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  1. Read the article But in short he helped get a charity off the ground for people with mental health issues. Walked past one of their meetings the other day and he was in there talking to people from what I hear he is heavily involved not one of these who is happy with the association
  2. He's one mhk who seems to be taking the mental health of the islands residents serious and is trying to do something about it.
  3. I think you are confusing real life with programmes like line of duty
  4. Why should they have to claim on their own insurance when it wasn't their fault?
  5. So you think the process goes guy gets arrested police search social media for evidence then just stick it down as fact and the court takes it as gospel? Wow. Maybe leave your computer and go out into the real world.
  6. Actually it's pasties or if the weekend kebabs But in all seriousness he may in your words have been a bit of a knob. The cops let him go he goes down the street has a fight breaks someone jaw or gets badly assaulted himself. According to witnesses who posted on social media he tried to headbutt a security guard. If that's the type of guy you want walking the streets then fair enough.
  7. This is exactly what I'm talking about. I guess I'm just lucky that in the hundreds probably thousands of times I've been in pubs and clubs all over the world not 1 security member has taken a dislike to me and caused an issue.
  8. Maybe a bit of sarcasm in it. It seems a lot on this forum just want to blame the authorities for this guys punishment when in reality the only person to blame is himself. It's very easy to go on a night out and not end up in court.
  9. But it's not just racing bikes there's the likes of the travelling marshalls etc possibly on the road
  10. Nope I just take responsibility for my actions and don't act like some idiot when I get a couple of beers in me
  11. Funnily enough Wrighty I have never had an issue with bouncers either like you though I don't get steaming drunk and if they ask me to leave/refuse me entry I go on my way. We just must be lucky.
  12. 1 in the racing. 2 on the open roads
  13. So the person who is heavily involved in the event couldn't believe the sea terminal was closed despite the fact it hasnt been opened at night for probably about 15 years? Can't be that heavily involved if he is that shocked
  14. Chaos at Ronaldsway probably means people queuing for an extra 10 minutes than they're used to.
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