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  1. At least you'll get a card :( I'll just have to sit and wait by the letter box this year (again) :P (guess whose looking for the sympathy vote! :P)



    *SHOCKEDGASP* girl89 i still havent got my rocking chair sorted!

  2. Lol


    Tools > Options > Connection


    Troubleshoot/Repair should be there :unsure:


    Got your PM btw!



    Ive tried that but it doesnt say the troubleshoot/repair bit. When I try to test the connection it says it cant be connected! :o:(


    then reply to it!

  3. To be honest alot of 16 year olds wont vote in the first place as most dont know anything about local politics. But if the voting age is lowered (and presumably you are now classed as an adult) then surely you are then adult enough to smoke and drink legally? There should be an age which you are definetly (spelling?) an adult and you should be allowed to do anything. There shouldnt be classed as an adult for one thing then a chikd for the next. (sorry I think i went abit of the point). Personally I dont think lowering the age will do anything and it wont get 15 year olds excited when they learn they can vote in a year alot of them wont care.

  4. Is anyone else having problems with their MSN? everytime I try to log on it tells me I cant and when I can fianlly log on (after at least a day) it justs keeps logging me out! :angry::( Does anyone know what it is or how I can fix it?



  5. Knoxville i think you'll find that I was the random hoe that you seem to be mentioning quite alot. Have you not got anything better to do than to call random People names that are still used in the playground? I didn't think so. Surely it should be up to the bouncers to stop any underage people getting into the clubs and not just someone like you moaning about it on forums. If you have such a problem with it then dont read this thread. have you not got anything better do than to criticise people that you have never met over the internet? Once again didnt think so.


    P.s Thanks for the random hoe comment, really appreciate it :angry:. No need to bring me into your argument with other people just because I was in the picture.

  6. Ok there are things to do over here, but like alot of people have said the younger less well off people cant afford to go as its so expensive ie the cinema or bowling and you probs have to be 18+. Even the places that are free etc people will avoid due to the large amount of chavs that will eventually claim it.

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