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  1. I think it is just society in general, look at the politicians in the UK every election they seem to get worse same as in the USA When it comes to MHKS they are farmers, shopkeepers etc and that's not a slight on those jobs but they are then put in charge of running the healthcare or the education system that frankly they have no experience of. I don't know what the answer is to be honest.
  2. Thanks for coming on and showing it makes no difference to you. I'll sleep well knowing that
  3. Looking at the comments on Facebook I'm now convinced people will moan about literally anything.
  4. Thanks for the offer but I'm really not that interested.
  5. Why do you just take Dr glovers word as gospel?
  6. You seem to be frothing at the mouth. Calm down
  7. At least if nothing else its given people something to talk about
  8. Unless you're in primary school I would say don't shout any insults
  9. Oh right, to be honest makes no difference to my life what happens with him. I was just wondering.
  10. when you say go do you mean as Treasury Minister or as an MHK?
  11. I didn't hear it but was she complaining people are complaining to mhks?
  12. Wow aren't you lot a happy bunch
  13. Yeah just noticed this morning unleaded is around 161.9, 2 days ago when I filled up it was 151.9. crazy
  14. That's fine no issues with that point of view like you say they're getting paid but just remember next time you're moaning there's no police to deal with other issues that's going on on a Saturday evening.
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