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  1. thommo2010


    The Scottish government bought a load of electric vehicles at a cost of millions but didn't actually gave the power points to charge them so now need to use generators to power them. Another virtue signalling event so the people in their ivory towers can tell us little people what we should be doing. It's the people of Glasgow I feel for the place is going to be carnage as mo doubt the climate protestors will be out in force
  2. Yeah pretty sure it is but I stand to be corrected how it's policed is another matter, at outdoor events for over 10k you need to show a vaccine passport for indoor events for over 500 I think it is you need a vaccine passport. So if you go to a football match and there's 9,999 people no passport but if there's 10,001 need a passport.
  3. The nhs has struggled for years and been neglected, instead of funding it properly it seems its a better option to tell people don't go to work/school. It's crazy that it's just accepted
  4. Scotland still have mandatory mask wearing and they are recording record cases
  5. Can't be arrested for trespassing its a civil matter
  6. A new variant Experts warning of an NHS collapse Boris Johnson saying there will be no more lockdowns. I feel I've seen this movie before. Glad I managed to get a trip off the Island before the winter
  7. There's still people on social media calling for restrictions. It amazes me how many people can't seem to live their life and need government intervention to tell them what to do.
  8. I'm just back from a weekend in Scotland, other than having to wear a mask when you go into a pub/restaurant everything was pretty normal.
  9. Maybe callister was 2nd choice and someone turned it down before hand but didn't make a big deal about it
  10. So you support one of the Diddy teams, jealousy is a terrible thing
  11. Missing out on that 10 in a row really hurt didn't it lol But in all seriousness no hating Rangers fans isn't a crime but calling them huns just shows you to be a massive sectarian bigot https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/court/aberdeen-man-fined-over-sectarian-rant-about-facemasks-in-mcdonalds/
  12. I got a letter from the nhs to confirm my vaccination as I need it for going to the football in Glasgow this weekend
  13. Jesus Gladys he only asked a question no need to call him a tube lol
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