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  1. Barrie Stevens I don't know who you are thinking of. He didn't smoke.
  2. I don't think so. I knew him very well and never heard that story.
  3. Sad news tonight that former High Bailiff, Weldon Williams, has passed away, aged 90. He served as Deputy High Bailiff from 1977 until 1988, and was High Bailiff from 1988 until 1995. Born in Wales, he moved to the Isle of Man in 1968, fell in love with the island and never left it. No one who met him ever forgot him, for all the right reasons.
  4. We have just come back from an 8 day visit to the island. We are not typical tourists as my wife was born on the island and we regularly visit, staying with the in-laws. However, these are my observations: Ferry: One car with 2 adults, one child, one dog and dog friendly cabin: £375.50 return for a 2.15pm sailing on the Ben my Chree from Heysham, and an 8.45am return departure. Wi-fi throughout the ferry (free if you had a cabin or £3 otherwise), although signal when in the cabin was weaker than in the open areas. Flat screen TV in cabin with good reception. Cabin clean. Complimentary
  5. Thanks everyone. We all really enjoyed it! Maybe about half an hour too long perhaps, but great fun. I thought Dot Tilbury was great - really gives it a lot of welly, some of the rest of the cast could have learned from her enthusiasm, although the guy playing Peter Pan was brilliant.
  6. Hi all I realise this might be more appropriate under the "leisure" forum but this forum seems the more active! Currently visiting the Isle of Man for Crimbo and we have tickets for Thursday afternoon's pantomime "Peter Pan". However, I am hearing feedback (and reading in the press) that it is no good - too long, too much innuendo, people leaving before the end etc. Trouble is we have too young kids in our group aged 7 and 4. We've been to many of the IOM pantos in recent years and enjoyed them - even ended up on stage with my son one year! Is this year's really that bad?
  7. Another thought. I have to chuckle that the Marina Arcade has taken almost exactly the same amount of time as the SD2 centre in Cardiff. Look how fast they worked there http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/south_east/7851803.stm
  8. I looked at the Sayle Gallery when I was over at Christmas. Great idea but unfortunately I thought at first glance it was a discount store by the style of the lettering.
  9. What's going in their place?
  10. What a shame. The National Library of Wales has done a beautiful job of placing Welsh heritage on the net. Pressure Tynwald to do something like this: http://www.gtj.org.uk/en/
  11. Thanks guys. The whats-on link is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for.
  12. Hi everyone. We are coming to the Isle of Man next weekend to stay with family over Christmas and New Year. It is an annual event so we know that some things are open and some things are closed. However, a few years ago we went to a superb concert of medieval music in Peel. Is there anything like that on over the Christmas period? We have got tickets for the pantomime (another annual event for us). Last year my son ended up on stage, and I ended up there with him - being made fuin of by Dot Tilbury! Any advice would be much appreciated. cheers!
  13. Mij

    Google Earth

    Maybe Castletown could give a clue, given the building work that has been going on there. However, as the previous poster said, these pictures are compilations of many different one, hence buildings appear to "lean" in different directions.
  14. Mij

    Google Earth

    OK I admit I don't check Google Earth very often but pleased to see that at last there are detailed pics of the Isle of Man there. For years it was just a blurry distant shot (with half of Douglas covered in cloud - now you can see whether you are in a shot, and spot your car in the drive etc! Sorry if this is old news!
  15. Last time I was over on the island was Easter 2008. I have been interested in the redevelopment of this area. Is the work completed? I have not found any pictures or stories on the web.
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