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  1. You're blonde? No..I think I should be though, the amount of stupid things i do
  2. My sister was painting and she was washing the brush in a glass, I come along and thinking it was juice and had a mouthful. Another time I was on holiday and I had a an of coke, without me realising my dad finished the can and started to use it as an ashtray and again I come along without realising and get a mouthful of ash. Can anyone else spot a pattern here?
  3. When I was your age (I'm guessing 17 or 18, right?) I hated to wear heels of any kind because I was so much taller than everyone else without them. I didn't like to 'stick out' especially as most teenagers (generalisation I know, but the teenage years are very self conscious ones) are horrible creatures, the most fickle and shallow social group imo and they take great delight in making you feel the odd one out. When I started work, I started wearing heels. Quite small ones to start with but they got higher! I don't work now but I wear them on a night out and with them on I'm 6'4", which is bloody tall for a girl! That puts me a few inches taller than my hubby and most of his mates and nearly a foot taller than some of the girls I go out with! I don't worry about it anymore though, why should I wear flat shoes just to fit in? I got told I was weirdly tall by my friend who is 5'1, so I really do look reall tall being stood next to her . But when I'm out in heels, I seem to be taller than everyone else as well, and it is because I don't want to feel like i'm towerng over everyone else. I mean I'm only 5'8 but I always seem to be the tallest out of everyone, which means I have to wear flats and then I wreck my trousers. Damn tallness
  4. I can't wear high heels apparently I look 'weirdly tall' in them
  5. I have a big umbrella, it goes right over my shoulders. Only thing is it hasn't been out of the staffroom at work for weeks and whenever I use it, it turns sunny and I have to carry it around all day
  6. My jeans are all ripped at the bottom and I wear my trousers too long but it's only because I have an in between leg size and jeans are either too long or too short. Most of the time people aren't wrecking the jeans on purpose it just happens, like if it rains the trousers get expand at the bottom and you can't help walking on them. But to be honest it can look scruffy and I can't understand why people would do it on purpose.
  7. I thought of a yellow hammer..I'm only half weird
  8. Unless it's just an act and she's trying to hide the fact that she's shy. Oh well can't really say if I haven't met her.
  9. Probably when my friend snapped at me telling me that I was too naive when it came to other people. That really upset me and getting told that I'm too shy..it drives me mad!
  10. Maybe she's just shy and doesn't really know what to say. I know I can be like that when I'm around people I don't know or not really comfortable with.
  11. Ooh look whose trying to cause trouble and attention seek again.. And it starts again...
  12. I saw that too, but it seemed like he was taking the piss. Never seen him on TV until today, seems like a cocky idiot to be honest.
  13. He was in my form at school (if what I've heard is true) I agree with Girl89, you could just see this person turning out like this along with some of his friends (who have been in the paper over convictions etc)
  14. Hey congratalations BB. What subjects is he studying in sixth form?
  15. I had such a bad opinion of Turkey before I went. But that has totally changed now. I love the place, the people are friendly and the weather isnt bad either . I definetly (sp) want to go again. Every country in the world has problems.
  16. Nobody would know me if they passed me in the street *Muhaha*
  17. Theres nothing wrong with studying media. The world will always need the media and people who work in it. How has a thread about BB being proud of her son turned out to be one about someones opinions about 'soft' subjects and youth of today?
  18. I saw Casino Crazy again in town today. *haha* it's sounds like I'm following him
  19. I hate it when i get followed round shop . In one particular shop in the strand I was looking around and when I got in a corner 3 members of staff came and stood either side of me and behind me to see if I wanted 'help'. It annoyed me so much I had to leave. I work in a shop and I've had to watch known shoplifters, but to follow me around because I'm a teenager really pisses me off (although I realise it's not just because I'm a teenager, I think I might just look dodgy)
  20. Hey welldone to your son! Which sixth form is he going to?
  21. The worst service I had was by someone in my year at school who served me in a petrol station in laxey at the blues festival. He just stood there glaring at me when I choosing what I wanted and when he gave me my change he threw it at me, without saying a word. I probably made it worse by saying "Oh service with a smile" But I think it might have been a personal thing, I'm sure he's usually very friendly
  22. Yes do that! I'll probably start looking around in a confused state saying "thats my name!" so you'll definetly know its me lol
  23. Nope I wasn't there. But if you see her with a girl wearing black with a confused look on her face then you'll know its me
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