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  1. It has been closed down for longer than that i think John.
  2. There must be an awful lot of business opportunities to set a nursery school up if that is the case then, what is the going rate, or do the government provide the funding / set up costs ?
  3. I see in the Manx Independant, the liquidator is contacting previous customers ( around 500 of them ) who haven`t paid thier bills, ( around £100,000 apparently ) and says the garage may be for sale, ( but not as a going concern, presumably because it has been closed for so long ), surely if the liquidator wanted to get as much back as he could, why has he waited for 11 years, the business must now be worth next to nothing now, or am i wrong about that?
  4. A 747 can land at Ronaldsway i`m told, ( think it needs a lifeboat at the end, just in case )
  5. What !, We bought the steam packet didn`t we ?
  6. So attracting HNWI here, isn`t helping our ecconomy then ?
  7. universal basic income ?
  8. There seems to be a few companies suddenly closing down recently, ( Waltons, Lights of Mann, ATS ) what is the main reason for this, is it the internet ?
  9. And a statue of another great leader, Ann Reynolds at the airport / Sea terminal ?
  10. The cost`s must have risen recently, as the airport is now open at 5.15am, i think it used to be 6am.
  11. Aren`t we / or, were we not the fifth likeliest nation to go into space travel, space travel from Ronaldsway, or did i miss hear that ?
  12. All seems to be ok there now.
  13. Faulkners , slightly off topic, but are they still going ?
  14. Is that the one in Santon, on the site of the old pub ?
  15. Talking to a "man in the pub" last night, ( in Port Erin ) he told me he went to tax his car and was told by the post office clerk, the tax expired 12 months ago, so he was asked to provide a copy of his licence disc, to prove it was actually taxed the previous year, which he did. I went "just out of cruriosity" onto https://services.gov.im/vehicles-driving/vehicle-search And found that my vehicle was also on thier database as untaxed, which it wasen`t, apparently it was caused by an error input at the post office, so my question is, if the data held on file for unlicenced vehicles is "so far amiss", what is the point of investing in ANPR, if all of the data is incorrect, has anyone else had this problem, has anyone else checked on the https://services.gov.im/vehicles-driving/vehicle-search ?
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