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  1. Just bought a Lancia Beta lol

  2. Hehe, the thorns started to hurt after a while! Yeah its a good spot, just be careful as you are a little too close at times Thanks I just saw your shots you got some great ones too!
  3. Just thought I would put my photos in the right place
  4. If I had known, you could of came up to my little spot I had at the jump I had LOADS of room by myself , dangerous spot though! I think that was why nobody was standing near me Was it good down there? be a nice photographic opportunity with the cars going a little slower.
  5. Amazing pics Cret! There all good and your tweaked one looks spot on, thought at first you just used a really open aperture My favourte though is the Porsche! Well done
  6. When Skies Are Grey was that on the narrow road from Port Erin to the end of the stage? If it was I was there! Just thought I would ask..
  7. I know it was a really dangerous spot but better place than anyone elses! I was wondering that too, I think you have to be part of a paid company and then you ask the top people who run the rally as to where you are going to be? Only an assumption. Aww can't wait to see them, I missed them before you took them down Haha I want to upgrade but I can't at the moment
  8. You know Darragh that long road that goes from Port Erin to the Sound Road? it was there! there is a little grassy bit that sticks out in the road that you have to do a quick right,left to go past then you go over the hill and the jump is there. Haha talking about Gorse and Marshal's I got stung by both, trust me to choose a spot which is closest to the track and which is also in a gorse bush! Where about in the town where you? Can't wait to see your snaps! Thanks! I like Paul Bird and I was happy to come away with this shot of him and his car but because I have a special kind of love
  9. Did anyone go to the rally Friday evening up in Port Erin? Loved the spot I got! Cars wizzing past at less than a hairs breadth! I got two photographs that I like:
  10. Thanks Kieth you have a point so I have dropped the age from my site. I put my age up just to say that I have a lot of learning still left. I was thinking of selling my images but as I don't have a high quality camera I don't know what detail would be like on photos as I would hate to disappoint people if the images aren't sharp as they'd hope! I will see what photobox is like! Thanks!
  11. Thanks Cret, yeah I didn't know whether it would work, I didn't know what is more interesting the sky or the ground but as the cloud rolled in, the ground became more interesting so I lowered it a tad. It wasn't as dramatic but that is because the contrast really brought in layers to the sky, darkening the cloud and giving the image a bit more edge, so it was black but not as black as that! Nah Cret you have came over leaps and bounds from your older photographs, you are doing really well especially the ones at scarlett, I was in awe at that flow of sea over the rock! Yup I am reliev
  12. I went out today took a few photos from port cornaa, thinking about composition, light, exposure then got home put them up on the screen and my god where they terrible! I shall process one to show in a minute, I think my long break from photography has just lost me all the knowlege I know :/ such a shame because it was a lovely scene with the sun rise I shall try again either tommorow or Saturday! Cret has come on fantasic since his first images and I am very envious at his photographs!
  13. Going out to do some photography on thursday morning :D

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