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  1. Oh no not the Telegraph ! Please use this one Albert. At least its from a credible source Click
  2. No one knows if he is innocent or guilty at the moment. However, we do know he was attention seeking prior to being arrested. He gave interviews to the Daily Mirror and the BBC amongst others. Very strange behaviour and he has probably got his just deserts.
  3. In some but not all countries. One of the really interesting things about holidays such as Xmas is the amount of different ways it is celebrated in different places. Yes indeed . Very cynical those old Christian evangelists.
  4. Thats how I always understood it. Wikipedia needs an edit to correct the information given. [scroll right up my previous link]
  5. Yes but you can find opinions such as that one all over the internet, published in right wing newspapers such as the Mail and published as genuine scientific papers for peer review. Here is another one Click The motivation for publications of this sort is quite simply that of money. See my last two posts. Its a consequence of heavy handed State intervention where a big stick is wielded in the shape of taxes [never works] The market will follow the money and IMHO we will sooner rather than later see the money going towards viable large scale alternative energy solutions. That is where the solution lies
  6. Money drives change. Maths and science facilitate it.
  7. The problem with carbon trading is that it proves my belief that States cant create markets. It just isnt working. If it was working carbon markets would be liquid ..they arent ..and carbon prices would be climbing ..they arent they are tumbling.
  8. I dont know who if anyone is programming Albert but the lobbyists are driven by simple economics. The benefit of moving away from fossil fuels is essentially incremental and invisible. The costs are a different story. If you happen to own a power station, coal mine, an oil well or a 4 * 4 assembly line there is every reason to fight against those who want you to be taxed for carbon emissions. So there we have it in a nutshell. Benefits are dissipated and largely invisible. Costs are concentrated.
  9. Live and learn. As I said before ... surely the AG isnt a member of the judiciary ? How does that one work ?
  10. Thats only one possible outcome and with the greatest of respect is unlikely to happen. Its unlikely to happen because it would require intervention on a previously unimaginable scale. Fortunately there are other possible outcomes. There are just as many scientists worried about the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels as there are worrying about the consequence of burning fossil fuels. The former has immediate economic consequences. The most likely outcome in that scenario is market conditions will favour huge scale investment in alternative energy. The point being, if there is a problem, and we can all agree there is, it needs to be addressed. IMHO the market is the only mechanism capable of driving a solution forward. Nicely framed academic arguments have never solved a crisis and they never will do.
  11. Chip and Pin seems to be working though. More Secure ?
  12. I think you need to talk to your parents. They have been playing a cruel trick on you.
  13. They have proved tima and time again that public opinion is of no interest to them. Surely the AG isnt a member of the judiciary. Judiciary
  14. The trouble with all this fascinating argument ChinaHand is that the facts arent just either/or as one would be forgiven for thinking by reading through the thread. I believe it was Bertrand Russell who cautioned against the dangers of consensus amongst experts. While no one doubts the causal link between global warming and carbon emmissions there is some credible evidence that our efforts to clean the environment may have contributed to the acceleration of global warming Clean Air ? I am sure there are numerous other factors incuding normal climatic variations and various and sundry natural events which might also contribute to the problem. Ive always been slightly suspicious of bearded men wearing sandals who drive Citroen 2CV cars and are prone to delivering lectures on the future of the planet. A more hard nosed approach might also consider the likely effect of diminishing fossil fuel reserves on this problem. This is likely to create favourable market conditions for alternative energy sources to be developed on a large scale. Its a hard world and nothing significant is likely to happen until the price is right. [You cannot buck the market]
  15. A pity really. I can remember a long serving politician mate telling me at a MLP meeting that Mike Kerruish was "like a breath of fresh air " when he first took up the AG post. Im sure you or someone similar would really blow the cobwebs away. Mike is first deemster not AG. He used to be AG
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