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  1. In all honesty what 16 year old would firstly want to be an mhk and secondly have the money to run a campaign. Let them be children and experience the world I think 18 is to young to be honest.
  2. This is what I said earlier its half a story so cant really pass comment or make a judgement
  3. Wheres the bullying? He says someone tried to influence his vote. Is that any different than candidates knocking on your door prior to an election? As for the intimidation what was done to intimidate him? Hard to make a judgement when you only get half story
  4. I thought it was just common sense that if you were at the bus stop you see the bus coming you step out and put your hand out. I've always done it and by coincidence the bus has always stopped
  5. How did it make us look stupid? You probably think darts is just a pub game played by fat blokes but it's on tv pretty much every week and gets thousands of spectators. People on this island moan when nothings on then moan when there is. Here's an idea why dont you get up and organise something that interests you.
  6. Hahaha twisted version. Honestly step away from the Internet and go out into the real world. Might do you some good. I'm guessing your the mother or related to her as there's no other sane reason for getting so upset
  7. Just typed into google jane callow vets opening times and up it came.
  8. No I'm thanks. Maybe you should see a gp about the fact you get so wound up by an anonymous strangers opinion on the Internet.
  9. I think the comments got turned off because people were just repeating themselves and it was no longer funny
  10. Not how I remember it so we will agree to disagree. Also I'm not having a go at a little girl fair play to her it was more the attention seeking mother I was talking about
  11. No if I recall it correctly it was a mother putting up a post to say how great her daughter. In fairness it had nothing to do with what that particularly facebook page is for. Had she posted my daughter is going to do a clean up at xx time would people like to help it would probably have stayed on.
  12. If it's the one I'm thinking of I thought it just came across as a parent saying look at what my child has done rather than anything meaningful. It does make me laugh though how upset people get when their post is deleted. It's facebook get over it
  13. I got binned out that group. First post literally added some facts that contradicted the post. Next thing I knew my post had gone and I was kicked out
  14. I'm guessing some summer holidays being paid for. Which is pretty ironic considering the damage planes do etc
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