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  1. Into any sorts really but leeds and V etc do appeal more. When can you start buying tickets for the next ones?
  2. Me and my friends are wanting to start going to festivals in the next couple of months. Can anyone recomend a good one? And how much would tickets be etc? Thanks
  3. ooh ok that might explain it thanks *makes mental note to get glasses*
  4. Was just wondering, why does the tower of refuge have the St. Georges flag on it? Is it english?
  5. He's an oversized labrador so he's alot bigger than them. But in his defence he is abit of a wimp and has a quite strong feminine side to him
  6. Never heard anything about that. The rats over here are massive. My dog is terrified of them ever since getting attacked by one.
  7. What did the UK come? get more than nil point this time?
  8. Im going tomorrow, but I dont really know what its about..I just want to go to see what the atmosphere is like. Is it all Blues Music? Do you need tickets when it gets later into the night? and when is everyone else going?
  9. I remember them, I loved them. The new ones are rubbish they always make me look dead and miserable
  10. Would that count for school aswell? dont know if I like the idea of starting it at 6 or 7 But wouldn't it just get complicated if we had to change the the clocks etc all the time?
  11. The photos down to my ace photography but I think she'd been drinking
  12. The title was 'The good things on the Iom' Which generally means not to slag the island off at every given oppurtunity. And to be honest its best not to say things about manx people when obviously there will be alot of people who take offence to it even if it was meant as a joke. If you really dont like the Island then dont live here. And Terry snd Juan were expressing their opinion so isnt it abit hypercritical (sp?) of you to start calling them names when you dont like what they say? Anyway back to Thread I like the fact that you can walk home in the dark without worrying too much (but thats probably a bad attitude) and you probably couldnt do that in some places in England. Oh and that pretty much anywhere on the island you are 10 minutes away from a beach, 15 from mountains and 5 from fields. (its ok im ready to get slated for my opinion now )
  13. I have to work the next two bank holiday mondays Oh well its double pay
  14. I know its been said before but we should have a badge or a special walk so we recognise each other
  15. Would anyone like to buy me the £99.99 easter egg from the wessex..please?
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