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  1. Wasn't there some culling in the last election and yet people still complain about who got in
  2. Be kind of pointless striking during the holiday time
  3. What's the speed limit there at the moment?
  4. The caff on lord street does the best breakfast in my opinion
  5. The thing about this is in my opinion say the team is successful and they manage to get to the football league will they still pick players from the isle of man or buy in better players? I hope it works as the reason no players from the island make it is due to the fact they dont get picked up until teenage years they are then competing with guys who have been getting pro coaching since they were 7 or 8
  6. Like everyone I remember it being tied up in douglas. What happened to it in the end? I'm sure I read something that it was taken back to sea and sunk but could be wrong
  7. To be fair even if it doesn't happen now it may happen in the future. At least it's been put in the new legislation so in say 5/10 years time should it happen at least its covered.
  8. The 12 hours there is no overtime incurred as that's the set shift. If you work over the 12 hours then you can claim overtime or put it in the toil book. Always been the way as far as I've known
  9. I didnt. As for overtime it still gets paid. You can put it in the time off book or claim the money
  10. To be fair after working 12 hours you probably wouldn't want the overtime
  11. 2 people went to the airport fire service about 3 years ago
  12. In short the officers shifts have changed and they are now doing longer shifts so in theory there should be more of them on at any one time.
  13. I know of at least 2 local people in it and also people working behind the scenes
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