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    It would be great if there was a major league basketball team, though Nick.
  2. Had a go on their FB group ages ago, but I just didn't find the format easy to use. FB isn't as good as purpose written forum software for a forum. Surprise surprise.
  3. Whoosh - straight over my head. Never seen it. But I once had a very cool set of motorcycle leathers that made my balls ache. In fact these days, a lot of things are a ball-ache.
  4. Oh, and the death of shopping in the town centre draws closer. Which is happening everywhere, as surely as the cotton mills of Manchester are empty today, converted into loft apartments, ball achingly cool hotels etc. Brownfield habitats are excellent for wildlife, especially invertebrates, so one day perhaps it could be dynamited and left as ruins.
  5. So? They deliver to your home, just like Amazon.
  6. Yes, I was going to say that. But I was going mainly by the food store, which always seems busy. But what about the rest? I'd be less inclined to say that the clothing is profitable. Lot of space, a lot of staff and they need to sell a lot of knickers to pay for that/them.
  7. What happens? If you want clothes or furnishings from M&S buy online. Food, buy it elsewhere.
  8. Yes, FR24 although you need to pay in order to turn on nice to have features like weather and extended flight histories. Also to get rid of ads. Not mega bucks, as I remember. It is invaluable to have an app like this, as you don't have to rely on the 'tell 'em as little as possible' airport staff to find out what is going on with your flight.
  9. That's a very sweeping statement! Britain has a far more violent history than the US, having participated as an ally or an enemy in most of the wars the USA has fought, and very many more besides. Most of the old European states have similar histories to Britain. We have fought between ourselves, and very notably, created empires through military and economic might, fought over them and with their people for centuries. No doubt you could come up with many egregious examples of aggressive foreign policy by the US, but I very much doubt that they exceed foreign atrocities of their Old World progenitors. Nevertheless, American gun culture is clearly a thing. Rightly or wrongly, some Americans see the right to carry a gun as important. And I can see the point. America is big. If you live in an East Coast metropolis, it doesn't feel much different to anywhere in Europe. A policeman can be on the scene just as quickly in Boston as in Douglas, probably. But if you happen to live in the South Western US for example, on a farm where anywhere is a few hundred miles away across empty scrub, then having a gun in the house probably feels quite reassuring. I do think the whole Second Amendment/NRA libertarian 'right to bear arms' is a nonsense, though, in a democratic state. I think the second amendment, having been written not long after the War of Independence and in the absence of a standing American army, was intended to facilitate the raising of militias: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Take out that first and last comma, and the meaning is clearer. Rather than being a right per se, firearms ownership ought to be regulated along the same lines as in the UK, where you have to show that you need a gun for genuine sporting or practical purposes. The type of weapon, and particularly the capacity for rapid firing of multiple rounds has to be limited, as it is here.
  10. https://www.gov.im/categories/health-and-wellbeing/hospitals-and-emergency-treatment/nobles-hospital/consultants-list-and-team-contacts/ Here you are. There seem to be a lot more than seven, if the figures are up to date and going by the convention that consultants are known by Mr/Mrs/Ms rather than Dr. I make it 21. Can you link to the thing you were reading that states that there are 7?
  11. As well he might be. He would have been well advised to face up to that risk under the last US administration. Jeff Sessions is quite bullish about prosecuting him.
  12. He's saving everyone an awful lot of trouble by imprisoning himself.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-44166810 Ecuador seems to be getting a bit weary of their tiresome house guest in London.
  14. Totally irrelevant. If the Court has the correct Individual in front of it, he can call himself anything he wants. It makes no difference. He still has to answer for his offences.
  15. The link back to manxman1980's post doesn't seem to work. Here's the FB post in question. Like Declan, I saw the obituary. There is an online site that debunks scams including the 'freeman'/Kate of Gaia stuff which covered TameElf's court appearance, and that reported that he appeared in very frail health at the time of his Court appearance.
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