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  1. I wonder how many people would want these LFT'S if they had to pay for them.
  2. So if the figures quoted on gef the mongoose page is correct and 100k tests cost 270 grand we are now looking at getting 130k kits per week going forward so roughly 300 grand a week is going to be getting spent on tests. Am I the only one who thinks this us utterly insane? https://www.facebook.com/134415609919708/posts/4818905134804042/?sfnsn=mo
  3. That quite possibly is one of the greatest things I've ever watched. I am now more convinced than ever we are in some sort of Truman style TV show
  4. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/ministers-deny-covid-vaccines-make-people-magnetic/
  5. Headline on manx radio story is Allison saying the vaccine isn't magnetic. It gets more bizarre
  6. Yeah I don't go on the dashboard just talking about the media, usually 4pm news on 3fm its one of the first thing mentioned
  7. Driving home from work at 4pm 3fm news came on nothing about today's numbers, just been on the Manx radio Facebook page no update on today's numbers. Are we finally moving on and the daily reporting of numbers ending?
  8. I am just amazed at how much money is still being thrown about.
  9. I think apart from a hardcore few nobody really cares anymore hence why no fuss
  10. Yes unless they are obviously in for medical treatment for covid
  11. I'd say it's been binned, there's 3 people I work with who have tested positive in the last week and nobody has received any calls as a close contact
  12. Yeah that was doing the rounds last year as I remember thinking thank god I wasn't born in 1900
  13. I apologise for that saw an opportunity after the first lockdown. I've got a garage full of bog roll, 10 quid a roll lol
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