I was, many years ago, an Enforcing H&S Inspector and given the scenario of what allegedly occurred I would have been minded to prosecute individuals as well as the body corporate . Just saying