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  1. paswt

    Spewing Juan

    Would that explain why he needs the suntan cream and gets the taxpayer to foot the bill?
  2. The question of "illegality" is perhaps open to interpretation , Government can introduce emergency powers if the legislation in relation to infectious diseases, back in the 60's when folk could be quarantined and treated, under Public Health legislation, in secure units , is no longer in force . These days it seems that this advocate and Mr Moffat see the 'rights' of irresponsible individuals ( who have tested positive for Covid?) to put others in mortal danger by choosing to act irresponsibly 'trumps' those of the vulnerable population at large. It would be interesting if the advocate is taking a fee for this action and from whom ( legal aid?). Just saying
  3. If, as is claimed , some of those banged up have tested positive then they have demonstrated that they are quite happy for other members of the Manx community to die because of their selfishness then they should be forcibly quarantined until they test negative . I see no reason why they should not be obliged to pay for their stay at Jurby. Subsequently they should be IMO be given a further custodial sentence for endangering the lives of residents on this island until the island is clear of the virus.
  4. paswt


    One could certainly be forgiven for taking the view that this forum is "The John Wright Show". He has bans folk for questioning his decisions then goes on to indulge in the behaviour that he has specifically banned other posters for , you couldn't make it up IMO the forum was better when he wasn't a mod and I can understand why many have voted with their feet . Just saying
  5. paswt


    PK .......If she was really "running away" she would have gone to Manchester or thereabouts?
  6. There have always been selfish self centred shysters , those who are prepared to cheat and bribe their way through life and ironically some criticise those who have a similar moral outlook based perhaps because they are a different ethnic group , in an attempt to deflect criticism of their own life choices , when this fails they have been known to resort to play the "victim card" When someone has the temerity to question this behaviour they resort to justifying their behaviour by arrogantly stating "Problematic as your future might be Jack I'm doing quite nicely thank you" and amusingly expect to be admired . I may be a bit old fashioned but in my book these folk are little better than looters. Just saying , hope this helps
  7. better pic , would appear that it was the IOM Office can you see yourself ?
  8. This one perhaps DT. ETA
  9. I would agree with you DT , the same can be said for the UK's response Folk who returned from a 'Tui' cruise round Malasia, Singapore, Vietnam , Cambodia on 14th Feb were told on their return to Gatwick that Public Health UK had advised that there would be a delay in exiting the aircraft , there was and no monitoring of the passengers by the use of temp guns and no advice on self isolation (and under what circumstances). No monitoring of passengers at the Sea Terminal or the airport on the island was carried out which would at least have identified those passengers with a fever who could have been identified and asked to report if they became really unwell . Obviously some passengers may have been infected without showing symptoms but the effort involved would have only one person with a temp gunned another with a notebook , and general advice could also have been given.This would have shown that the authorities were taking the matter seriously and taking steps to contain and monitor the infection. Passengers on the cruise ships were checked on and off the boat by government staff armed with temp guns on that 'Tui' cruise. My background was as a PHI/EHO and I remember investigating and tracing outbreaks of typhoid and Polio in Preston in the early/late 60's . Just saying
  10. Fair comment Teapot, remember that Phil and Sue had to close the premises because they were advised by a structural engineer that the roof was shedding slates and presented a H&S danger to themselves and customers and it would appear that the Commissioners took a cavalier attitude and illegally tried to abdicate their responsibilities as freeholders by failing to make the premise safe. Eventually they had to effect the repairs but as a result of the delay P&S took the financial hit. The Commissioners did not renew the lease and lost over a years revenue , presumably in the hope that the premises would be vandalised ( like the Marine Station and the Lido) then they would be able to build a monstrosity such as this (IMO) . Who exactly do they expect to flock to this "high end fine dining establishment open 7 days a week 364 days a year" ? I would venture to suggest that there is no demand. The rate payers of Port Erin have my sympathy as they will be paying for this white elephant for decades to come if it ever gets built In the meantime there is some symmetry in that both ends of the prom are derelict.
  11. Similar story with "Jurby Day" (as part of the local VMCC Manx Rally), I've been told . Entrants for this years rally well down. One could be forgiven for thinking that the various gov departments appear to delight in interdepartmental disputes in order to scupper any project or event proposed by an outside organisation because if run successfully (eg Jurby) it demonstrates their own lack of imagination and ability. Now Jurby is run entirely by central government I'm looking forward to seeing what events are proposed this year with Rob C at the helm . Just saying
  12. Last MGP we had a couple who had not marshalled before , the lady was "St John qualified " and was happy to assist the paramedic and her chap was happy to assist with clearing wreckage and was provided with instructions . As it turned out we had 3 riders down and 3 bikes in the road and I have to say that we were very grateful to have had the excellent assistance from the "novices". just saying
  13. Nice one Manxy , don't blame you for not responding to an unpleasant post
  14. Unfortunate post , " I'm pretty good" , an interesting hypothesis perhaps , but will probably get another ban for "questioning a mod's decision"
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