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  1. I was todays sailing that got turned back after 15 minutes :angry: We had the choice to get on the Ben my Chree tonight to Heysham (which wasn't meant to sail but they've put it on because of turning back) or tomorrow afternoons viking sailing. Bang goes my birthday night out :angry:

  2. I'm meant to be sailing on Friday :angry: Would they just let me swap from Fridays sailing to tomorrow mornings instead?


    I'm booked on the Viking on Friday night. Saw the message on t'internet earlier so rang the Steam Packet to try and swap. They'll change your booking - but it'll cost £47



    I just turned up this morning and asked to be put on this mornings sailing instead, which they did..for free ;)

  3. I've worn them for about a year. Usually there fine but sometimes it does hurt like hell when i put them in and if there dry when putting them in its really uncomfortable. I've got disposable monthlies for a stigmatism. I think its easier to just pull them out of my eye coz otherwise they got lost. Slept in them once and wasn't too bad.

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