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  1. Merkin

    Car Leasing

    Lol. World - listen up! A 3 year old car is cheaper and just as reliable as a new car!!
  2. Merkin

    Car Leasing

    Rot. Anything under 5 years old perfectly ok.
  3. Merkin

    Car Leasing

    I'd extend that to say that anyone who buys a new car using any means is crackers.
  4. That's fabulous. Isn't it missing a third sosig and birds nest though?!
  5. I ate three slices of toast this morning and had 3 cups of coffee. Think i might be a druid.
  6. What happened to these guys? https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/american-firm-wins-tt-broadcast-contract/
  7. That post is particularly belligerent, even by Manx standards.
  8. Merkin

    Car Leasing

    I imagine that the amount you pay to lease is more than depreciation. It has to be otherwise the business model wouldn’t work. I’d rather buy things outright without credit than have to incur an additional 30% premium due to cost of finance.
  9. Merkin

    Car Leasing

    Yeah, I’ve never leased a car but can see the attraction. Good to see new a new business setting up though I guess.
  10. Merkin

    Car Leasing

    My personal experience of reading the former NOT joke was fabulous. Keen to hear the views of others. Also, hear Rex Leasing are up to good things.
  11. Are we allowed to accuse people of being TJ yet?
  12. Electric power tools not allowed. I bent many a spoon trying to hollow out a moot.
  13. Merkin


    Would be suitable for someone called Raaaman.
  14. Yeah, had a scream. Feeling it today though, sat under the glare of the office fluorescent lighting. Highlights for me were the D&B at the bass bus and Krafty Kuts. Sound Check was also great, seeing the emerging talent. I watched a lady doing poetry recital which was superb. The food offering were great, nothing felt over priced and everyone was on great form. Virtual high 5 to the organisers, bands and DJs.
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