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  1. Then we stay in and out of lockdown. I thought 10 months ago there is no chance of that but there seems no other plan other than the vaccine. It's all about covid everything else is irrelevant
  2. I dont think its news that kids can catch covid. What has been said is they dont suffer many symptoms or spread it. No idea the science behind it that's just what I've read
  3. Does covid not infect you if you go under 40mph?
  4. I'm not sure of the population but I read Israel are on course to have their whole country vaccinated by march. The prime minister is taking charge of it and people answer directly to him. Very impressive
  5. That's such a cliche. Its kebabs and pasties
  6. Saturday night. People stuck at home with booze and social media. I expect some mad posts tonight and people waking up with the fear tomorrow. Who needs to go out lol
  7. That's now but 4/5 months ago when it was a bit better family were only allowed here under special circumstances. We tried to get the in laws over but were refused.
  8. I hope you're correct Wrighty but the pessimistic side of me thinks this has a while to run yet
  9. I don't want to sound like a doom monger but some politicians in the UK have said that restrictions may continue to next winter. it is a valid question and one that should be asked at the press conferences (I don't watch them so it may well have been asked to be fair)
  10. I was low last night was going to fill up and forgot. So went and got petrol today on the way home. That should do me 2 weeks.
  11. So Donald Trump didn't lose the election?
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