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  1. Yes. It means that I take responsibility for what I post. If I slander or threaten someone, they can take appropriate action against me. Woody posts quite vicious insults and in this latest instance wishes my family dead in a terrorist attack because he disagrees with something I have written. He does so under anonymity. I normally ignore or tolerate his aggressive, unpleasant posts but in this instance he has clearly gone too far.
  2. Reasonability - yes, many a true thing written as a slip up. Unlike you, I don't hide behind my keyboard. My name is on all my posts, below my screen name. It has been for years. Are you willing to put up your real name and take responsibility for the things that you write here?
  3. I agree with a lot of that. But I don't see the " a malign, murderous movement that is incompatible with all of our values" as predominating in any immigrant community. I am not saying that it isn't there at all, because clearly it is. Yes, we have to manage immigration effectively, ensuring that only genuine asylum seekers are admitted aside from those with an established right of residence. But I think that we ought to be mindful of the fact that responding with jackbooted police state tactics is exactly what the perpetrators want to provoke, further alienating the disaffected and driving people into their ranks. I believe that eventually, unfortunately not soon, we will reach the state where support for the malign, murderous ideology will dwindle to such levels that the movement shrivels and dies. There is precedent in Spain, where ETA has recently disbanded. The reality was that support for ETA in the Basque Country had become so tiny that continuation of their terrorist campaign was simply unsustainable. In the meantime, we have to rely on our security and police services to defend us. That won't, tragically, be completely effective, obviously. But what we shouldn't condone is hate speak where we wish one persons family dead in a terrorist attack because they express what is perceived as a liberal opinion about immigration.
  4. In your opinion. I trust that you don't think that my opinion merits the death of my family members in a terrorist attack?
  5. People seem to be incapable of understanding English. I fully expect that of Woody, but it's disappointing that others don't grasp the meaning of the following sentence: "I fear right wing authoritarianism, buoyed up by dumb, senseless xenophobia and nihilistic popularism a lot more than I fear terrorism. " That doesn't say I don't fear terrorism, does it? It says I fear the one thing more than the other.
  6. I have twice been quite close to terrorist attacks. My office was bombed by a PIRA 'pot boiler' in the '90s, putting the windows in and slightly injuring a passing postie. I was rather closer to the 7/7 London bombings, having been at Kings Cross very shortly after Jermaine Lindsey detonated his bomb on the Piccadilly Line and seen many of the less severely wounded victims. I can see both the horrors of terrorism and the horrors of right wing authoritarianism. I fear both. I fear right wing authoritarianism more than terrorism, based on the lessons of history.
  7. Those western leaders, eh? They just don't seem to learn from history, do they? A citizen of the United States born in: England/Ireland/Scotland/Germany/Poland/Italy/Russia/China/France/Sweden/Norway/Japan/Slovenia Built the country, no? So why not a French national born in Chechynia? Why not a British citizen born in Syria? I fear right wing authoritarianism, buoyed up by dumb, senseless xenophobia and nihilistic popularism a lot more than I fear terrorism.
  8. Interesting, but I found it very hard to dance to.
  9. guzzi

    Long Tails

    Exactly what I thought. A rat would be a lot bigger than the gull's head.
  10. His £3.556 billion is an excellent illustration of why gambling is mostly for losers,
  11. guzzi

    Long Tails

    Rats can swim. The sound is quite narrow, and Kitterland provides a staging post. The Shearwater project monitors both the Calf and Kitterland by placing chocolate baits to check whether they are consumed. There is a hell of a tide through the Sound and I think it would take a determined rat to swim to the Calf.But yes, the eradication programme might well be an ongoing project. The point of it is that Manx Shearwaters are threatened, Brown Rats are not. There appears to be a correlation between Manx Shearwater numbers and Rat population, which is at least circumstantial evidence that the Calf was once rat free, as Shearwaters were once abundant, and are now much rarer. Numbers are increasing since the rat eradication started in 2012. This 2013 article explains how it is being done. http://www.birdsontheedge.org/2013/07/19/calf-of-man-remove-rats-to-restore-seabirds/
  12. guzzi

    Long Tails

    Manx Wildlife Trust has a rat eradication programme on the Calf. The island was originally free of rats, but they got ashore from a wrecked ship. Rats predate ground nesting birds, including Manx Shearwaters. The aim is to get Manx Shearwater numbers up, and hopefully, to get Puffins to return. I have no affection for rats. They make me shiver when I see them. They do enormous damage. Somehow, they got in to my holiday home while I was away, and damn near gnawed their way through a wooden door. A little .410 shotgun is an excellent tool for murdering the furry bastards.
  13. Erudite and to the point as ever.
  14. Always the dig .... no, there's a limit to the amount of research I'm prepared to do to answer you, Woody.
  15. The low winter sun is a major hazard. If you find yourself driving to all intents and purposes blind, then you are crazy not to slow way down. And hope no one behind you is equally blinded and still on the gas.
  16. I see that Mark Carney has revised down economic growth forecasts for the UK in 2018 to 1.4%. That's almost a full percentage point below the average for the Eurozone as a whole. For Spain, 2.7%. For Portugal, 2.3%. For total basket case, Greece, 1.9%, half a percentage point better than the UK. But hey, just the doom mongering of a remoaner, eh?
  17. I'd say probably Edward Heath. The first (unsuccessful) well was drilled in 1973, so I assume the exploration began somewhat before that.
  18. The short answer is that the Rhum Field was a joint venture between BP and the Iranian Oil Company before the fall of the Shah.
  19. Do we know that? I seem to remember that the debt was a debt to Banco Espiritu Santo and that some or all of the debt was converted to equity in the deal that gave ownership to the current owners, who include BES. Of course, there's little transparency about the actual financial set up and as we are buying the company. we do deserve that transparency.
  20. One thing that might make this deal make sense to me is if the £76 million that is to take the form of a loan was intended to cover the purchase of new vessels? It would make some sense for this to be happening now, given the lead time on new commissions. That way, the equity purchase costing £48 million might actually line up with the value of the IoMSP's assets.
  21. Thank you b4mbi I stand corrected on that. The point still stands.
  22. I agree, Woody. The Ben cost £23 million new, the Manannan £20 million second hand. The Packet also own the King Edward VIII link-span. The UA is an asset with a constantly eroding value that will be worth zilch on expiry. How do we get to £124 million now? Stitched up behind the scenes probably by the brethren after a lodge meeting. I think we are being fleeced here.
  23. So this boy had a trailer land on his head, he didn't have a degenerative neurological condition. Relevant how?
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