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  1. The Ramsey Park Hotel is a great place to stay for a night, and a great meal, only one slight problem though, reception is next to the restaurant, so anyone checking into the hotel can see who is in the restaurant, and anyone in the restaurant can see who is checking in to the hotel, not a problem, unless you happen to be going there with someone you are not supposed to be there with, i e ( someone else's wife ).
  2. Was the COVID-19 a man made virus in China,? , and as China now says we are reducing our greenhouse gasses, is there any connection between the two, as in give the world some good news, ( and hide the bad news ) ?
  3. She should have spotted that most, if not all, fraudulent claims to the DHSS end in a prison sentence, £1000,00 is a lot of money to some, but as for the risk to reward ratio, she hadn`t taken into account the 8 weeks in prison, and both her, and her husband have now lost their jobs because of it. but on the bright side though, she might be able to sell the book, sell film rights to the ( maybe a future bond movie ) "The Bradinski account", coming to a cinema near you.
  4. If you already had underlying health problems, and contacted general flu, and died of it, would the death then also be recorded as caused by general flu ?
  5. How do we know that everyone is sticking to the rules ?
  6. But that wasen`t the question i asked ?
  7. If you employ a cleaner, and pay them £8 per hour, are you then bound by employment laws ?
  8. "Burt was said to have told probation that she had seen other people getting away with fraudulent claims", So has anyone else been charged with making fraudulent claims, or was it just an "off-the cuff" remark ?
  9. If you go into a bank, or shoprite, do you have to remove it, is it the same as helmets ?
  10. Haven`t heard anything from Ann Reynolds, about the success of the airport, for what seems like years, so must assume no more money is needed to make it successful.
  11. How many places on the island can you actually land a plane, there must be more than one ?
  12. Would a Tuk Tuk be classed as a bicycle ?, i can see a business opportunity here !
  13. Could the "Calf of Man" be the only island in the UK / World to have evaded the virus ?
  14. I have never seen a bus going down Bray Hill, there must be a reason why.
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