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  1. Interesting that Thomas Mair is already being written off by some as a lone nut mentally deranged lunatic. When in fact he is a product (victim?) of the UK's prevalent extremist right-wing media. Will any action be taken?
  2. OOhhh be careful rmanx.... You're not allowed to voice your own opinion on this subject.... You have to follow the narrative Lots of strange things happened on 9/11.... never to be repeated
  3. So what we're saying is that a few comments of historical fact which are then 'moved' out of context is some how igoing to lead to state sanctioned mass extermination? Get a grip This latest merry go round is nothing more than a slow motion attempt at moving the Labour Party back to the right and replacing Corby with one of the guys. It's also working quite nicely at keeping the Tories mate Mr Green (BHS) off the front pages.
  4. A quick look on LinkedIn would suggest that DED have more than enough people already equipped to do this task. So begs the question... What will they be doing?
  5. You writing about us or them?
  6. Just like to point out here that Peter Karen has done more for the Island in 30 years than you have in your 1,812 posts
  7. 1 x Hewlett Packard N54L (no OS) 8GB 1 x 500GB (3 x Free drive slots) 1 x Onboard LAN 1 x Dual Port Intel NIC Used for VMware testing Very good condition £ 100 ono 1 x Hewlett Packard ML110 G3 (no OS) 16GB 1 x 500GB SATA HD 1 x Onboard LAN 1 x Dual Port Intel NIC Used for VMware testing Very good condition £80 ono
  8. I wonder if you are referring to me as I know that I have been copying and pasting a lot? If you are referring to me, that is plain and simple a really serious libel. I had no idea what that word meant (or that it was even a word at all) until this post of yours and I immediately Googled it. How dare you make such unfounded allegations - and state them as if they are facts. When you are so blatantly, patently, wilfully and demonstrably wrong you surely need to apologise and recant. Why don't you? I expect that apology and an edit of the libellous post. I cannot tolerate deliberate libel. You have been warned. <<<SOCK FUCKING PUPPET>>>
  9. Emotive claptrap Paul as you feel so strongly I suggest you mosey on down to your local SFA recruiment Mosque where beard and extremist Saudi Wahabism will be provided and get on with it. Enjoy the liver of your enemies
  10. The term "Holocaust Denier" is very apt. It refers, of course, to all those who claim the murder of millions of Jews didn't take place and that all the evidence is fabricated. So to me it's only right to call all those who claim Saddam didn't have WMD as "Halabja Deniers" because it's exactly the same scenario.... Halabja was part of the larger An-Anfal Campaign launched by Saddam's forces in the mid to late 80's. It's well documented who supplied Saddam with his chemical weapon payloads (hint it wasn't the USSR). The 2nd Iraq war was launched on the assertion that he still had them. He didn't they were destroyed with help from the UN inspection teams during the late 90's early 00's. This too was well documented but certain Western powers chose to ignore that. Just like yourself really
  11. Ahh, the myth that UK is responsible for the Financial Isle of Man services industry... Did wonder when that little fallacy was to be trotted out. We're all in it together aren't we? If I remember rightly there were certain laws were passed on the Isle of Man to facilitate the expansion of the financial services on the island, It wasn't just down to a few individuals from the UK Max, re-read your post and think how utterly retarded it is, I mean are you going to apply the same logic to the Channel Islands? Did you know Tesco deliver to South Uist? Could any of you victimised English explain the reasoning behind this little lot? Nationalism... there's a lot of it about
  12. You seem to be confusing conjecture with fact You seem to be missing A point. Make one. If I must.... You provide no facts to backup your little theory.. just a home grown generalisation
  13. Media = When their advertising revenue dries up
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