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  1. Not everyone can get legal aid and not all advocates will work for it in civil cases anyway.
  2. I admit to having had a very odd working life but I started out as a shipbroker and when the industry collapsed was forced into more situations than I could ever imagine would happen. I appeared briefly in court on the one occasion but drew up petitions to the High Court so that litigants in person could start a case hitherto not possible. In those days I obtained old Petitions to see how it was done and used them as models plus a book of rules bought from Tynwald library..The individuals had to go to court themselves. There were two clear wins with the matter solved. Then someone asked me to do conveyancing and I worked out how to do it and very reluctantly accepted to do 13 of them until Laurence Keenan advocate got me in to his office on the pretext of a job interview and gave me fair warning. I knew it was unlawful conveyancing for others. You can do your own but not others. So I said well you have had a good run best stop now. I was always nervous of doing it and glad when the Law Society via Keenan fired a warning shot. Handling charter parties in shipbroking was useful experience. Not a lot of difference really.
  3. Good enough for the CM of Jersey to request the IOM Treasury Minister R Corkill to invite me to a meeting and try and put me off what I was then doing. They also requested I not be allowed on Manx Radio but were offered to go head to head with me on air but they refused. It was a long time ago now when the Finance Sector felt vulnerable due to proposed information exchange. IOM Govt actually requested that I submit my efforts for vetting...I agreed but did not do so... I at no time saw myself as anything more than a concerned citizen doing what any other person could do and that includes putting cases through the High Court. Anyone can do it. Bit unusual being allowed right of audience to represent someone who is absent as Mackenzie friend I believe is a companion rather than some form of advocacy. Deemster Corrin was at pains to point out that it was bit special allowing me to represent someone when not qualified but Cains arranged it and put me up to it and I was taken by surprise. I was opposing Cains and it was all chummy so they wanted something. I suspect it was a fix to get the matter out of their hair. It was not much really what I had to do but I would not like to do it again.....The learned friends are heap plenty trouble best left alone in their bubble...
  4. It is apparently known as access to justice.. I did these things for people who could not afford advocates' fees and because I believed in what I was doing...
  5. "Mackenzie friend" etc maybe the IOM has it now...I was told by an advocate that the IOM did not have it but was before 2004 more like late 90s
  6. Funny old army that runs submarines...Oh I don't know...It is an EU project after all!..
  7. There was another instance where a manager in a large bank on the IOM stole hundreds of thousands of pounds from an elderly customer. The bank paid it back but the court case was all hush hush and only came to light when a local reporter stumbled across it by chance one day. He said that as soon as he walked in the case was adjourned and the accused plus advocate hurried out of the court and away..
  8. An other odd Isle of Man courts experience involved me helping someone as a litigant in person over divorce/maintenance that sort of thing...I wrote him a speech to deliver and the Judge chappie was most impressed and easy going....The advocate well she was hopping mad!... Next thing a while further on by two weeks my client so to speak received a letter stating that as he had not appeared in court on some subsequent date or other a decision or judgement had been reached in his absence. Point is my "client" so to speak had not receive formal notification that the case had been called. The court said it had sent him a letter. He said he had not received it and it was not sent to be "signed for"... So I had to send him back into court with another speech claiming human rights infringement Article 6 right to a fair and impartial tribunal within a reasonable time...So the court had to start all over again but my "client" so to speak although he went back to court decided to accept the judgement made in his absence and without his knowledge...
  9. I had an odd experience in the IOM High Court.. It was well known that I had engrossed (Typed up) papers for a man acting as a litigant in person..I was sat in the public gallery and knew that the applicant was not going to show. A leading advocate also knew this. All of a sudden I found the advocate had moved to the right from his perch and was as close to me as was possible to get. Likewise I was boxed in by the then Coroner of Middle sat behind me and not in his usual place...In front and to my left and right were staff from the aforementioned advocate's office.. Just then the Usher walked over and she asked me "And who do you represent today?"...Why?..I was seated in the public gallery! The advocate was all ears...Those boxing me in paused and listened intently. I replied "I represent no one. I am merely a spectator and an interested member of the public". The advocate deflated with an audible hiss...Those around me visibly relaxed...The Usher walked away embarrassed. It is my belief that this was an ambush. Had I said that I was there to represent the applicant who had stayed away out of nerves then I think the advocate might have moved that in fact the applicant was represented (By me) and that the Deemster should use their powers and have me act for the applicant. This would have got what was a very stalled case moving but of course I not being qualified would have made a mess of it. As it was the Deemster (I think it was the Deemster of Appeal) adjourned the case for another time and which upset the advocates all as it was costing them and they knew there was no chance of getting costs. I was once allowed to represent an applicant in Chancery Court by the late Deemster Jack Corrin so I know that even if one is not qualified the Deemster has discretion to grant right of audience to a total layman although I am told by others that the "Mackenzie friend" principle does not or did not then apply to the IOM courts. And yes, I found standing up before a Deemster in a court room full of wigs and gowns very intimidating!
  10. OK got it...Is not the Island (IOM) is an allegorical place sorry chaps!
  11. https://search.lib.virginia.edu/catalog/u3763759 The good old days! That's the way to do it! Click the link (Is in British Library catalogue also)..Never heard Mann called "Man-Shire" before though?
  12. This evening 1800 hours 19th April 2019 (Good Friday) I have by hand from the City Council received my postal poll card for electing Members of the European Parliament for the Eastern Region on Thursday 23rd May 2019..It states that my postal vote will be sent on or around 9th May 2019...So it looks final to me..
  13. "Who Owns Britain"...I have heard of it and it has been done on the radio...The Guardian yesterday carried an article about how so few people own and control Britain.. I have often commented over the years that the broad acres are still controlled by those who came over with the Normans. Many have anglicised Norman names. ie Grosvenor from Le Grand Veneur or Master Huntsman later changed to Le Gros Veneur because the chap who helped William the Conqueror got a bit fat....Hence "Grosvenor"...There are many others such as Neville...They rarely sell land. They rent it out and acquire more. Some of the Scottish clan chiefs have a Norman origin. "Bruce" is "de Brus"...And then there is corporate investment, Arab oil money and Russians etc.
  14. Scotland still has one of the biggest feudal landholdings anywhere as about 500 people control most of the land there. Scotland still has clans and clan chiefs. Many clan chiefs hold vast lands got in times of strife, political advantage and heredity. Let us not forget the Scots who were cleared off the land during the Highland Clearances. In Scotland to day there have been moves some of them successful to return land to the people I think by purchase. I am not well informed on that but redistributing land like in Zimbabwe is an issue. Feudal tenure "the Feu" was not abolished in Scotland until 2000. Tony Blair promised it would be done prior to winning the election.. England on the other hand abolished feudal tenure in 1660 by doing away with the Court of Wards and it was consolidated in 1948 in the legislation known as the Tenures Abolition Act 1660. There are still some manorial rights that can be purchased and in recent times as I recall the owners have had a last chance opportunity to register and enforce these rights but they relate more to rights that come with the freehold. ie minerals, hunting and fishing etc. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/who-owns-scotland-1320933.html https://www.commonspace.scot/articles/9351/nicola-sturgeon-mocks-landowning-tory-attack-land-reform Funny how most of the world uses our quant little English Hillbilly language? Perhaps some of us had a bike and did some travelling?
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