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  1. None of the schools should, but I think this one might be. It's a really good school and in every other respect I couldn't be happier with it, but I'm not impressed about this.
  2. We got one yesterday too and initially I was really excited for my boy. But then my cynical hubby pointed out that it arrived on the first working day after the schools had broken up, that he reckoned every kid in their class has probably got one, that the books are bloody expensive, and the pricing offer reads like an Everest special offer. I'm a bit sad about it now, mainly because I fell for it at first, but we're also really cross that the school has given all our addresses to this company. I'm wondering what exactly the school got out of it. And I'm cross because even though I think it's a scam, I still want to see his poem in print.
  3. I pm-ed and e-mailed you about the car last week but got no replies. I'd be interested - could you pm me? Thanks
  4. You could definitely tell ours was a full tom, he was very proud of them! I got all excited then. Thanks anyway...
  5. Is he a "fully endowed" boy and does he have a nick out of one ear? Our boy has been missing for nearly a year with no sign, despite being chipped. I know it's unlikely but...
  6. Short notice I know, but due to illness, I have two tickets to see The Police at Cardiff on Friday. The tickets were £70 to buy. I also have two return flights to Gloucester on Friday/Saturday (£240) and hotel accomodation (£140) which can be transferred. Please pm asap if interested.
  7. Toshiba 56WH08B 56 inch rear projection - note this is a standard definition T.V., but that doesn't matter because you can use it as a garden shed when it breaks, and eventually they can bury you in it! Yours today for just £750. Buyer collects from Douglas (or arranges professional removal - eg Corkills will charge £100 + VAT to deliver within Douglas) . Genuine reason for sale - just moved house and we can't get it into the TV lounge! http://www.zedbogey.com/Stuff/56WH08B.pdf Please e-mail pootle@zedbogey.com if interested.
  8. http://www.stuffonmycat.com/index.php?startpos=30
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