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  1. I imagine the fishing rights are jealously controlled, so if i went at midnight / 1am , ( without using dynamite, so as not to disturb the neibours ) ?
  2. What has a "landscape garderner" to do with poaching Salmon from the Nunery, PS ( are there any Salmon currently in the nunnery, and do you need a licence to fish / tickle the Salmon there in the Nunnery ? ""just asking for a friend" ( who likes fresh salmon )
  3. You mean poacher turned game keeper ?
  4. Does he still sell the large fresh Salmon for £5, "just asking for a friend" !!
  5. Is that the same John miller, as in Salmon Poaching ?
  6. So could we not have parking there for TT week ?
  7. But arn`t we an associate member, as in being part of the UK ?
  8. But what would you do if you were on a driving test ?
  9. One of the worst places for this is outside Sulby church Colby where someone always parks right on the bend.
  10. Why don`t we have a manx entry, it would be good for publicity, would it not ?
  11. Slightly off topic, but is the Summerland site sold ?
  12. Anymore spelling mistakes anyone ?
  13. If stopped by the cops on your driving test, then one would assume you have failed anyway, as you are likely to have done something seriously wrong.
  14. LightBulb

    Beer Tent

    Yes, and awating my brown envelorp !!!!!
  15. LightBulb

    Beer Tent

    You surley not refering the a " bronwe" envelope ?
  16. Was that the one they followed down through the colby glen ?
  17. You are on your driving test, and you see a police car behind with blue flashing lights and sirens going, you pull over onto the pavement and stop on the pavement, would you fail your driving test by driving onto the pavement and stopping ?
  18. We have a national emergency with climate change, an increasing knife crime / gun culture, and you are talking about a budget for drones for ( sight seeing ) ?
  19. But what about the Guns and Knives ?
  20. LightBulb

    Beer Tent

    How many of the Douglas Councillors are bussiness men, whom can make an informed decision ?
  21. But hase`nt the chief constable just goten a rise in his budget, to combat that, ETA ( we don`t have that sort of "clientel" here in Ramsey ) ?
  22. So i assume the fare on the horse trams is going to be pennies for just 100 yds ?
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