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  1. It's all well and good saying theres x amount of new cases but what are the hospital admissions/icu figures? As I've said the whole point of the lockdown was to ease the pressure on the hospitals. From what I've seen these new cases are getting mild to no symptoms yet whole cities are being locked down. There doesnt actually seem to be a plan from anyone
  2. Got to be honest I've found the door staff on the island decent and fair. Been going out in Douglas for over 20 years never had any issues with them. Obviously this bloke has done wrong has admitted it and will be punished.
  3. thommo2010


    I made this point, I wonder how this would all be playing out if social media didnt exist.
  4. Ultimately what is the end game here? Not just for the island but the world in general? The virus is surely to widespread now to suppress or eradicate it. Are we just going to have lockdowns/restrictions until there is a vaccine that may never arrive? Nobody anywhere to my knowledge has come out and said what the ultimate plan is. My thoughts were lockdown was needed in the first place to protect the nhs, now these new cases dont seem to be putting anywhere as many people in hospital it seems to be mild to no symptoms.
  5. I have to say the teacher for my child was fantastic went beyond what she had to do in my opinion obviously that wont be everyones experience but I have no complaints and I've passed that onto the school.
  6. Incumbent. You're right the ideas may not be practical etc but it was just dismissed straight away no I'll look into it etc just excuses on why things couldn't be done
  7. It would be nice to get an mhk who is actually positive and will try to make things happen. I've spoken to a few about different ideas that might be good for say Douglas promenade gave details of who to talk to etc, pretty much dismissed straight away, no appetite unless it's easy or will pick up a few votes.
  8. I have noticed a few restaurants opening up lots of people out in restaurants and pubs so hopefully the island might not be hit to hard. Maybe I'm being optimistic. but the rest of your post I think you're probably right.
  9. Something popped up on my facebook a page for someone named Pamela who said she going to run. No other details no surname just Pamela.
  10. The way 2020 is panning out the running man hosted by piers morgan would not surprise me
  11. Shame decent little restaurant always seemed to have a steady stream of customers whenever I walked past
  12. Where have you heard this? I walked past it today there were no signs in the window
  13. In your opinion its rubbish but it's just that your opinion. I'm guessing we will see how it all pans out in the coming months.
  14. What about when losing said jobs impact on family income possibly unable to feed themselves or heat the house then theres the impact of associated shops bars etc missing out on the tourists so people may not contract the covid but their life could be lost in other ways.
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