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  1. I might have spotted you but don't know what you look like. I would be the one wearing black with a slightly confused look on my face
  2. Casino Crazy (apparently) walking down Strand Steet and then later going into the arcade.
  3. Ooh look whose trying to cause trouble and attention seek again..
  4. I was there less than a month ago. Why do people do things like that? I hope no more bombs go off.
  5. Oh I haven't seen it, but thats put me off. I'd have to leave the room
  6. Ooh I hate people touching my eyes or anyone else having anything in or near their eyes that should'nt be there. I'm fine with myself doing it (i wear contacts so i'd be abit stuck if I couldn't) but if anyone else tries to..I can't watch eye op programmes either *shudders*
  7. Went in there today and wasn't really impressed by the stuff. Maybe I'll go in when it's not busy and have a look. I lost my patience eventually, some people are so ignorant! Especially one woman who was trying to get a big pram through one of the aisles even though the aisle wasn't big enough. She didn't have a problem banging the pram into my ankles then tutting as if I got in her way
  8. Doctors, nurses and hospital or any medical equipment. I nearly cry just thinking about going to the doctor. I really couldn't be calmed down when I got a blood test. Somebody hiding in my room trying to get me. I think it's because I keep having dreams where it happens (and I used to tell my sister constantly there was someone in her wardrobe, so much so I think I started to believe it myself oops) Birds. Especially pidgeons flying low and seagulls coming too close.
  9. How can you say these things? You really have no right to judge on what he did or the way his kids felt about him riding.. I used to know one of his sons who I'm sure would be so upset to see the things that you have written about his dad. And his sons are older than 18 and have children themselves so all these things that he 'should have been doing' he's already done, so he was living his own life. Like other people have said, you cannot just stop doing what you enjoy when you have kids as it's dangerous, crossing the road is dangerous. You have to remember that they have just lost their dad and seeing comments like this doesn't help.
  10. Ooh a firemans uniform! With a good looking fireman in it preferably
  11. I remember saying at 7 that I was going to finish school, go to college and then go to uni. Which is what I've pretty much done (apart from the uni bit, that happens next year) But I do also remember saying I wanted to be a vet/doctor/nurse/hairdresser/fashion designer/ teacher
  12. I can only think of one that upsets me. It's 'Fields of Gold' by Eva Cassidy. Makes me think of my nanas funeral
  13. You do - you just don't know it... Hmm..Probably. I do know a couple of people but they are friends and people would shout at me if I always said I'd seen them . We probably walk past / talk to each other day but don't know it
  14. Don't worry I don't know alot of people on here either
  15. Why are the people who have never taken A-levels or in fact taken them this year saying they are so easy? How would you know if you have never experienced it yourself? I would like to see those who never took A Levels and claim they are easy to go and take an exam...
  16. They weren't easy, but as long as people know there stuff they should be fine. I get my AS results tomorrow. Wasn't nervous until the last hour..totally forgot I was getting the results until someone mentioned it yesterday..oops. Good Luck to everyone getting them!
  17. I smelt the sewage today..It was disgusting. It was worse in Castle street and Duke Street, but couldn't really smell it in Strand street. Hope it's cleared up soon.
  18. I got my dog from Ard Jekyl. He's a labrador so pretty easy to handle and easy going, but they need loads of walking, are obsessed by food and can get quite big.
  19. Owns a car and a bike - No Likes motorsport, preferably on the Island, and outdoor pursuits - Not really Male - No Aged between 25 and 35 - No Doesn't likes yobs - nope Does like going to Colours etc - I'm not old enough to go to colours Owns a pc (well, that's obvious), digital camera and/or phone camera - Yep, apart from digital camera Generally friendly and respectful, but not shy of being critical, of the establishment - hmm.. i guess so Likes cats - Not really Met more than 5 MF members - I think so..
  20. I've heard that epilating (is that right?) really hurts. Whats more painful that or getting your legs waxed?
  21. I wish I could, but I can't You would have thought in nearly 18 years I would have seen at least one.
  22. I've never even seen a basking shark
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