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  1. Forgive me but this 'commercial decision' involves no financial cost to IOM gov , the cost could well be the lives of residents and the loss of revenue to businesses . I'm informed that if one is unsuccessful in a job interview these days it is acceptable to ask and be told why . I am curious to know why you allege "rachomics" has been petulant as it's not a view I share
  2. John Wright, it would appear that on the contrary you have already made your mind up . You may well have 40 years litigation experience including , I understand, being criticised by your own IOM professional body for improper conduct. I have had 30 years experience ,as a PHI/EHO in dealing with infectious diseases and I find your comments unhelpful and frankly 'nasty'. I'm aware that to "question a mod" results in a ban , confirmed in an email citing "spamming" as the reason, so perhaps it is now the time (as there may not be another ๐Ÿ˜‚)to say I find your moderation of this site at times 'unfortunate' . Just saying.
  3. The Commissioners were in breach of H&S legislation by failing to maintain the structure of the building . You are a liar and should be ashamed , hope this helps .
  4. I'm pleased the Cosy Nook has been saved , pity that the Commissioners contrived to encourage it to becoming derelict . Many people were saying that the old Murray's Museum should have been demolished , I would recommend a visit to see what can be achieved . Just saying.
  5. You're not the only taking that view Doc , Shimmin , to my knowledge ,dealt with a planning application in what one could argue was an unconventional way. I found Skelly's involvement in the TT a little perplexing . Just saying
  6. Reminds me of a letter in the "Wipers Times" (Ypres during WW1) published as a leaflet for the troops , in the letters column the question was posed " Is it ever permissible to shoot a commanding officer?" the response ......... "Only in extenuating circumstances" .
  7. was he an associate of a lawyer who ' broke the rules' ? Just asking ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Perhaps "Banker" has just spent the greater part of his life being confused๐Ÿ˜‰. He seems to recommend that we should follow our "leader " (Howie). The only reason for some of us to follow him would perhaps be idle curiosity? ETA
  9. I have worked in public health since 1963 , not having a panic , just being prudent . I value the opinions of Dr Glover . Just saying
  10. At best an interesting hypothesis but I think I'll give your advice a bit of a swerve , keep posting , there's not a dry seat in the house.
  11. Fair point Roxie . TBH I'm not reassured by our political masters/ Senior CS 'pencil squeezers , particularly when "they" binned off Dr Glover because she may have got some kudos which presumably they alone wished to claim. Realistically if I get infected , because of my age I am likely to get TLC rather than ICU ( fair enough) so I will make my own arrangements in attempting to keep myself safe. just saying
  12. A familiar cry from the land owning community perhaps ?
  13. Perhaps but if they were to offer say a 10/15 year lease at an initial low rent provided they will bring the property back into an acceptable standard someone could take it on. The old Murray's Museum at the Bungalow was vacant for years , take a look now at what a Manx couple with a vision and hard work have achieved . Just saying
  14. paswt


    Perhaps not if the 'owners' offered at an initial low rent and with say a ten year lease provided they bring the place back to an acceptable standard . The old Murray's museum at the Bungalow was vacant for years , it's worth a visit to see what a local Manx couple have achieved . Just saying
  15. There was inside seating with about six tables , it was my regular Sunday breakfast meet up place with motor cycle friends and when the family ( 6 adults and 8 kids) visited . Fine weather, sat outside with the kids playing on the beach . Phil and Sue were excellent hosts and the food was excellent and reasonably priced and the place was popular. Just saying
  16. Sounds like a description of what happened to "Jurby Day", it was successful, organised by a few OAP's , but the "Motor Sport Team/ Gov couldn't claim the glory so they speared it . I find the sense of entitlement of many of those involved in Government beggars belief and a pound to a pinch of **** if, god forbid, it does really kick off on this island, there will be a concerted effort by the powers that be to abdicate all responsibility and demonise Dr Glover.
  17. It has been established that it is possible that clots can form on the severed blood vessels when an animals throat is cut allowing the animal to remain conscious during ritual slaughter ( see Thornton's Textbook in meat inspection). Stunning prior to slaughter has been permitted in halal slaughter when I worked as a meat inspector ( way back in the 60's) Normal slaughter involves stunning the animal by means of a captive bolt pistol or electrocution prior to the throat being cut to bleed the animal . I'm with Quilty in thinking that the animal should be stunned , the Kosher slaughter where the animal is held in a contraption that is then spun until the animal is on it's back in order to enable the throat to be cut IMO puts the animal under greater stress. Just saying ETA if the animal does retain consciousness it's not a pretty sight and the flesh of the animal is not considered "Kosher".
  18. I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with Hector on a number of occasions , he was a man I admired , I will miss him , RIP Hector.
  19. ๐Ÿ˜„How do they know it's the deep end Scotty?
  20. I'm only four and half years into my journey , pleased they sorted yours out OK . If the Gov wants an income stream perhaps they could open the private wing, ship a surgeon in from across and charge punters a premium for the privilege ( bit like what they've donee with Dr Glover ?) . I'd be "in"
  21. You may well be right Del , however you were lucky in the lottery to get your hip sorted , don't have a problem with that . I would venture to suggest that there are just too many folk on some /all (?) waiting lists and there is no alternative ( going 'private' ) on the island . As a result of taking anti inflammatory/pain killing drugs I ended up with a seriously inflamed gut and on being advised by my GP that my chances of getting a NHS endoscopy were nil.......... I paid and had it done 'privately' at Nobles , still took 3 months ( I was too unwell to go across). I know of a few people in a similar situation as myself who have gone across, one as recently as 3 weeks ago so I would take issue with your assertion that the experiences of JW is an exemplar of how the IOM health service manages the medical problems of all island residents . The individuals/teams you mention may "punch above their weight" but the islands NHS/Nobles Hospital clearly does not .
  22. Spot on I stupidly thought that the purpose of the hospital budget was to be spent to offer medical treatments rather than employing all these paper shufflers who contribute nothing . I am unable to get any idea of when I may be able to get an appointment with Nobles . Instead of saying "we don't know" I would welcome a bit of honesty and be told that I'll never get a new hip with the NHS on this island because the priority is to pay useless suits at Nobles and elsewhere a small fortune to sit on their arses and feed our political masters a load of multi syllabled BS to justify their appointment and ensure that nobody is ever 'accountable'. Sorry, rant over .
  23. Facing random insults from random people seems to be rife on this site as well despite the assurances from the moderators that it won't be tolerated , pity really because some of the offenders occasionally make a pertinent/valid contribution . S'pose it must be the law of averages
  24. 2 or three wheels for me doc . That said with the electric bikes it wasn't a contest ๐Ÿ˜‚.
  25. Know how you feel Max , I had a car like that ......... ๐Ÿ˜‰
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