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  1. If you are going to have a MOT on the Island in my opinion, you should have the UK one, its not as tough as the N.I test ,and the EU test is very hard, we have a trade body and V.o.s.a in the UK who seem to work hard to keep the test sensible and some of the items that the E.U are trying to implement in the have legal implications in the UK and these items remain an advisory only It s been said that Garages over charge in the UK they can't really the pricing is set by vosa and the test centres can;t exceed this charge but they do discount to compete, if it was soly government run there would be no discount offered, if your car fails and you don’t agree you can appeal and if the MOT governing body retest the car and finds in your favour the test centre gets points too many points and they are struck off also you are not obliged to have any faults which the test centre have highlighted repaired at that test centre your usual garage can do repairs and probably cheaper, In my opinion there aren’t enough cars on the Island to warrant an annual roadworthy test and I would think the costs of setting this up would cost millions But hey The I.O.M government are not noted for wasting money in unworkable schemes are they so you will be fine These are the Current costs of MOT's in the UK
  2. You may well have done, Red arrows at southport air show Sat and Sun
  3. next to no brakes then
  4. What ever happened to white dog poo you just don't see it anymore.
  5. NAIRB

    Mots ?

    A MOT test on the isle of man won't work have we not gone down this route before It will cost more to implement the test than it will produce revenue for the government There are not enough vehicles on the island to make it cost effective if the test was put out to garages for tender how many would be prepared to make the investment as there are not enough vehicles of testable age to make it viable the equipment has to be calibrated every 6 months ( in the UK) would any calibration company or Equipment Manufacture be willing to travel to the Isle of Man to calibrate the equipment twice a year for an average fee of about £150.00 per calibration as I don't think there are any on Island As mentioned previously there are police powers already in place to deal with unroadworthy vehicles No it won't work
  6. In a nutshell, can't think way folks are trying to defend him or blame shit on the road. he will feel like a dick and will no doubt have cost him more than his pride. He does not need defending, he did nothing wrong, several people witnessed this and I don't think any of them have posted shite on this thread, but hey fellas don't let the facts get in the way of what you have convinced yourselves happened
  7. This guy was unlucky, he was not travelling fast, he was riding steady, the front end just let go, the car driver saw him go down, he also was travelling slow and was stopped before the rider was on route towards his car no one was hurt and the car only suffered a very slight scratch the bike however did not fair as well, the police were called and did not respond, as it was a non injury accident the party’s exchanged details and every one went on their way so there you have it a small indecent which no doubt happens all the time every were but it warranted 6 pages on MF was this indecent the highlight of the week
  8. If you read the original post on TT forums it would appear that some people think this is not true or is acceptable, because the culprits are racers I bet these people don't come to the island more than 2 weeks a year, or have any respect for the people who do, or live on the isle of man, I am a fan of the races but just because these guys ride the TT and are good at it does not excuse them from being absolute pillocks
  9. NAIRB

    Car For Sale

    you will really enjoy the M61/62 and the M60 most mornings and evenings then
  10. When you buy a car from the UK to bring onto the IoM and register it on a Manx plate you must make sure you have the front page of the V5C the owner in the UK fills in the yellow section (permanently exported out of the UK) and sends that section to DVLA otherwise it creates a load of hassle the DVLA are famous for creating problems if the paperwork is not right . And its usually vehicles over testable age (3 years) which are subject to the Manx test This only applies to vehicles from the UK, vehicles from the EU and non EU countries will have different rules just as they have in the UK you also can use the car or bike upto 6 months on its uk tax and plates before having to permently Register it on the Isle of Man
  11. NAIRB

    Snake Hire

    , noone wants to pin the tail on the donkey these days, so, you know, thinking of alternatives. The snake would be pretty pissed if they tried to pin a tail on it
  12. Kin Hell the guy only asked were he could buy a good Manx Flag WTF would be the response if he said were is the best place to Burn a good Manx Flag
  13. Nothing new here then throughout history Manx ships and seamen have had a reputation for carrying contraband
  14. Why post about something you obviously don't know anything about??!! Just for the entertainment value
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