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    More Job Losses

    60+ SEO level wallahs swanning round the Mount Murray Golf Club the day and that was just the Dept of Children and blah blah blah (or whatever they've decided to call themselves this week) Things must be great....
  2. Billy Boy is an utter charlatan and a hypocrite of the highest order.
  3. Wasn't somebody in DED being a bit naughty too... sommit to do with awarding contracts and tenders? Haven't heard much on that front..... Oh yes I have http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/business/government-tender-process-helps-save-more-than-4m-1-7415340 bit o positive spin
  4. You missed off - Creating sock puppets on public forums to derail threads
  5. Wouldn't worry about it. The MiG23 is not a threat to any modern fighter jet. In a dogfight maybe.... Not wanting to give them any ideas... so I'll leave it up to your imagination It's pretty rare that jets dogfight now anyway. Pretty much any modern jet is going to outrange the Mig23 in BVR (beyond visual range) combat by a significant margin. Agreed... but missles are fallible and finite. The myth of the missle got US Airforce in trouble over North Vietnam and it seems that "We" are about to repeat that mistake with the F35. I was thinking more low-level... localised and one-way....
  6. Wouldn't worry about it. The MiG23 is not a threat to any modern fighter jet. In a dogfight maybe.... Not wanting to give them any ideas... so I'll leave it up to your imagination
  7. What... Something like the Taliban? Nah... The problems with could be resolved with one thing.... Accountability 28 years of unparalleled economic growth and what have we got to show for it?
  8. Ex-Libyian Air Force MIG 23 Flogger... Coming to IS/ISAL/ISIS atrocity near you courtesy British foreign policy... Don't ya just love it
  9. This worked out well for the taxpayer didn't it... Government investment in a private enterprise http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/business/new-jobs-calling-in-the-isle-of-man-1-5564447
  10. Yes, I will look forward to flying back to what's left of the Island from Heathrow in the year 2026/7 This is really good news, well done DED
  11. Shimmin... Why else would they be so keen to get him back into the fold.
  12. If you care to look you will see that opening item was written by me. If you have an alternative opinion or something to add or contradict in what I wrote then at least do so in a sensible way. This is a difficult subject at best, it involves strong emotions on both sides of the events taking place based on how people perceived the fundamentals involved. I can see two sides to this whole mess depending on how far back one starts. IMO a good starting place isn't biblical, it's around the mid nineteenth century. Start from there, research the Levant at that time, look at how it changed very the time, and a whole lot more besides and an interesting picture emerges, especially during and as a consequence of the actions of the British and even more especially during the Mandate years. There is a very great deal involved in this mess than there appears to be. They say a picture paints a thousand words Spook can I ask.... you being all informed and that... ever been to that neck of the woods??
  13. Come on now TJ ya shill Own up....
  14. Are you speaking from experience or just out of your arse TJ?
  15. Ukraine fields this SAM system also http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buk_missile_system Amazing the US etc having backed the Kiev coup were looking for a reason to intervene in the region and now they have their excuse. Personally I was staggered that in the space of 3 hours the culprit and the method was delivered and of course the media falls into line, this morning every front page carrying the same message.
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