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  1. https://www.marineinsight.com/marine-navigation/mooring-methods-ships/ The real fun starts when you get a wire hawser wrapped round the screw...
  2. Personally I think it will come out in the wash but it is a fact that the UK government is about to launch a massive publicity and poster campaign akin to war time rationing and dig for victory calibre and there must be reason for that as apparently it will include stocking up on supplies...So something is up and for more than two weeks
  3. I once owned a bolt action .410 shotgun that held three cartridges in a magazine and one in the breach it had the same mechanism as a rifle. I once owned a bolt action .22 shotgun that looked like a rifle and fired .22 long rifle cartridges but loaded with dust shot mainly for indoor shooting of rats. You can also get .22 bolt action CO2 powered bolt action rifles. So called rat-catchers but you can shoot rabbits. Once upon a time you could get 9mm bolt action shot guns called Garden guns but I think no more as the barrels were below the legal minimum. I once owned a six shot 9 mm shot gun in the form of Colt 45 Peacemaker like in Westerns but the barrel was the legal length and there was a detachable stock. Naughty people threw away the stock, cut the barrel down and adapted the cartridges to solid shot and there you have a six gun smooth bore revolver..Illegal but I think that some adapted guns like this were used in crime like today they adapt starting pistols and antiques.
  4. The UN has been a question over N Ireland since the start of the troubles but can you imagine Britain or Ireland taking a local matter to the UN and the UK on the Security Council? The GFA is between UK and ROI and that is that..
  5. And apparently the UK is leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice so any EU based benefits implied in the GFA will seemingly have no place of remedy...
  6. There is no censure save for the meetings ie British-Irish Council, North South Ministerial Council and British Irish Governmental Conference and the elected assembly/devolution of N Ireland. Britain and Ireland signed a treaty which some academics say is about to collapse...There is responsibility and fall out but no censure..The link takes you to the GFA https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-belfast-agreement
  7. But that does not make the EU members guarantors. The only guarantors to the Belfast Agreement are Britain and Ireland. They signed the treaty and put certain measures in place for discussion and cooperation. The EU is supporting Ireland as an EU member and certain issues may come under EU law but last I looked the UK was dumping EU law...Once UK leaves the EU it will remain as now up to Britain and Ireland despite whatever they say about backstops etc.I attach a link... https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-belfast-agreement
  8. The only guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement are Britain and Ireland. The 27 EU members have a bearing but their duty is to support the Irish Republic as an EU member hence the present blockage on the road... https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2018/08/01/playing-with-fire-brexit-and-the-decay-of-the-good-friday-agreement/
  9. Only if he is elected an MP... https://www.lbc.co.uk/hot-topics/brexit/nigel-farage-confirms-stand-mp-general-election/
  10. He was not elected an MP and thus is not at Westminster...The Prime Minister is the personal creature of the Monarch..Nigel has had seven goes at being an MP and failed every time (So far) The EU elections are not relevant the more so as the UK is leaving..
  11. Nigel has failed in seven attempts to get elected an MP. In theory he could be made a peer and be PM in the Lords but this is against current convention....So as he is not an MP he is unlikely to PM but many a true word spoken jest...
  12. Who owns the Island. Certainly not the people who live there...You will do as you are told as always..
  13. No. Nothing to do with Brexit. Just the truth. In other words if Greenland were sold the Danes would have a referendum. By the way China is making noises about buying Greenland.
  14. That reflects the way it is down on my manor. And as for the beggars on the streets they are mostly Brits and the council says there is accommodation available and support for them if they give up drugs.
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1916_Danish_West_Indian_Islands_sale_referendum At least they had a referendum.....
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