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  1. Same here, have known Alfie for many years in a professional capacity (I am not an MUA employee), and have very much admired his skill and abilities. He is very knowledgeable and friendly and in my mind a great asset and representative of his company. Someone with Alfie's work ethic is just what any employer could wish for. Best of luck for the future.
  2. Queue out the door of the Chippy tonight...
  3. The Eagle has landed... Douglas harbour tonight
  4. scrawl

    Fairy tales?

    Two questions about the Isle of Man on last weeks episode of celebrity master mind. I wonder what figure the magic Skelly calculator will predict it generated in advertising revenue. The fact that both questions were passed by the celebs might not help. Meanwhile, I attach my effort to advertise an island of fairies... total cost = fuck all. Can you guess where it is?
  5. Explain this then... https://jobs.screwfix.com/location/douglas-jobs/5724/3042225-9782170-3042237/4 The location shows just off Allan street in Douglas
  6. Ramsey swing bridge really bad also. You would think with all the cctv on the bridge they could catch the mindless dog owners.
  7. Good second hand condenser dryer wanted. I can collect
  8. Would'nt have thought that a low resolution stream that's difficult to archive would be much of a threat to sales...
  9. ...reading some other posts, it seems a certain island video company may have had something to do with getting the streaming cams shut down, is this possible?
  10. Anyone explain why lots of the live webcams around the course have shut down???
  11. I did... cause your just a monkey...
  12. So not only is your employer breaking the law but he has found someone stupid enough, like you, to work for him for peanuts... sad....
  13. To all staff From the Minister Once again, my sincere thanks to all those Infrastructure staff who worked in atrocious conditions last night to keep the Island’s roads free from flooding and debris. Your commitment and hard work is second to none and very much valued and appreciated. I am aware of an article which has appeared in the Independent today which makes comments about staff terms and conditions. I am very much aware that this is not an appropriate way to work with you to identify ways in which we can reduce costs across the Department and wish to apologise for any offence or distress caused. I wish once more to put on record the commitment I have already given to our Unions that I wish to work with you and them to identify savings which ensure the development of a strong, efficient and well respected service delivery Department. That said across Government, budgets are being reduced and our Department is no different to others - the question is not if we cut but how and I need your help in identifying the answer to that question. Again, thank you for all your hard work and continuing support which is appreciated. Phil Gawne Minister
  14. And why is that then ... ?
  15. BEFORE YOU JOIN THE BANDWAGON TO PILLARY THE WORKFORCE, PLEASE READ THIS. I am absolutely delighted that Mr Robinson, Works Director of the Department of Infrastructure has brought this issue into the public domain via both the local papers and the internet. Hopefully now I, as the elected Employees’ side of the Whitley Council can bring things back on to an en even keel by telling the true facts and thus separate Mr Robinsons fantasy world from the hard reality. I personally believe that any credibility Mr Robinson had held with the DOI workforce has now been destroyed by his malicious twisting of figures and his deliberate whipping up of public opinion against his own workforce, the very same workforce that the departments own political member Minister Phil Gawne has been first to come out to praise and thank, the very same workforce that have turned out twice in the last fortnight to deal with emergencies caused by extreme weather hitting the island,, and indeed offering a 24 hour coverage, so that the public could proceed to work or about your daily business in safety on the public highways. This man is a public servant earning a salary in the region of £65k, sat behind a desk deliberately instigating unrest, quite what his original aim is, can only be guessed at, but I know for a fact that he had no support from other Directors within the DOI, so I assume he had only the support and backing of the CEO Mr Ian Thompson to launch his attack. The headline Milking the system is extremely disturbing, even more so to the ex workers who are suffered from or have died from various industrial illnesses received in their occupations as welders, when H&S has proven that drinking milk can help prevent the body absorbing the poisons released during welding this man has the audacity to deny and rebuke medical opinion? To put things into perspective, in Mr Robinsons area of involvement we are talking about 8 individuals who only receive this payment of 52p a day when in work, and not when on sick days nor on holidays. 48 days leave? The current employment act of 2006 clearly states that the current working week is 37 hours, following managerial pressure going back to a time when, like him or not and in fact at the time he did have the respect of the workforce, Mr Alan Bell was the CEO of the DOT and the working week was then 39 hours. It was argued and agreed to bring in a Shorter Working Week local agreement for the then DOT Works Division, that in fact extended the working week from 37 hours to 40 hours. These three accrued extra working hours over and above the statute 37 hrs attract no extra payment, they are merely banked hours that add up to 6 pre/worked unpaid days every 4 months and are taken in agreement with management and work gang needs but mostly when work is rained off. This was and indeed is a modern working practice. To say that the pre worked unpaid days are extra holidays indicates the ignorance and arrogance of Mr Robinson and his ability to see what he actually has in his management tool box. 1 in 14 employees off sick, His workforce consists of 299 and his figures would therefore indicate that 21 of his staff have been off work at sometime in the working year sick. Now if you consider that this same workforce have an average age of 50 years, they are outside workers covering periods of harsh weather, the reality isn’t that bad; as he states himself his workforce do not have the worst record, probably because of all the outdoor strenuous work they do removing fallen trees etc after storms. Having had a copy of the letter sent to me directly from Mr Robinson, my own opinion of it’s content was that of surprise, not at his rantings or irresponsible opinions, but at the fact that I saw the letter as an admission of complete management failure, by him personally and that of his own management team, and that he was actually attempting to shift the blame down the ladder to the frontline workforce, in the guise of modernisation, a ruse that has probably now back fired on him. It’s up to you, the public, you employ him. Eric Holmes Employees’ Side Secretary of Whitley Council
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