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  1. When is the next general election, ?, and who will go, and who will stay ?
  2. There is / was a warehouse there for the wool control, is that anything to do with it ?
  3. I have it on good authority that the anpr gear RADAR has been here a good while. Just nobody knew how to use it. That satement rings a bell, that sounds the New / Old "Marconi" Radar at ronalsdway.
  4. But the ANPR cameras would need to face forward, to catch the rear of the bike, as bikes don`t have front number plates ? Speed cameras in TT week would be seen as a money making opportunity ( could go towards the public pension black whole ) ?
  5. length of the prom ?, don`t you mean nearly 500yds ?
  6. Should Barry not be nominated for a knighthood ?
  7. I imagine the fishing rights are jealously controlled, so if i went at midnight / 1am , ( without using dynamite, so as not to disturb the neibours ) ?
  8. What has a "landscape garderner" to do with poaching Salmon from the Nunery, PS ( are there any Salmon currently in the nunnery, and do you need a licence to fish / tickle the Salmon there in the Nunnery ? ""just asking for a friend" ( who likes fresh salmon )
  9. You mean poacher turned game keeper ?
  10. Does he still sell the large fresh Salmon for £5, "just asking for a friend" !!
  11. Is that the same John miller, as in Salmon Poaching ?
  12. So could we not have parking there for TT week ?
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