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  1. They serve it here but can apply to go to a prison closer to their family. Think they need to do a certain amount of time before they can apply but I could be wrong.
  2. There was a lot more to hitting his elderly mother with a magazine and the fact it seems to be played down on this programme tells me all I need to know about it
  3. This is the thing though if they have put the person up in a hotel and put them on the next flight why should they be getting £250 compensation? My flight left about 8 hours late last year coming home didn't miss any connections etc I would under the law be entitled to compensation but why? I haven't been inconvenienced I haven't had to form out for an extra hotel. This is what annoys me just because you can claim for it doesn't mean you have to.
  4. What is Busters facebook? I have heard about it but never had the pleasure of reading it. Seen it now the Tynwald politics etc
  5. Don't quite see the issue. The tram tracks are the most difficult to get done. Once thats all done the rest of the road should be fairly straightforward. Whether they done the sides and left the tram tracks till last it would still need doing.
  6. In England there are quite a few professional womens teams. For me it needs to grow naturally and not be compared to the mens game, there was talk that to get more spectators in they would be looking at putting womens games on before the Premiership matches. Not sure if that would work to be honest but in terms of the game anything that gets kids interested and involved in sports has my vote
  7. In fairness it's not just mf I've seen it on other forms of social media
  8. No he's never been an accountant
  9. This is what I'm talking. Is the Isle of man and being manx not more than what you've described?
  10. Is it a manx thing? When other nations have their national day they celebrate it and show how proud they are of their country. All I've seen about this year's tynwald day is moan after moan.
  11. But I didn't tell some dude who fought for freedom at Normandy to walk 30 seconds up the road. I advised you to do that.
  12. Who's abusing you. I'm quite simply saying take some personal responsibility.
  13. That was terrible. I really hope the vet sued him
  14. Why would you need a public notice when you can look probably 50 yards and see the road is being dug up and therefore make the decision that the liklihood is the bus stop isn't going to be there? Also looking left would show the bus stop outside jaks was still in use and even if you were on crutches using a stick or in a wheelchair is probably a shorter distance than going to where the bus stops were down by Villiers square. Like I say you are literally moaning about nothing
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