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  1. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=little+bit+of+bread+and+no+cheese&qs=n&pc=LV04&sp=-1&pq=little+bit+of+bread+and+no+cheese&sc=4-33&sk=&cvid=AA26BEDC866F4C1B8B0CDA589E35269F&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dlittle%2bbit%2bof%2bbread%2band%2bno%2bcheese%26qs%3dn%26form%3dQBLH%26pc%3dLV04%26sp%3d-1%26pq%3dlittle%2bbit%2bof%2bbread%2band%2bno%2bcheese%26sc%3d4-33%26sk%3d%26cvid%3dAA26BEDC866F4C1B8B0CDA589E35269F&view=detail&mmscn=vwrc&mid=3506ABCCCFB624C696413506ABCCCFB624C69641&FORM=WRVORC
  2. Brexit will happen when the Pope is confessed of the Archbishop of Canterbury before officiating at the wedding of the Chief Rabb's daughter at the Regent's Park Mosque...
  3. You just did not want to hurt my feelings...My excuse is that I had recently been to Sheering which place is in Essex where God lives...I post a link..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheering
  4. No one spotted the deliberate spelling mistake....
  5. I was on top of Snaefell and saw this Manxie with a sheep under his arm. I said are you going to sheer that? But he said something like ...Go catch your own this one's mine!
  6. Arty farty crafty types but it is sooooo 1960s darling...Now be a love and doooo at least TRY and be on your marks for the camera...Placey Placey everybody Let's make this the one!
  7. I did several nights as nightwatchman on the film Cinderella for Channel 4...Year 2000...Got £75 a night...Was on my own in Nunnery...Peel castle...Castletown...A quarry near Cregneash...Laxey sea front....It was all cash in the hand and I got to the office in not sure now Sefton or Palace Hilton just as they were breaking up to go.. I got the last cash in the cash box a few hundred sovs...Nothing in writing or signed for...Nice little earner but spooky in the Nunnery and Peel castle on my own...The film had to call in the Bond money but when on TV it was better than I expected... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinderella_(2000_film)
  8. The gremlins are out today these clips not working...
  9. No. I said to H, 'cos we were mates see, I said try blowing your nose H and it might come out like...Me old mum used to say that....
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhodesia's_Unilateral_Declaration_of_Independence BORIS speaks in terms of a declaration of independence. Some want it. Others oppose. I recall the last time a PM did that when not all the country agreed. It ended in a mess and then Mugabe. Naturally I was in the House of Commons that day Even then I was aware of being in the presence of history as it were...It was an educational school trip. So far these high flown declarations have caused trouble galore. ie American declaration, Irish 1916, Rhodesia and now Boris thinks he is Thomas Jefferson.....
  11. No. We do have a written constitution. We do not have a codified constitution. There is no single document. British Constitution aka "B.Con" was a compulsory subject at my school 58 years ago from 1961 to 1969. I like to think that all of those books and essays, films, lectures, visits and trips to Westminster had some value although there have been many changes and implied changes...I ended up doing O and A level GCE but it w
  12. You have totally misunderstood. I said "Crown" and that is not HM the Queen. It is the reality that wields power in her name..Recent events prove that. You will not be allowed to elect a CM while you remain a Crown Dependency..
  13. Keys Elections come under the auspices of the Lt Governor and the seat of power that is Government House.
  14. I seem to recall an MHK by the name of "Dom" who very successfully adopted that formula!
  15. Kiribati is a Republic. The IOM is a Crown Dependency. Sovereignty rests in London. The Queen is Head of State. The Lt Governor represents this power and usually signs off laws under London's ultimate authority. The Lt Governor appoints and empowers the Chief Minister. An elected CM might do something that would clash with London and the Governor. This would bring the electorate into a clash with the "Crown" ie UK. The IOM has a Westminster system and every effort is made not to clash with the Crown ie London. The best example of what not to attempt is when Australian PM Gough Whitlam was removed by the Australian Governor General roughly a larger version of the Island's Lt Governor. Even the UK does not elect a PM. The PM is the Queen's creature. See link below... The CM is the Lt Governor's creature and even the Minister's on the IOM receive warrants from the Governor. Come the day the UK elects the PM then you might have a chance but whilst you are a monarchy and the UK is a monarchy the monarch is above all. Anything else would be a Republic and anything that even looks like a Republic will fail. Remember, it will not happen if London says No! (This is how it was the last time the issue was raised and all the rest is publicity seeking)... Constitutionally, you are better off with an appointed PM chosen by the law makers as the power such as it is passes from the Crown via the Lt Governor. Anything less and you would be down graded/demoted to a County Council status. Being a Crown Dependency makes you a cut above the rest of us in the UK who make do with Lords Lieutenant... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gough_Whitlam
  16. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=a+ditch&qpvt=a+ditch&FORM=IGRE
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