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  1. thommo2010

    Latest Ramblings

    Has anyone ever travelled the length of the prom behind one?
  2. thommo2010

    Objections to KFC

    In fairness I do remember the protests at the time mcdonalds opened around 98 or 99 think there were murmurs of obesity but the vast majority were protesting about the animals being killed.
  3. Check the 3fm website
  4. Says in the article he's back in court on Tuesday. Why not go down and see if you're right.
  5. thommo2010

    Rex verdict

    Mistakes were made by the people who brought the dog to the island in the first place. The vet done his job.
  6. thommo2010

    Rex verdict

    But the report doesn't say rex wasn't a banned breed it says he has been given an exemption so I'm guessing he did fall under one of the banned breeds. Either way the way people went after the vet and some of the things said about him I really hope he took legal action against people for libel/slander
  7. thommo2010

    Bus Crash Birch Hill

    No not bollocks truth. What offences do you think have been committed if the op is correct?
  8. thommo2010

    Bus Crash Birch Hill

    If the op is correct and the handbrake hasn't been set then the only offence is failing to set your handbrake. There's no offence of dangerous driving or due care etc as the driver wasn't driving the bus at the time.
  9. thommo2010

    Rally Under Threat...

    Looking at the statement issued by doi it looks like the rally organisers are to blame
  10. Heading should be changed. It didn't happen outside police hq
  11. Loved the fact one of the cyclists who was hit got up and ran after the car. He was interviewed and said you just get on with it I'll have a cup of tea and a biscuit and be fine.
  12. thommo2010

    Pathological gambling addict nicks £500K

    Think what he/she is saying is there will be a log of deposits/withdrawals on a site like pokerstars whereas no trail if you went to the casino or William hills
  13. thommo2010

    Suicidal mechanic hijacks plane & kills himself

    The guy worked at the airport so don't think lax security can be blamed here it's not like he jumped over a fence or hijacked a plane
  14. thommo2010

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Manannin has turned back this morning on the sailing to liverpool due to a medical emergency on board reckon 2 to 2 and a half hour delay
  15. thommo2010

    Athol Street police presence

    Or if you could point out where ive been belligerent then i will do my best to word things better in future Also ive never said what i do for a living as i stick up for the police people put 2 and 2 together.