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  1. chancer

    Looks like the burglars are back!

    I think 'tool of the North' is a more apt name for this fuckwit and his ranty pants.
  2. chancer

    Government Whistleblowing - You are in safe hands...

    And your evidence of this is where?
  3. chancer

    Louis Group disqualification hearings

    What a simple world you live in. The Mayor of Cunt-town has been on asking when you’re coming home.
  4. chancer

    Welcome back

    You really are a sad fuck.
  5. chancer

    New Years Honours 2018

    Bullshit from him.
  6. chancer


    Lighten up FFS.
  7. chancer


    now thats funny.
  8. chancer


    Thats really handy if you only want information during the news or twice a week for the papers. The same argument was probably put forward when the police twitter first started but look how many 1000's follow that. You can't have too much information about disruption on such a main road.
  9. chancer


    I could write it in crayon for you if it helps.....
  10. chancer


    It’s quite simple. 1. People who live on the Prom 2. People who have businesses on the Prom or in town who will be affected 3. Visitors 4. Joe Bloggs who just walks his dogs.
  11. chancer


    You Manx Crabby bastards. Ffs must you have a downer on absolutely everything? It’s about keeping people informed.
  12. chancer

    Suicide Squad

    This must really be the Manx-crabist post this year. You really are a fucktard. Anything that reduces suicide, even for one person, should be taken as a positive step. Negative life-sucking Manx Crabs like you and some of the other shite spewers on here are part of the problem.
  13. chancer

    Flybe nosedives on profits warning

    Easyjet have excellent customer service. I had a flight delayed all day in the summer. We were kept informed, given very generous meal vouchers and the pilot came out and told us what we could claim in compensation, which was paid out very quickly. My daughter had her flight cancelled at the weekend due to the weather and was kept informed and was informed of the new flight time for the next day in really good time. Their website always works and is very intuitive. Where are you evidencing their 'appalling customer service?'
  14. chancer

    Two minutes silence

    Ooh crabs fighting, how exiting.
  15. chancer

    Drink driver might get to keep job

    My giddy Aunt, 2 crabs for the price of one, what luck.