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  1. By the end of May covid in the UK will be practically nothing so hopefully borders opened and back to normality start of June.
  2. I don't see how residents quarantine period can be longer than a visitor.
  3. Is it just me that gets riled up when quayle says things like We have allowed you to (insert 10 people in the garden, look out the window)
  4. Would agree if there was an issue at one of the vaccination no doubt there would have been loads on social media about it
  5. You dont think? When the crescent was open that was always well attended.
  6. Had mine but didn't post my card on Facebook which seems to be the rage. So not sure it will work
  7. There wasn't carnage after the 1st or 2nd lockdown, there won't be carnage this time. Fact is there's a big part of the population that think covid is round every corner waiting for them so will be a while before there's anything resembling normality.
  8. I once spoke to an mhk about the pier in llandudno, the place is very similar to the Isle of man and something like that I think would be excellent, he said it wouldn't work here and that was it. As you say no vision
  9. What was the good news? Seemed like a press conference that actually informed us nothing. Quite a lot of restrictions may be removed on the 19th, but what restrictions?
  10. Should have seen gmb this morning a small business owner asking relevant questions why they can't open and some dr just being condescending and not actually answering any of the relevant questions.
  11. So is next Monday when all restrictions drop? I hear quayle talking about baby steps then I read restrictions end in 8 days. Anyone any idea?
  12. I'm not what you would call a royalist but the guy served his country for the best part of 100 years,boo hoo the radio are reporting on it and the BBC might have different programmes on for a day. There's literally hundreds of other channels.
  13. I'm beginning to think there is no plan. The whole point of the restrictions and lockdowns were to stop the hospital being overwhelmed. Here we are with 1 person in hospital (who may or may not be in being treated for covid) which has been the case for the last 5 days. 60% of the adult population with a vaccine, the most at risk groups vaccinated and we have to wait another week for our kids to go back to school and no doubt even longer than that for hospitality to open.
  14. thommo2010

    Manx Care

    Why delete the photo you ask. I would imagine whoever looks after their twitter/facebook page probably got sick of answering the same point despite explaining why it wasn't against the rules you would have people argue that it was.
  15. How do you know they don't know who caused it?
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