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  1. The ancient Britons were au fait with Latin and to a lesser extent Greek long before the Roman colonisation and they used both sometimes in abbreviated form on their coins. Colchester museum has a collection of pre-Roman coins minted by the Trinovantes of Camulodunon in the Brythonic way or Camulodunum in Latin. ie Colchester. As Rome took hold the coins of the Britons gave way to Roman issue. I do not know what the Britons called themselves in their own language but the tribes seem all to have their names in Latin presumably because they had no clear written language themselves or so it is said.
  2. The Romans originated it long before the countries making up the UK as now existed in their present form. The Romans were aware of two Britains. That is to say the mass of what is now England, Scotland and Wales. This they called Great Britain as they were aware of a small Britain which they referred to as Brittany or Little Britain/Lesser Britain. Ireland was seen as too cold to be of much comfort and was known as Hibernia as in hibernation. Eventually the Roman name Great Britain referred to the area south of Caledonia..
  3. I was under the impression that a TV licence was required if you install and connect up a receiver in such a way that it is readily capable of receiving the transmissions. Whether you use it to watch Auntie Beeb or Netflix or anything is immaterial. If you keep your telly in a box in the attic and not at hand for potential use as a receiver then you do not need a licence (They tell me!) If your TV is a monitor for DVDs etc you do not need a licence but then it must be disabled for receiving transmissions which has caused a bit of aggro at times. You are supposed to prove it! Watching Auntie on the Internet whether live or recorded requires a licence. I still get the £7.50 a year TV licence but this is now being phased out for newcomers and if I move to a new address I will have to pay full wack...Trouble is so many urban myths surround the TV Tax...Maybe I have added to them???
  4. Proclaiming the union flag in 1606 looks a bid odd to me I would have thought later but that is what I have seen written down...
  5. At school I was taught if I recall aright that the Romans made reference to the "little Brits" meaning Britons and invented the image of Britannia.. King James 1/VI proclaimed the Union Flag in 1606 when apparently we first see the term "Great Britain" itself a translation of the Roman name the other Britain being "Little Britain" or Brittany...The term Great Britain came in and took hold around the 1707 Act of Union as they were not sure what to call the new creation so formally used the old Roman name of Great Britain. However, Scotland also began to be known as North Britain although the term South Britain for England and Wales did not catch on. Way back in the mid 1950s the term "NB" for North Britain was still being used when addressing envelopes for the post and I recall being instructed to do this. So this is when the term "British" came in but I suppose it is geopolitical. According to modern historians Paul Revere in 1775 did not say "The British are coming" he said "The regulars are coming".....(They tell me?)
  6. The constituent parts of the UK do have a right to be independent subject to demand and a referendum. Scotland has had an indecisive go. Ireland made a choice generations ago the matter still presenting an inconclusive settlement thus far. Wales has not shown sufficient pressure to leave the UK. England likewise has not demonstrated sufficient demand although elected regional assemblies once proposed were rejected. Devolution was introduced as a sop in the face of demands for more local autonomy. Clearly there is an acknowledgement that the UK can no longer be governed from a central seat of power. That is why it is no longer governed from a central seat of power to the same extent as before. Police Scotland I believe no longer requires officers to take the oath of allegiance to the Queen..
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-40630322 This site explains how the ECJ influence may need to be felt and accommodated for decades to come even after a hard NO Deal etc Brexit...
  8. Yes...I hope Boris wins and causes lots of trouble...Besides nothing on telly for which I still qualify for a concessionary licence at £7.50 a year..
  9. Nurses have been overseas recruits for a very long time in the NHS..I can recall when they were mostly Irish. Then West Indian and now all sorts...Long before the EC and EU...Natives do not want the job or once qualified move on to peripheral medicine such as private hospitals and clinics care home management, hospitality, aviation, cruise liners, admin, epidemiology...
  10. The joke in the 1980s related to road widening in Onchan opposite the Manx Arms etc..Visitors would ask as to why the dead were dressed in yellow jackets and propped up with picks and shovels etc in their hands?
  11. It has been in use around the world for thousands of years almost anyway...Many entities use it in various forms but the copyright/trademark would probably apply where it is incorporated in another design..Crown copyright might well apply to IOM Govt usage in badges and crests etc but Wikipedia gives many examples of it being used around the world..I suppose the IOM flag and merchant navy "Red Duster" is a registered design of some sort...???
  12. And the HMRC are squeezing the pips. Look at the actors and media folk being presented with bills for past tax and national insurance due to the use of offshore service companies. Some are looking to pay one fifty to two hundred thousand pounds..
  13. But that is not how it is perceived by voters. The point being that ending VAT and any reciprocal agreement with the IOM may well be packaged as a move against what is perceived as a subsidised tax haven. It matters not what the situation is it is how it is perceived that matters. Like Brexit was sold in such a way many people believed we would be out the next day and I have experienced many examples of that. It is taking advantage of the situation that counts.
  14. And those robes must have been a new invention or idea and possibly from that London firm that does all the Judges' robes etc. Someone must have been paid a lot to design them..Is it just me but when I look at Mr Rodan's pale blue robes I think of Andy Pandy... https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=andy+pandy&id=F3C36A5140E5BB08FA0C5813EDA98AFD2C593BD2&FORM=IQFRBA
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