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  1. Are they part of, or in with / gone with, does it include the isle of man, as not stated as specific ?
  2. Is "Freedom Travel" still trading or not, it dosen`t seem to be clear from thier facebook page, and seem to be confusing / closed shop / temporary closure / in liquidation / no statement/ , or is it just a case of wait and see, if the "charted planes" will land / take off this weekend? Is the isle of man government going to bail it out / pay out compensation for the cancelled trips to Lapland this year, or who is ?
  3. There was somenone on manx radios talking heads last week, stated, some bloke working on the new bypass road in ballasalla, in a uk van, knocked on his door and offered him to tarmak his driveway at a discounted price.
  4. There is also a motorhome parked there, ( where the christmas lights all seem to appear from ) , who has decided to build a metal ramp sticking out in the road, outside his house, if i hit that and damage my car, who is responcible, him or the DOI ?
  5. I remember him as a bus conducter, on the school bus, then as a Agriculture contractor, then a copper, then as a captain of the tug boats, and the charter boat, he seems to like a challenge.
  6. The "video rentals in garages", was one of those occasions where no thought went into it, the garages ( or at least the one i worked at ), ended up with all the pumps being occupied with folks taking 30minutes to decide on which video to rent, and cars going in one end and out of the other, without stopping ( our garage stopped the rental videos soon after it started for that very reason ) ?.
  7. I thought you had been permanently banned from this forum ?
  8. But they surly can`t take you to court on what "you might owe" ( unless they can prove that "you owe" it, and only then when does it need to be paid ) asking for a friend ( Lewis Hamilton )
  9. Went to "Beach Buddies" found everyone ignorant, treated me like i had the plague, wont be going back there again, it was very embarrasing ( maybe if you are not in the financail sector ) you should avoid it.
  10. Have you heard about the "How do they do it" series currently on the "discovery chanel", they are doing a documentary on the regerneraton of the promenade, due to air on november 14th ?
  11. Bought out by Spar / H&B / Manx Petrolems / in a joint venture, ( apparently ) due to re-open 1st December ( apparently ) with an off-licence, ( says man in the pub ) ?
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