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  1. Must be getting close to the Free E Class then!
  2. Not to mention the Space Shuttle at Jurby, Were we not going to be the 5th most likely Nation to go into Space ?
  3. Was he not a Manx Radio News Man ?
  4. Have you asked that to question to police head quarters Q ?
  5. Related to a key worker, or student ?
  6. So if you have been to all those venues Albert, is there any chance you can post your pic, so that i know if i have been in contact with you, at any of those venues ?
  7. 1886 just seem to have the capacity to be able attract bad publicity, in the paper every week, with some sort of fight / scuffle/ assult, and now this.
  8. Why would he take a jerry can of fuel with him, if he thought it was only a 40 minute journey ?
  9. You could say the same about traveling to the Moon ?
  10. I think there used to be, in times gone past, a lot of smmugler`s cave on the island, were they used to land illicit goods, Port Grenaugh, i think was one, i am not sure of how many others there are, were you could sneak in and out without being noticed, and also ( mates hiding you in the sleeper cab / bunk on a removal truck on the Ben ) which is not unusual, or certainly wasen`t in my day.
  11. Roofer, looking for work, have Jet Ski, will travel, distance no object.
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