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  1. Doesn't matter who the government is tough times are coming and people need to accept that and take some responsibility for their own situations
  2. Isn't it mad how quick covid seems to have disappeared from the news? From daily stats on how many positive tests to how many people died to just nothing.
  3. Nothing at St Ninians or Ballakermeen
  4. I don't think the strike has had as much of an impact as they thought it would.
  5. Because educators are paid by the taxpayer which there is a finite amount of and gambling companies are paid by millions of people all over the globe. It's like asking why do footballers get paid more than nurses. Answer there's not 80k people willing to pay 50 quid a time to watch a nurse do their job
  6. I'll be honest I have no idea whenmy bin is collected. I'm in a block of 3 flats and I'm yer to see the bin overflowing. I take at least 1 bag if recycling to the tip every couple of weeks
  7. Would have to agree here.
  8. I read that the other night and just thought wtf have I read
  9. Bothered enough to moan on manx forums though
  10. Not my problem. Maybe give the police station a call and raise your issue with them but before you do and it may surprise but I'll let you in on a secret. Police officers need to eat as well.
  11. Application rejected was it? Not to worry sure you can try again next year
  12. To be fair fc iom could have gave them a tougher match. Iran were terrible. England will go far but that back 4 will be their undoing
  13. I think it's a very fine line. I've mentioned elsewhere on this thread all countries in the world have practices that other cultures may not agree with, so let's say Beckham pulls out here but is asked to do stuff for the USA in 4 years time and he says yes no doubt there will be people who say oh Beckham is against allowing women abortions or he's not against mass shootings. Those are just 2 big issues in the usa off the top of my head that no doubt people will use against him. We all know about Qatar and their practices and 1 month of a media friendly offensive isn't going to change people's minds.
  14. I'll try and find the post. Like I say he worked for an English firm so may be different but he was advising people to stay away from them
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