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  1. Income tax "On account" This seems to be based on "What you "Might owe"" Can they take you to court on "What you might owe" ? Is this a government inisitive "get the money in by what ever means" attept to cover the costs of the £80,000 sent to the pregnant women in the Yemen ?
  2. Are his dvd`s available, and if so where ?
  3. Are his programs available on listen again ?
  4. Why has the garage opposite have its name / logo covered up in plastic, is it the sister that has opened up that garage ?, is Raymotors going to open up again as a filling station ?, or is it as "local / pub / gossip" it is seeking planning permisson for a Mc Donalds ?
  5. LightBulb

    TT 2018

    If speed kills, then the faster the bikes get, "which they seem to do year-on-year", it is only a matter of time, where the odds get shorter and shorter of surving a crash ( even into a straw bale ), to my mind, the "risk to reward ratio", is ever moving to risk ( as in loss of life ), more than reward ?
  6. Ticked every box on the site, dosen`t seem to make any difference though.
  7. LightBulb

    TT 2018

    At what point, or event, will end the TT races, will be public opinion / road closues, the insurance costs, or the mounting deaths ?
  8. Stu, why do you seem to persist on having depressing topics on your show, can you not find happy topics to discuss / talk about ?
  9. So is the stop sign at the bottom of broadway permenant, with no more traffic lights ?
  10. Looking to getting involved in local events for a single person to get involved in, what `s on on the island to get involved in, charity or otherwise ?
  11. LightBulb

    TT 2018

    What happend then ?
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