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  1. is this a smart tv with freeview hd/3d/usb and does it have any extended warrenty?
  2. Nothing to stop you buying the car if you can afford to insure it, but you need a full license to apply for a house resident parking permit ‎
  3. its worth around £50 if mint
  4. waste of time pm'ing you in the afternoon then
  5. are you sure its a real Gucci, they don't normally fall apart like that
  6. so not only are you unwilling to say how much more discount they should be offering, but now suggest they should hire extra staff to search for cheaper examples of every item they sell, you do realise that will lead to a price increase!
  7. the rrp is £129.99 according to amazon who are selling it at 58% off, clearly you think that offering just 25% off is a rip off so how much more discount should the manx shop be offering?
  8. why come see me, i'm like you and don't care if a retail business fails because it pays tax, has overheads, sells far less items so need to make more profit on what it does sell etc etc as long as i get what i want at the cheapest price the difference is i'm not so stupid that i don't understand why they have to charge more
  9. If you get your calculator....... got my calculator and it says the price is clearly shown, so how are they ripping you off if you work i'm sure someone else could do your job cheaper so you rip your company off everyday using your logic
  10. how are you getting ripped off, the local price is based on far higher overheads, wages for local people and paying local taxes that get spent on local people at the end of the day they probably make less profit on the item than amazon
  11. charity shops dont take dvd's due to the age certifications as they can't police who they sell them too Yes they do, all 4 of the charity shops in Ramsey sell dvd's and why can't a charity shop worker age the person trying to by a 18 cert film?
  12. Shame they decided to hold the Olympics at such short notice and not allow you to foresee such delays
  13. There are literally hundreds of thousands of roads in the uk covering millions of miles upon which millions of vehicles travel everyday. Your comparison fails. how does it fail, at the moment we probably have a lot more bikes per mile of road than the UK, so even with 5 deaths the roads are safer so as per usually its you the one who wants wrapping in cotton wool that has failed
  14. On average 5 people a day die on UK roads and probably hardly any of them are doing what they enjoy, so yes its sad that people are killed during the TT/Manx but unless you ban all motorised transport its something you need to learn to live with and get on with your own life
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