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  1. Well if it does affect his career he is the only one to blame not the powers that be or anyone else. Whether you agree or not cannabis is an illegal class b drug to possess it is illegal to import it is illegal. Nobody forced this guy to do buy it. He took a conscious decision to go and purchase it he knew what the consequences would be if he we were caught.
  2. Hang on are you of the thinking that he was charged went to court probably a few weeks later had the charges dropped then the police went out and thought well he had a knife at the time knife crime isn't really issue so let's just leave it on the off chance he gets off with drink driving and we can stick it on him then. Wow.
  3. Are you Dianne abbott? I only ask as just like her anytime she suffers criticism it's because of the colour of her skin. I couldn't give a toss what colour she is. She is an utter imbecile and probably one of the reasons labour wont be in power for a while
  4. Funnily enough I dont but yes the thought of that illiterate clown having any sort of power fills me with dread.
  5. Its opposite the police station in peel. Think its Albany road
  6. As bad as the Toriesare the alternative isn't much better. Imagine diane abbott as home secretary. Scary
  7. They'd make more if they asked for cash from people not to show me cracking one off
  8. Has the old courthouse been turned into anything since it was bought?
  9. I'm fairly sure that when she was elected James corrin was bigging her up saying how great she was at at her job within ballakermeen high school. It may have been buster lewin thinking back now but corrin certainly wasnt overly against her I think it's been since his rent has been increased he has gone all ranty
  10. It was higher pretty sure it used to be 11 or 12. I recall reading the age limit was lowered around the time of the James bulger killing. Not sure if that was as a direct result of that case or not
  11. How many kids get expelled from school these days? From what I've heard it's fairly difficult to expel kids
  12. Why dont people just act like adults agree to disagree move on and keep on topic?
  13. Nothing concrete but I've heard rumours a couple of bars in Douglas are struggling and are close to going under sad if true.
  14. And I believe piers Morgan was telling John barnes how he should feel and if Morgan was black how he would feel. He seemed to miss the fact that barnes is in fact black
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