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  1. Posts by Barrie deleted in this thread. He’s either having a break down, over imbibed, has Alzheimer’s or is a racist anti Semite. Jokes about gas bills for the Holocaust, or that another persons home will be next to be torched are not acceptable. Ever. moderators
  2. The whole point of nukes is that you do not have to big. David and Goliath innit...
  3. Yonks ago I worked with a Jap by the name of Ken Yamamoto. He survived the nuke attack on Japan. Our joke was he glowed in the dark. His reply was that as a survivor he got the best NHS in the world 24/7...Moral. Go NHS go Nuke..
  4. 40 years ago and you believe it. He probably had a thing about salt pork and biscuits as well...
  5. Who says our nukes don't work I was at school with lads who went on to do the biz on Polaris...Mind you I was a Prefect..You put who in charge! Long time ago...
  6. Works down on my manor it is the doubt. I possess weapons. My neighbours know. Will he/won't he? Got a visit from the Bill once. Still a doubt...Keeps the idiots at bay...
  7. No but other countries did and Australia for one banned HM ships from their waters...
  8. https://www.thejc.com/community/community-news/fire-badly-damages-canvey-island-yeshiva-1.494647 Apparently candles
  9. By the way have you seen the massive fire at the Jewish centre on Canvey island in Essex. ???
  10. Totally wrong. What you possess is the doubt. Will they/won't they...I recall we took nukes to the Falklands and I recall Israel breaking out the nukes...Will they/won't they...That is the value of the investment..
  11. The rules are the same for you as for Scotland thus far. You would have to be independent first and then apply to the EU after many years of preparing. You would have to align with the Euro which could take years. You would have to show that you can assume the full body of EU laws etc. ie "Acquis" Click the link. You do not have the power to drop the Crown Dependency status. You would have to pay into the EU funding. The problem you do face is more immediate. When the UK leaves the EU your existing Protocol 3 relationship to the EU will fall. What have you got to replace it? All you will have so far is a relationship with the UK as a Crown Dependency. You are British sovereign territory and the decisions are made for you in London. London will decide what you can have as was indeed the case when Protocol 3 was introduced to assist the UK as to what to do with the Crown Dependencies back in the old Common Market days. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acquis_communautaire
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