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  1. LightBulb

    Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    So, who is footing the bill for this ?
  2. LightBulb

    Strange circular structure

    An undercover dandara development ? Howard Quayles nuclear bunker ? Jacksons next car showroom ? Helepad ? The islands latest Roundabout ?
  3. LightBulb

    Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    We could always buy something like this, ( drivers not needed ) direct from China. https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2017/11/can-we-just-call-this-a-bus/545189/
  4. LightBulb

    TT Access Road

    Didn`t it used to be two way traffic on the access road at one time ?
  5. LightBulb

    More death and destruction

    I think the implementation of the reciprical agreement with the uk for driving bans / penalty points, made a big difference to the TT spectators when it was brought in.
  6. LightBulb

    TT Access Road

    The new access road could be used for "drag racing" events at the weekends, when not being used, that would bring in some pennies to off-set the cost of constructing it.
  7. LightBulb

    TT Access Road

    A fly over, from Leece lodge, ( charge for the crossing of course ) to peel road, ideal access to Macdonald`s ( the new KFC on peel road ) , keeps the locals happy, win win all round, and of course fire access ?
  8. LightBulb

    TT Access Road

    Compulsary purchase, of all land in tromode, that would work, end result a new TT access road, When / if the TT all goes tits up, we can sell it back again for a profit, win win all round.
  9. LightBulb

    TT Access Road

    You are obviously not from theses parts are you, Have you ever heard of the word TAX, this would be the "TTART", that would pay for it, not to be confused with a "TART" ?
  10. LightBulb

    TT Access Road

    But that is 4 years away, surley it is not going to take 4 years to do that, is it ?
  11. LightBulb

    TT Access Road

    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/doi-planning-two-way-replacement-for-tt-access-road/ Do we really need to spend money on this ?
  12. Still no clearer on the actual case .
  13. LightBulb

    IOM Gas Fields

    But there is no mention of the "Diamond Mines" at foxdale, ( somwhere under mr cubbons new house ,) who own the rights to them, or can you just go and dig for them, also who own`s the right to the gold mines at Mahgold, can you just go and dig for gold there as well ?
  14. I have seen a few wind turbines around the island, and solar powered houses, obviously on a small scale ( domestic ones ), ( i think there is one on the ballamodha strait somewhere ), but are they worthwhile, can you save money, and can you sell the un-used power to the MUA ?