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  1. Absolutely spot on . The post by 'thommo 2010' inferring guilt despite the prosecution offering no evidence demonstrates exactly what sort of despicable individual he is , however I can't say I'm at all surprised as mud slinging is his clearly his MO . This spineless police apologist may have been a bit more reticent in posting his scurrilous post if the individual concerned was in a position to involve "our learned friends" and had that been the case perhaps the mods may have invoked a ban and deleted the post ( see posts removed in relation to RTA involving a motorcyclist @ Hillberry) but that won't happen because he's not rich or important enough.
  2. The media, the individuals involved in the prosecution and legal system are permitted to act under the cloak of anonymity and as a result demonstrate their complete lack of integrity and common decency. Reminds me of a friend of mine in London who witnessed a violent burglary at a MC Donalds (he was stabbed during the incident ) , the local press presumably after been given the SP's for a pint or two by the local plod ran the story giving details of his name, address , place of work etc.and said that he had been helpful in identifying at least 3 of those involved ! The effect on him was devastating and he ended up dying in misery prematurely . Stu, perhaps if all the 'scroats' who released the information to the press and the editor of the rag were be identified (complete with their addresses and telephone numbers) they may perhaps realise what shits they are .Just saying s
  3. Similar experience with my old mum, only difference is that she didn't want to go ( while her head was OK ) which is fair enough. Terrible at the end but she had her wish of 'dying in her own bed in her own home her own time '. That said I would regard anyone who stipulated that I could/should not end my own life impertinent ,they should just fuck off and mind their own business. I would not presume to advise them how they should conduct their life/death and would be grateful if they would afford me the same courtesy. I have a friend who has a stash of pills , sufficient to end his life , when ,in his words "has had enough" because he would hate to incriminate his friends/relatives by asking for assistance . I salute him and in a similar position would do the same. Just saying I
  4. paswt

    TT 2022 ??

    Don't know but given that there have been 5 "off's" at Casey's including 2 fatals while I was marshalling there and the CoC/powers that be still refuse to accept that the installation of any fencing/ cushioning is necessary I wouldn't't be holding my breath. Just saying
  5. paswt

    TT 2022 ??

    Just received an email from IOMTTMA ( 16th December 22)confirming that the directors of the IOM TTMA are folding the company on 31st December 22. without holding an EGM claiming that as they claim they cannot establish a full list of 'members' they cannot hold an EGM and are therefore winding up the company. The TTMA ltd took over all of the assets of the IOMTTMA without consulting it's members following a IOMTTMA EGA which was adjourned as members had no information in relation to it's assets and liabilities . At that meeting it was confirmed that the IOMTTMA had 230-400-600( ?)voting rights 'members' . The TTMA ltd had two voting rights members and stated "because the current membership base (IOMTTMA) does not reflect the makeup of the association as a whole'🤣and ( the TTMA ltd with2 members with voting rights) would "enable all those people actively involved in delivering marshalling services to have a voice in it's running rather than just a small number". Oh and "The new company ( TTMA ltd) and it's members will be ratified by the department" Frankly is it any wonder that many local marshals/IOMTTMA members are giving marshalling a swerve?
  6. I remember a consultant in that field of medicine saying "Wayback it was the VD clinic , we all knew what that meant , then it was GUM , then they included 'sexual health' so now we are known as SHAGUM !"
  7. Perhaps but as rodents are primarily nocturnal I suspect the brown 'long tail' that was attacked and consumed by a gull (I've seen them consume dead long tail's) may have been disorientated as a result of being poisoned by 'Warfarin". I've culled quite a few staggering aimlessly around my property . I bait for long tails (in Onchan) as there is a resident population , perhaps encouraged by the gulls on the cliffs (the peregrine falcons/kestrels/sparrow hawks may help by taking a few chicks). I have no desire to enter the "bin debate" as frankly it's all a bit pointless , as I find the predictable gratuitous insults from 'forum experts' a bit tedious .
  8. I would be interested to see the evidence for your allegation . Edwin Chadwick's report resulted in the 1845 Public Health Act leading on to the 1875 PH Act ( and the 1936 Act)which amongst other requirements dealt with the provision of dustbins and the cleansing and scavenging of land etc , the reason for weekly collections of dustbins was based on the lifecycle of the house fly. LA's also had powers to deal with accumulations of refuse (either offensive or providing harbourage for 'pests' eg rodents ) . I would venture to suggest that if refuse is allowed to accumulate then the rodent problem will get even worse. I do not dispute your claim that you have no idea when your dustbin is emptied . just saying
  9. Kathy Brighton , if memory serves, may have an inkling , I wouldn't know I've never inkled .
  10. Errr ....... unfortunate turn of phrase .........perhaps , on second thoughts I'm saying nothing
  11. So you'll be giving it a swerve then ?
  12. I heard that the other applicant for the newsreader job could speak perfectly clear english , unfortunately he didn't fit the job spec as he was too tall .
  13. Perhaps Gladys, could the same be said of this site ? To date I have not been banned on that site yet😉. That said I do miss the contributions of many ( I hesitate to name them ) who no longer post on this site and only look in from time to time out of idle curiosity .just saying "Flowers"
  14. Harry there was more than one , 3 if memory serves(?) . The one that flew to Dusseldorf was 'GAPNB ', I was a 'baggage loader' ( £8 .12 shillings pw) and, as I was one of the few that could read and write ,was responsible for putting the appropriate catering on the right aircraft. the Dusseldorf flight was the only one with a 'bar- box' (which had to be taken off before the ground crew got their hands on it ! 😉🤣!)
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