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  1. This has been a problem high lighted by watch dog, not only do they charge for changes, like address, phone number, but also for duplicate documents and certificates. Their charges will be stated in the policy documents if you want to look! Its worth checking the documents, as we do not have MOT's over here, and young drivers learn earlier than the UK. Its also worth noting, that windscreen cover is a 'difficult' area, some with only cover windscreen as a result of an accident, others will cover you completely, unfortunately, you only find these things out when you have a claim.
  2. There is a charity shop on Bucks Road, that sell second hand dresses for smart occasions, is it cross roads?
  3. My children never walk to school - the reason being book bags reading book spelling books pencil case home work lunch bag water bottle games kit indoor and out door swimmiñg bag plus - on occasion homework projects - party clothes - or wellies etc -
  4. what is it with people reversing into a space so their boot is blocked to put the shopping in?
  5. DB55


    have seen greggs bake your own in frozen food isle in shoprite yum yum :
  6. https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/IOM-KIDZ/389700771083114 Thanks for looking - adverise free - let everyone know whats happening - thank you
  7. sorry try again ! there is 1/7 chances of all 6 voters which gives 42 there are 2/7 chances of getting 2 voters x 6 gives 24 there are 3/7 chances of getting 3 votes x 6 combinations gi es you 10.5 4/7 gives 8.5 5/7 gives 7 6/7 gives 6 total 60? are we getting warmer?
  8. ok try 7 voters x 6 possible winner then it would be 7 x 5 plus 7 x 1 then add 7 x4 plus 7 x2 then 7 x 3 plus 7 x 3 etc follow the pattern down
  9. surely with 7 voters and six possible choices you are going to get 1 definate winner - which gives them 1/7 chance x 6 gives 42 combinations!
  10. i have a bin full of sycamore chipping if you want to collect - any good?
  11. Good luck to Steven and his dad tomorrow - if you see then out between Onchan and Peel - please offer your support! All proceeds go towards the new play ground at school - nearly there! Steven wanted to do the parish walk until he found out you have to be 18 - so he has organised the whole event by himself - a wonderful jesture from a wonderful boy. follow his progress on facebook - friendsofashleyhillschool
  12. My daughter needs practice writing short stories - and reading some would be helpful - sort of 2/3 pages - can't see anything on amazon as they don't have an age filter - any suggestions? She's 11 - thank you
  13. mmm interesting - take it you don't want our children to contribute towards your old age then?
  14. I'm more than happy to take care of my own children, and have done so for many years - thank you - we couldn't have afforded it either - but there are plenty of services that will be impacted on this decision, should be take away midwives because not everyone uses those services? If we are to believe many views nursery was used to help other professional services assesss children for other services - this will still need to be done - to what financial cost?
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