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  1. maybe it's just the way off life. My cousin moved to Australia and I think it was because of the way of life, she was in love with the country so just decided to move which is probably why alot of people do it
  2. Well ok lets change the law especially for you then And dont say about the fake ID...everyone will know your not really 18 Shh! But I do think if were old enough to vote and decide who runs the island etc, then were old enough to decide if we smoke and if we want to buy them. It's stupid how were classed as adults for one thing but then still classed as children for other things. There should be just one age when you can do everything.
  3. I dont understand why celebrities have to adopt from other countires when there are loads of kids that need adopting in the UK
  4. Of course were not going to register to vote. No candidates have bothered to come and talk to us and see what we want, alot of us don't know who we even can vote for (myself included). I know that doesn't apply to everyone, but the people of my age who i've spoken too feel the same.
  5. I saw that! Didn't see much pushing of the car though you were all just stood talking
  6. I keep having strange dreams where im on holiday and surrounded by turkish men. In the past week i've been in Turkey, Spain and Florida
  7. The government haven't set a population cap and will continue to let the population grow as long as the resources can last. Found that out when I was sat in junior tynwald in July. I wrote an article on it
  8. Yep exactly, I went in and they said it wasn't their fault and I think I got charged for it aswell
  9. damn you found me out! I live in Douglas, somewhere where I thought the network would work properly
  10. Mine still says manx telecom. But my phone keeps dropping out of the network and taking ages to find it again
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