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  1. is this a smart tv with freeview hd/3d/usb and does it have any extended warrenty?
  2. Nothing to stop you buying the car if you can afford to insure it, but you need a full license to apply for a house resident parking permit ‎
  3. its worth around £50 if mint
  4. waste of time pm'ing you in the afternoon then
  5. are you sure its a real Gucci, they don't normally fall apart like that
  6. so not only are you unwilling to say how much more discount they should be offering, but now suggest they should hire extra staff to search for cheaper examples of every item they sell, you do realise that will lead to a price increase!
  7. the rrp is £129.99 according to amazon who are selling it at 58% off, clearly you think that offering just 25% off is a rip off so how much more discount should the manx shop be offering?
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