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  1. I have very happy memories of Jurgen and the restaurant. Always used to try and visit when I was over for the TT. After a few beers in The Strand we'd stop by for a bratwurst & chips from the take out hatch, which came with a slightly spicy sauce. I used to get him to make it when we came in for a sit down and a big fillet steak. I'm glad to hear he's still on the Island - please pass on best wishes from an old customer who remembers him fondly.
  2. There's roughly a 10% chance that you'll get a minor reaction. My brother and I had our jabs within a day of eachother and after 24 hours we both had a couple of days of what you might call 'covid lite'. It's not that big of a deal and certainly no reason not to have the jab. We're both classified as 'extremely clinically vulnerable'. The 5G chip is barely noticeable by the way...
  3. You do seem to have a long-winded system over there. In my bit of the West Country I, as a recipient don't have to anything. The doctor's surgeries seem to be doing all the leg work. 4 weeks ago today I received a call from the practice nurse at my docs asking if I could present myself for my jab the following morning at 9.30. I turned up at the venue (for want of a better word) where 6 cubicles were set up. I checked in, joined a socially distanced queue and then shown to a cubicle for my jab. Waited the obligatory 15 minutes as I was driving and headed home. Simple and effective. All I have to do now is wait for another call to report for my 2nd jab and turn up when told to.
  4. Possibly not. I was at a club race meeting on the 20th, so no professionals, and the grids were full. I suspect they would have been even better were it not necessary to allow for spacing in the paddock.
  5. The RSPB distribution map suggests that they favour the south of the Island. Across the UK & IOM there are around 43,000 breeding territories but I think these are probably not well populated. I'm partial to a bit of bird photography (makes the bikes seem easier...) and I've not seen one on the Island yet. They are in the Cotswolds where I put myself about quite a bit and while its teeming with red-legged partridges, I've not managed to photograph one. It is correct that the RSPB have their status as 'red' which means the decline in their numbers gives great cause for concern. So, shoot them for fun? I would invite the gentleman concerned to kiss both sides of my arse. Killing something for food is one thing. Killing them for pleasure is something else again. Somebody mentioned Wild Boars. There's a ton of them in the Forest of Dean and I had a very close encounter early one morning when i was looking for Goshawks. Very amiable critters unless they have young and you have a dog. They like to dig up verges & grassy patches so any residents near wooded areas would have their gardens totalled in no time. Perhaps they could complain to an MHK
  6. Thank you for asking. I have a headache...could be something to do with the glass or several I had last night. Wait - this wouldn't have happened if we hadn't left the EU, so it must be the fault of Brexit. Damn...
  7. The Phat Tog


    My specialist subject Give some thought to the Royal India in Athol St, Peel. Fell in love with this place at the TT after far too many years of dismal curries on the Island. They do the usual favourites but there are also a broad selection of South Indian dishes. I've developed a craving for Lamb Kaduku Khoottaan, Chicket Theeyal and Lamb Cafrial. These tend to have very subtle flavours but I'm sure they have some that will whack you round the chops if you want. It's a small 'mom & pop' place so probably worth booking rather than turn up on spec. The only thing wrong as far as I'm concerned is I have to wait until the end of May before I can go there again. Round where I live we have a number of very good Indian restaurants and this stands up against any of them.
  8. Jack Findlay Derek Minter (I think...) This is a works 50cc Suzuki. I'm guessing the rider is Mitsuo Itoh
  9. A bit of camera shake on this one but the name looks like Chris Fargher. Looks like a red plate on the front, so probably his newcomer year. Early Mick Grant. It's a 500cc 2 stroke so I reckon this must be the Kawasaki he raced in 1972 This looks like Luigi Taveri. Black plates indicate a 125 so I'm guessing it's the 4 cylinder from I think 1964.
  10. John Williams - 250 Yamaha Chas Mortimer - 125 Yamaha 1972
  11. Richard Coates - a pilot for Manx Airlines if memory serves. I think this is Alberto Pagani in the 1972 Senior TT - he rode the MV that year.
  12. Fairly sure this is Chris Faulkner. I discovered a puncture on my bike while on the ferry crossing to the MGP in the early 80s. Chris and his crew helped to fix it.
  13. Great stuff Amadeus. Love this old stuff. Rather than bloat the threads with loads of the same pics i thought I'd do a new thread for identifying the riders - for those of us that aren't on facetube.. Feel free to chip in and correct me if I've got any wrong! Neil Tuxworth - 500cc Cowles Matchless. This would be at one of the early runnings of the Classic MGP. Tuxworth went on to be the Honda UK team manager for many years.
  14. The Phat Tog

    TT 2018

    I'm coming over tomorrow. Where is this magical place of which you speak? I must go there!
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