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  1. I think you've posted in the wrong thread. The John Houghton topic is here http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/60597-unrelenting-bully-houghton/page-21#entry1087806
  2. Going back to the OP: "The IoM Government is advertising for a 'Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor'. the salary is up to £38,214 pa" That's probably what is now called 'virtue-signalling'. Govt saying 'Look at what we are doing to protect the health of our citizens'. PS Carry on chaps, we need your £20m.
  3. I don't think that would stop it. It would just lead to smuggling and black-market sales. For a typical packet of 20 cigarettes costing £8.47 the duty is £5.19 VAT at 20% of the retail price adds £1.69 Cigarettes are a government product - you buy government tobacco. You buy 16 out of 20 cigarettes in the pack from the government, with the tobacco companies as a minor partner handling logistics. It's a government-run profit-making business at both ends of the equation: tobacco tax revenue at one end, and pension savings when you die early at the other end.
  4. Yes, Fermi estimates are generally considered to provide a good approximation. The figure of £4m that I mentioned is my own Fermi estimate, very similar to Butterflies calculation, but based on more up-to-date information. That's because our own NHS does not record such statistics (or at least, they are not currently available). The £20m income from tobacco duties comes from 2016 HM Customs and previous Govt accounts (again, Butterflies identified this at about £19m). But there is also an additional 'local' collection of duties of about £0.5m from tobacco movements out of bonded warehouses.
  5. Decoys on the Calf of Man The expedition was organised by David Quirk (Onchan) and featured Graham Cregeen (Malew and Santon), Tim Crookall (Peel), Geoff Corkish (Douglas West), Juan Watterson (Rushen). Another member of the new intake, Bill Malarkey (Douglas South), who quit as a member of the Liberal Vannin party in June, was invited but couldn't make it. Read more: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/are-the-secret-six-the-face-of-the-political-future-1-1785612#ixzz46LutjdCE
  6. No it won't. The estimated annual cost of smoking-related disease is £4m. The govt income from tobacco duties is £20m.
  7. What did Government pay out to Local Authorities in housing deficiency payments for general social housing in 2014/15? Hansard June 2015
  8. But if you buy 2 halves of bitter it costs 6p more. (????)
  9. That is true, also, spook. When the Court Prosecutor phoned the insurance company to check the validity of the insurance cover, he asked them if the false number plates would nullify the insurance. The company were unable to give a firm answer. It would depend upon all the circumstances of a claim, they said. In the absence of certainty, the prosecutor decided that the charge of no insurance should therefore be dismissed. For those trying to find a 'get out of jail free card' please note that I have tried to distill 3 hours of evidence into a concise report that contains what I consider to
  10. Again, it's just a brief report. There was a lot more to it - regarding level of benefits and the ability of Treasury to deduct the payments from such benefits. TE was told that if Treasury were unable, for any reason, to pay the contribution from benefits then it would be TE's responsibility to ensure that payment was made. That's why there's a non-payment penalty. TE can't blame Treasury if the money isn't paid.
  11. It wasn't a statement from the Court - it was a brief report from me. The vehicle examiner did go into technical details to show that the corrosion was dangerous, I just didn't note it down.
  12. Misplaced gloating, I think. If the level of benefits that TE claims he is receiving is true (and I haven't mentioned it here for obvious reasons), then having a portion of it removed for the next 18 months is certainly not going to improve his life. Hardly "awesome" and not a success. It is going to be very difficult for him. And it all could have been avoided. It's just sad.
  13. Paul Joseph Doyle. Magistrates Court, Room 5, 2nd June 2015 Comment: In my report from Mr Paul Doyle’s first hearing I commented, “I would have enjoyed seeing a better effort from Mr Doyle – the magistrates were not severely tested.” I have to reiterate that statement following the 2nd June appearance. I do not wish to encourage Mr Doyle to persist with arguments that have no hope of success, but the Courts operate under an adversarial system and judges/juries can be greatly influenced by reasoned opinion from two opposing lawyers. Mr Doyle chose, again, to be a ‘litigant in person
  14. Yes, I was there. I'll write it up and post it later today.
  15. Not 'everything' is registered. I register some things so that I have proof they belong to me - e.g. house, car, children, firearms. Society provides me with an official guarantor to those registrations - the government - so that my ownership can be demonstrated with evidence. It's my security against being deprived of my lawful rights or property. A licence is permission to do something that, without a licence, would be unlawful. Holding a licence is your defence against committing what would otherwise be illegal. Holding a licence is the exact opposite to 'intent to commit illegal acts o
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