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  1. If the vehicles were parked against the rules then what's the issue? I've received a couple of parking tickets over the years and it was all my fault. Paid the fine and moved on.
  2. Why does no journalist ask what the long term plan is? Surely I'm not the only one wondering how we exit this?
  3. They were using patient confidentiality for refusing to release ages of people infected or even what area of the island the most cases were coming from. Much like the uk I'm not holding out much hope of seeing this scientific advice as I don't believe it exists other than well looking at the confirmed cases if we don't lock down then I predict there will be x amount of cases
  4. People are starting to question the measures being implemented and asking is it proportionate so they need to come up with a new thing to scare people into following the rules. I've never been comfortable with the whole protect the nhs. The nhs is there to protect us. We get sick we go to hospital. The decimation of the nhs for the past decade is coming home to roost.
  5. Here are the stats for the virus in Wales from the live dashboard (16/10/2020). Population - 3,120,000 Tot. in hospital with Covid - 442 (0.014%) Tot. on ventilators - 32 (0.001%) They have now shut EVERYTHING! the western governments seem to be just trying to outdo one another on the sheer mental scale
  6. I don't know of the incident you are referring to but why would it be hushed up? there's another thread on here of some of the things police officers have been in court for which are a lot worse than a bit of a bump, so why would it be hushed up?.
  7. Well German bar owners have taken court action, can't see it being to long before the same starts happening in the UK https://metro.co.uk/2020/10/16/court-overturns-order-to-shut-bars-and-restaurants-in-berlin-at-11pm-13432566/
  8. This here. It amazes me the amount of people I see calling for tighter restrictions to save lives but in the next breath are quite happy to see people being thrown on the scrapheap and that won't have an impact on them, as if money just magically grows on trees.
  9. I suppose with Norovorius you know they have it because they look like crap but with Covid you won't necessarily know they have it unless they have bad symptoms or have tested positive. If it is just someone who has come home and isolating due to the rules rather than definatley having it then you wouldn't know.
  10. In the summer was the prevalence low in the UK? In the run up to summer we were saying around 4/5k cases a day with 500-1000 deaths. We are now seeing close to 20,000 daily cases but deaths around 50/75. So that raises the question has it mutated into something less harmful or was it always out there in many more people but due to the lack of testing this wasn't picked up. I would say the latter
  11. There are some countries that won't allow you in unless you have a certificate hence these private tests and why people may wish to get one.
  12. Yes there is a traffic decision. 5 officers and a sergeant
  13. But he's correct. In a typical shift an officer could deal with neighbour dispute. A missing from home. A sudden death. A car crash. Someone suffering from mental health issues. All of which isn't crime but still needs dealt with. The police are generally the first point of call for the majority of things. That's not exclusive to the island either.
  14. One of my biggest concerns is nobody in power here on the uk have said what the plan is if no vaccine ever arrives.
  15. At a time when pubs restaurants have been closed due to the danger they decide now is the time to open up visiting to society's most vulnerable. If this wasn't happening in front of my eyes I wouldn't believe it
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