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  1. Correct I posted they spelt my name incorrectly which elicited your response I freely admit that on occasions I can be ' a bit of a ****😂 If ever I'm unaware/forget that I have erred I'm fortunate in that 'management' reminds me Just saying
  2. No , worked for a few London local authorities and way back started out "on the tools". One London council carried out an "enveloping scheme" within a "Housing Action area" whereby they employed trades to make the external envelope of owner occupied properties wind and weather proof ( refurbing roofs/external brickwork windows and doors etc). The clerk of works was a detestable little man universally despised by all the independent tradesmen (with good reason) and when he passed work as satisfactory they got paid. Unfortunately for him his knowledge of building was at best sk
  3. Fair point , when you have a number of independent trades working on a project it can lead to disputes between contractors and their individual employees which can escalate into sabotage . If you then have a management system where nobody is ultimately responsible when it goes wrong those in the system pass the "blame parcel" and as they are invariably all culpable to a greater or lesser extent they close ranks fearful that it may be them who gets the elbow. The situation is exacerbated (in central and local government in particular) when you have a manager ( with an autocratic man
  4. would it be possible for the DDB's to take a week as well and perhaps WTF for calling me a "twat" ( in response to a polite post about the Onchan election) 🤣, asking for a friend.
  5. At one time the Grand Island was the best hotel on the island . The reason that it fell into disrepair was calculated neglect , as were a couple of other hotels in Douglas/Onchan. It's not unusual for those only interested in making money ( helped by shysters ,in the legal profession and politicians) to buy an iconic building and encourage it's dereliction and subsequent vandalism ( "sorry to hear about the fire" ........ "shhhhh that's next week") in order that the place resembles such an eyesore that the powers that be are persuaded to allow it's destruction and redevelopment.
  6. In addition they got my name wrong , can't have everything in life............. I've found😂
  7. Not from Yorkshire but get a bit brassed off by folk identifying all motorcyclists as mindless oafs . You have made ,it clear, in the past, that you are not a supporter of road racing , fair enough but I regarded your post as a cheap shot, perhaps contrived to offend , hence my robust response . I'm old enough to remember the "no biker" signs outside pubs in the 60's ( along with others who were excluded because of their ethnicity) and unfortunately that attitude is still held by a minority of bigoted individuals . just saying
  8. Clearly as deluded as you are
  9. Spot on HS and when a bunch of OAP motorcyclists run a successful event like 'Jurby Day' those in power succeed in scuppering it. I wouldn't be surprised if "they" kill off the TT/MGP , marshals have been voting with their feet . A leading light in the motorsport team is alleged to have more of an interest in push bike racing , I wouldn't bother marshalling for that🤣
  10. Evidence ? no I thought not , yet another lie from a motorcyclist hater , you really should have a word with yourself
  11. paswt

    TT 2021 ??

    You also have to provide a fish slice and have a suitable picture on the wall according to a friend of mine. At present the relevant authority is still unable to send anyone to visit and inspect a vacant unit of "holiday accommodation " ........" because of Covid" , you couldn't make it up ! Just saying
  12. Perhaps the newly elected MHK's are initially "looked after" by a senior CS and sent on expenses paid trips to London to see how "democracy works" then on "Media training courses"(Rob still unable to advise the cost of that one) and subsequently on other "educational" and "fact finding" visits in interesting and exotic locations . As a result the CS and the MHK are "mates" and there could be a tacit agreement not to "dob each other in" . It's a win win situation for the CS individual it's cost him/her personally nothing ( his/her job is secured they remain anonymous ) and all the n
  13. Wrighty, thanks for responding , appreciated, not looking for a row (I can get one of those anytime at home) perhaps the GP should have said virtually zero? I was referred to a consultant at Nobles 4 years ago and I got the impression that my hip wasn't sufficiently bad for an immediate opp which was fair enough, no complaints. Perhaps I should ask my GP for another referral now my knee is getting as painful as the hip if only to get a timescale of how soon I could get to see someone and an operation on island. I'm lucky in that I could go private , it's unfortunate that
  14. I have obviously not worked hard enough or am not considered important enough perhaps (?). I was diagnosed with a hip problem some 4 years ago which is now getting difficult to manage as the anti inflammatory medications resulted in severe gut probs ( had to go private on island to determine , took a mere 3 months ). Long story short now advised by GP that my chances of getting a hip operation on island are zero and as there is no facility to go private here I should go across . I s'pose on the up side the shiny new busses maybe wheelchair friendly , and I expect I'll have to b
  15. Agree "DF" nearly been taken out a few times going up to marshal(from the Creg) , not on the first bend but the second kink , Windy side, referred to as colour bone corner by a few of the medics. Just saying ETA and while they're about it a bit of air fencing and/or filing the rock strewn gully adjacent to the road at "Casey's" would perhaps serve to save another racing fatality .
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