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  1. Surely though if they expect there to be 8000 new cases and the hospital admissions/deaths are still going down that must be a good thing. Either the virus is mutating into a less harsh strain or people are becoming immune to it.
  2. To be fair I wasnt saying anywhere specific just using Ramsey as an example
  3. All we can do is spend locally cant go anywhere. Be a cold day in hell though if I spend a few hundred quid to go to a hotel in Ramsey though. I'll Save my cash for when I can go somewhere off island
  4. Police are't doing any contact tracing
  5. Considering 2 weeks ago it was over 4000 a day then it's going in the right direction. 126 deaths today again just a few weeks ago it was close to 1000
  6. I think each case needs to be looked at individually rather than a blanket response for everyone. We are in a different place than we were 6 weeks ago. People are being brought back and being trusted to stay in their houses it's not like hundreds are coming then going wandering around the island.
  7. I'm certainly more optimistic about my summer holidays than I was a week ago
  8. The plan was never to eradicate it. That's pretty much impossible could maybe do it with the borders shut but once they open it's likely to start again. The whole point of the restrictions was to stop the nhs being overwhelmed. That's been achieved
  9. Hopefully theres legs in this and it turns out to be true https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/1263395238590255105
  10. This was talking about travel in general whenever it gets going
  11. I read somewhere else (not sure if it is in relation to Jersey or travel in general) that people would need to be tested on arrival and then leaving the country and the test will be close to £100 a pop so for a family of 4 you are looking at nearly an extra 800 quid on top of the holiday. I have a trip booked to Scotland in September and if this was to be the plan the testing will actually cost more than my entire trip. travel in the short to medium term doesn't seem appealing
  12. Looking at the figures from europe they haven't been hit with a second wave. It's almost like people are wanting it to happen so they can say I told you so
  13. I'd also abolish the phrases the new normal and clinical advice. Sick of hearing these out of everyones mouth during the briefings
  14. The amount of mhks we have. Why do we need 24 for such a small island? I could probably name about half of them and that's only because this pandemic has thrust a load of them into the limelight
  15. Yesterday there was just over 2,000 new cases in the UK and 126 deaths. If it keeps dropping like that then I think the borders could open sooner than we thought
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