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  1. JW, I reserve the right to defend myself from false assertions , if that results in a suspension ( A first for me I believe ) then so be it . That said I seen reason for me to continue to post on this thread.
  2. The last thing I require is advice from you thanks . My advice to you is before " bigging up" your RAF military experiences you read 'A Doctor's War ' by Aiden MacCarthy ( Robson Books), a stark war story, France, Dunkirk, Bomber Command (where he won a particularly gallant George Medal) and the short but eventful East Indies campaign , but his experiences as A POW in Japanese hands , the tale of horrors land and at sea, including the greatest horror of all , the Nagasaki atom bomb ( he was there as a POW!) command attention. It may put your military service (as a pencil squeezer?) into perspective but I wouldn't be at all surprised if you claimed Aiden made the whole thing up because you are who you are and are judging others by your own standards perhaps Hope this helps
  3. I was referring to your claim that my old dad had not served in the RAF and that your service experiences were so traumatic ( that they would make a racer............... I posted a pic of his campaign medals which you then claimed were , if memory serves , downloaded from the internet ( bit of a cheap shot ) You have steadfastly declined to expand on your own service career Just saying
  4. should have bought a Vincent Meteor Doc
  5. Didn't a cyclist run someone down , and kill them in London a few months ago? A friend's daughter in law was run over by a cyclist in Whitechapel ( on the pavement FFS) who left the scene , she was hospitalised , cyclist not traced Just think it may be prudent to have insurance .
  6. Perhaps you are right at some points , where I marshal I'd hope to have 4 seconds. Just saying
  7. Fair comment "Manxy" , as for the offer of donating to a charity , well it's not the first time he's made a similar offer (and failed to deliver). Just saying
  8. Not a bad idea IMHO , would beat shouting to a marshal attending an incident with his/her back to the traffic that another competitor is approaching. just saying
  9. When you are camping and have a very early start , I could be wrong but I think there may be a paucity of accommodation available , particularly for a single night on the island.
  10. Had an email from a Marshal going home who was a bit brassed off with the surly attitude of the jobsworth security employees insisting on searching/ frisking the bikers on their return and insisting that the gas canisters on their camping gas stoves were emptied (creating a cloud of gas adjacent to bikers smoking ) and confiscating knives ( don't know if that would include a "leatherman" which is an integral part of a bikers toolkit IMHO).
  11. paswt

    TT 2018

    Correct Max , we do not have a red flag as do many other marshalling points. In the event of an incident Race Control are immediately appraised of the situation , they make the decision to "red flag" . The decision is based IMO on whether there is a corridor for the following riders to get past the incident . Marshals are under instructions to drag a rider off the course which is understandable if the rider is in imminent danger of being hit but I have to say that if the rider has evidently sustained leg/pelvic or back injuries I ( not being medically qualified ) would hesitate as if the rider ended up in a wheelchair I would wonder if was as a result of me dragging him/her over a curb . Fortunately I have not been placed in that situation under this new rule when a paramedic was not present. Just saying
  12. Dilligaf, I've marshalled for over 10 years on the mountain , same spot , I wouldn't want to be paid happy do it for nothing ,we are down to minimum numbers on occasions (2or 3) I agree that at some marshalling points they are mob handed ,it's the best way to get a ringside seat out of the fog and rain, even get free tea and coffee at the Creg and when the roads reopen they can leave , if the alternative is to stand on scaffolding unprotected from the weather at say Casey's Advanced on your jack in the wind and rain and in the past till after 11.00 pm ( until all the signage and cones have been replaced ) and the convoy is allowed to exit the mountain I s'pose it's understandable One can't have vehicles on the road to protect the DOI chaps (H&S ) however at MGP the "Roads Open Car" guns through at speed followed by lunatics on bikes and cars while marshals are still walking on the road back to their bikes/cars in the dark hoping they don't get wiped out , funny old world ( the marshals are dispensable and free the DOI chaps cost money ) so Mr Callister spare me the "Marshals are valued " cobblers . When you sign on you accept that you are prepared to be stationed where needed it clearly isn't working as evidenced by 16-18 marshals at Gov Bridge I don't attend the 'Marshals Supper' or want a banquet or a 'share' of 'The award for the spirit of the TT' I would much prefer that the poor souls who are out in the open or in open sentry huts on the mountain or other exposed posts ( not me I'm in a hut) were provided with a free full set of wet weather gear to make their life a bit easier ,. I am resigned to the "management" congratulating themselves , giving it large to the press and in the VIP tent and alleging that they really value the marshals , it gives some of us to laugh at , as Capt Mannering would say "Fine words butter no parsnips" . Sorry rant over ,
  13. Leave them in the porch/inside the front door . I take my shoes off when I come in and do the same at friends houses where they have nice carpets or if in their culture it's the norm ( a polite gesture) I wouldn't tell folk to remove their shoes at mine but many do . When I lived in central London I learned that it was easier to remove my shoes than spend time cleaning dog excrement off the hall carpet and stairs . House guests are always provided with slippers ( sort that are provided in hotels and spars ) which they are at liberty to take with them when they depart. Given the responses from posters I'm unlikely to make an open invite to forum members around to mine That said if I'm invited into a house where it would be prudent to wipe your feet on the way out I keep my shoes on and leave asap
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