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  1. He’s a donut (without the sugar), filled with bile.
  2. You obviously weren’t listening hard enough then cloth-ears because we were all kept fully informed at all times. What did you want, hourly phone calls to you in Tin Foil Towers?
  3. Another totally poisonous thread to start at this time, or indeed anytime. Totally pointless.
  4. What a very poor “and so are you” comeback there. you need less shit - more wit.
  5. I see Dick and Dumb are in da bungalow.
  6. You can audibly hear the pitchforks rattling in this thread.
  7. Someone's tinfoil hats slipped.
  8. Another pointless bitter thread. Reminds me of this joke: The recycling men called round at SJR's House. “Excuse me Sir, do you have any wine bottles that need recycling.” SJR is not happy. “Do I look the sort of person who drinks wine at home” he sneers. ”I'm so sorry sir, you’re right, do you have any vinegar bottles.”
  9. I’m trying not to be offensive but this is just drivel. A normal person would not think or opine that the government, or its staff, are seizing the opportunity to deliberately interfere in people's lives for no good reason. If you think it’s a step, too far that is different, but to suggest some some of pettiness is insulting to all the people who are trying to keep the rest of us safe.
  10. I meant taking over as lead spokesperson. I see you want us now to select our politicians for the skills to deal with all events whether we have control or experience of them, or not. How do we get visas for this ideal world you live in?
  11. chancer

    easy jet

    It makes me laugh that people willingly use easyJet because their prices (if you get in early enough) are excellent, then call them ‘Sleazyjet’. ps. I’ve just checked their share price in case the poster threatening to never use them again has had an effect. Guess what? They haven’t.
  12. I agree. Mr Ashford has handled himself very well having not long taken over the role.
  13. We will never know how Miles Walker would have handled it. That’s the point, there is no manual for the current situation with drop down menus telling everyone what to do. For all we know the the Governor might have asked to do it. Without tempting fate, we’ve had a very small number of people hospitalised, we are being kept informed, provisions have been put in place to help people financially. I really don’t know what more certain people expect? Like I said in my original post, this was a poisonous thread to start. History will be the judge, not Manx Forums.
  14. The bottom line is that we are just not in a position to know whether the steps we took, or didn’t take, have been the most effective or not. That is why this is such a ridiculous thread. What is is the big issue with the Governor being involved in the first Corona Virus death announcement? Does it not just show togetherness?
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