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  1. We wont really see the results of these measures for another couple of weeks. Italy's new cases seem to have dipped the last couple of days so hopefully they are on the downward spiral
  2. Is this the biggest thread in mf history?
  3. Well that's usa sorted. Seems a bit selfish he only cured them and not the rest of the planet. https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/1244344119545208834
  4. Well report it then rather than just sticking it on an anonymous forum.
  5. Washing the car. De cluttering the garage and a walk later on round the block. Cut the grass last weekend wish I'd left it now so I've got something to do next weekend
  6. unless the people are supposed to be self isolating then what would you like the police to do other than advise the people o go home?
  7. Just started watching the English game on Netflix, pretty good so far only 6 episodes about football teams in the 1860's Also watched a few episodes of Harry Enfield and chums forgot how good they were
  8. Good luck to you. Try and keep your chin up.
  9. No genuinely did not know who it was
  10. What is it going to take for people to take this serious? Over 500 deaths in italy today spain catching up with them. Boris johnson and our government are asking people to stay home and if we all follow this and act like responsible adults hopefully in 12 weeks we might be coming out the other side. Yet I still see on social media people posting pictures of them down the pub or having house parties yet these clowns will be the first to moan about their civil liberties being infringed when were told we cant leave our houses. Its pathetic how so many are so selfish
  11. I saw it today and thought christ I dont have an hour to read that
  12. Life does have to go on I agree but maybe the members of the government should be leading by example. On their website whilst not banning large gatherings they advise against it. As I say I've seen pensioners clubs stop their coffee mornings mums and tots groups closing
  13. The couple next to you should have been told if you dont reside on the island you're not going.
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