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  1. EORH

    Petrol Prices

    So oil rose from $39 to $41, our heros here slapped 3p a litre on making it 1.11, now again oil rose to $45, up goes the pump price again just as quick to1.13, a rise of 5p in two weeks, remember when it was 1.09, how long it took to get them to drop it 1p to1.08, all the while the oil was dropping like a stone, just greed, and now TT is nearly with us, will they have the gall to put it up again ?.
  2. http://www.manxradio.com/elections-keys-la/local-authority-elections/2016-local-authority-general-election/la-general-election-2016/ Thanks MM.
  3. So has anybody got a list of who got in?, I didn't listen to any radio, as it was way past my bedtime.
  4. I think there was an earlier photo than that one, because the one who left the wardens van in front of the Manx Legion was a woman, a film of her standing on the steps of the Town hall greeting the Beegees when they came here must be around somewhere, did anybody take a copy. As for the other warden, maybe he left shortly after, but there were 6.
  5. There was a big picture a couple of years ago showing the 6 inspectors/wardens of Douglas Corporation who were going to clean the town up, anybody dropping litter or their dog fouling the street and not picking it up will be prosecuted . Since then I have seen only one of this band of brothers in Harrys Café, one in a wardens van parked outside the Manx Legion Club across the no parking entrance, and as for the others, well, must be keeping the kettle boiling in the Town Hall. It must be time the newspapers got down there for another publicity photo shoot. Ask your Councillor who is going the rounds for re-election how many prosecutions have taken place, and the dates, the Town Hall should have the figures, oh and just where do these people patrol?.
  6. He was on the radio again this morning, saying he would have to have more jollies, trips to London to sort things out, ie transparency over companies details, and Brexit, he is very worried about that one.
  7. There is one simple answer to all this talk, declare independence, take down all Union jacks, set up the barricades, broadcast on Manx Radio, "We will fight them on the beaches ETC", contact Janes book of flags, and say we Manx want the three legs put in it, as we are a sovereign nation. Get Bell to ring Cameron to declare our that we are Manx and not British, that should do the trick.
  8. Chris correct me if I'm wrong, but in the UK where the Lords throw out a bill, it goes back to the Commons and they have the power to vote it back again, and it then becomes law. The Lords as a un-elected chamber are on the same lines as Legco, so if we are a so called democracy, why can't the HOK overrule Legco.
  9. Bell has clearly stated that the only people who will have access to the companies register are the police and HMRC, the public here and in the UK will not be privy to the contents.
  10. Sorry you feel like that dilligaf, no I don't think I will save towards a new string, just one thing, you are by your comments not a pensioner, so you work and pay tax, good, because I forgot about the tax rebate the Government gives pensioners on low incomes every year, I was reminded this week by the issue of the tax form, now with that money to come £---.00, which you have contributed to with your taxable income, I and other pensioners thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I will spend it wisely, but not down Strand Street in the shops of the few remaining shopkeepers which you are friendly with, but off Island as much as possible, because I don't want to fall over those bad surfaces which you think are a great way to spend public money, Cheers again.
  11. The Isle of Man got a load of publicity yesterday when the Prime Minister mentioned it twice I think, he said the Crown Dependencies were going to co-operate with the UK on who the people are who have companies investing in their areas.
  12. If they didn't put the paving or cobbles down in the first place, just think of the money that would have been saved, those blocks in Duke/Strand/Castle Streets must have cost a fortune, it was madness, all them streets were done in asphalt, it also was easy to dig up, and the lumps of asphalt were saved to melt down and re-lay, that's what they called recycling, now with shop after shop closing, all that money was wasted. The fact is now the streets are a mess, there are loose blocks all over the place, which is dangerous, some of them are sinking, again dangerous, in places there is even patches of tarmac what a mess, so much for regeneration. Oh and have a look at James Street, same stupid blocks, can't wait for the prospective councillors to call, mind you they will blame government.
  13. What's Bell doing about it?, him and his Comin are just sitting back and waiting for the right time to depart themselves, when I think about that large rise in my state pension this week of £3.30, I also had the rent rise early on in the month of £2.46, so my rise is now 84p, now what am I going to waste that on, just what will it buy?. With all talk about the Panama Papers, it fades into the mists when talking about the money that's been given to these Civil Servants, if this would have happened in the 1930s/40s there would be all out strikes. I heard there were a few very big pay outs at the Airport too, something like a million each lump sum, I can't prove it, but somebody must know, this is what needs to made public, never mind the bank accounts of the rich, which Bell said on TV he would make available to the tax people in the UK, as well as police, but not made public to everybody else.
  14. I think there is more to come over these papers, also if Cameron is publishing his tax returns, the rest of the UK Parliament will be under a obligation to as well. Corbyn is doing hisl, Pandora's Box is fully opened yet, the lawyers offices in Panama have been raided so what is there to be revealed yet.
  15. EORH

    Petrol Prices

    Again it's the old story, when the oil rises 2 or 3 dollars, within days the price rises here at the pump, which has just been demonstrated up 3p,they have been waiting for this to happen, BUT when the oil drops by the same, we are told it takes 2 to three weeks to filter through, I think it takes more like a month or two. Then again it's coming up to TT, and they have to screw the bikers, these people are the bread and butter to many people on the Island, and they must notice the high price.
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