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  1. Read the article fuckwitt. He ran off and was caught. Unlike your mouth.
  2. Something I thought I’d never see on here, a balanced optimistic post. Well done that person.
  3. Good luck Derek, hope it all goes well (unlike a lot of the crabs on here).
  4. No, you just seem to live up,to your name all the time. Don’t be a dick.
  5. Spew, bile and the usual one-dimensional doom and gloom merchants talking shite. Lighten up fuckers. Enjoy what we have on this Island.
  6. You're being miserable.
  7. chancer


    I stand corrected, thanks John.
  8. chancer


    Their only legal challenge will be the human rights issue of banning protest in exclusion zones. Once Brexit is implemented, it’s bye bye to all that shit.
  9. You, along with every other Manx Crab on here has had the same opportunity to work for the Government if you wanted to. Terms and conditions are just that. You pay into a pension and you get paid out.
  10. We can all claim to have paid something into each other's income in one way or another. All whinge and no joy makes Manx Crabs Forums a dull twat.
  11. So they have paid into a pension that was part of their terms and conditions, and chosen to live elsewhere spending their own money? Sour grapes on your part obviously.
  12. That is such a depressingly small-minded attitude to have. Unfortunately it's all too common around here.
  13. The Manx crabs on here have as much depth as an ant's swimming pool (the shallow end). Complain when they aren't consulted, complain when they are.
  14. Where is the evidence for this?
  15. Well why don't you feck off somewhere else and take all the Manx crabs with you. Which beautiful scenery is no more in your crabby eyes? Where would you rather work and live? People like you coming out with the same old bitter shite - Manx Bore-ums.
  16. Would it cheer you up if I said "yes"?
  17. Don't be too hard on yourself.
  18. You've got the perfect name for a low cost supermarket selling Manx crabs.
  19. Why should they? Would you work for nothing at the Manx Crab factory?
  20. That's not even an Eddie Large comeback, more like a Bernie Clifton. You need to up your game.
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