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  1. I don't drink, seriously lol. At least I can remember all of my nights out Well we need someone to remind us about the stupid things we've done (even if you were involved!)
  2. I domt like mondays coz the weekend seems so far away and its always so much harder getting up. But at least mondays mean I dont have to go to work for another 5 days
  3. What do you mean santas not real (or did exisist)? Then who brings me my presents? Fairies are real they have a little castle made from the treeth that they collect!
  4. I got a rabbit shaped one with my name on it from my dad because he went away but thats it...im not allowed to open mine until easter anyway
  5. Of course there real otherwise where did all my teeth go?
  6. Aww thats so sweet! Has anyone seen the film Sliding doors with gwyneth paltrow in it? where it shows her making a train and missing it then showing the consequences of both situations? Well thats what I think happens. Whatever happens to you ie missing a train ( or something as simple) will change the way that your life can go ( abit far fetched I know) oops just realised ive already posted something similiar
  7. Friends Family Having fun (hey im only young) Money to buy nice things with (shallow I know) Probably more but cant really think of any
  8. I think that whatever decision you make it will start of a whole chain of events that wouldnt have happened if you had made a different decision and I think that some things in your life are already decided from the moment you are born ie the date your going to die (what a happy thought) is that fate? Does that make sense?
  9. Never been caught but get asked for ID sometimes. Police have come into the places ive been in (3 times in 1 night!) but they didnt say anything even though i was stood next to them. Didnt even realise they could do anything if they found you drinking underage
  10. Today I saw; girl89, unisol, tearz..oh and Renee Zellwegger in HMV
  11. Happy Birthday Geenee! This weekend will be so good!
  12. Hey! you stole my birthday! hope you had a good day
  13. Thanks girl89 it was fun! dont you think? apart from the getting someone arrested part oops your turn tomorrow! yay!
  14. Drove past it today and was shocked. I used to love it in there especially in the play area when they had the rocket thing that went around it (but always broke whenever it was used). I learnt to swim in the pool. Its so sad. but got told today that about 3 people died in there (excluding the fire) from drowning or getting hit by a light that fell . Is that true?
  15. I didnt know that there even was another fairy bridge! Its so pretty!
  16. Does anything matter in the grand scheme of things? We're all gonna die pretty soon anyway, the human race won't have more than 50 million years, and that's only if we don't blow ourselves up before that, and even the planet's only got about another 2 billion years of sustaining life in it, before the sun dies in 5 billion years and who's going to give a shit about the holocaust then, yet alone the speed limit for vans on the Isle of Man? Nothing matters. Nothing ever has mattered, nothing ever will matter. All that time you spend trying to reproduce your genes is completely wasted, because all of your offspring's offspring's offspring will die out eventually, and so will everybody else's. It doesn't matter if you do a big turd on your bosses desk and then set fire to all the shoes in marks and spencers because nothing you ever do or say will have any significance in the long run. There's probably only a couple of hundred people who are even aware that you exist. And only a handful who care. And they'll all die soon. Wow what a lovely thing to think about..
  17. Sparkly, i have a unique investment opportunity for you,send me your bank account details and i will deposit 12million pounds in it for a week giving you 10% commission, Yours, Rev Odinga-Odinga. Yay! 12 million! ok my bank details are on the way! (wonder if my horoscope has predicted this?)
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