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  1. What manhunt? It's asking if anyone saw anything. It happens all the time. Like I say moaning for moaning sake
  2. Some people will find anything to whinge about. Thanks for the Sunday night laugh
  3. So if the minimum was 9 why did you continue to 15 and the other guy 17?
  4. I don't see how protesting on top of electric trains stopping people from getting to work has anything to do with wealth against them.
  5. Regardless of how strong the typhoon was it still showed up that tge give ring body had no plan b. Move the game back a day or to a different stadium without fans if need be. Even though it's corrupt and should never have been awarded to them at least fifa has changed the dates in the next world cup in qatar to a cooler time of year.
  6. Not a huge rugby fan but I tune in when scotland play. First time I've seen japan play and have to say they were impressive handling offloads and speed of play was exceptional. Good luck to them. As for the threat of legal action the Scots were right. The organisers when choosing the destination knew there was a possibility of typhoons yet had no back up plan. It's extremely amateurish and had scotland gone out due to those circumstances then it just makes a mockery of the tournament
  7. She warned that on 1st October 2019 there would be flooding in laxey? Impressive
  8. To be honest nowhere in the article does it say anything about online gambling. He could have gone to a load of different bookies or even gone across to race tracks casinos etc
  9. To be fair a few years ago I had a decent win in the bookies few thousand pounds. Online I'd usually be betting 5 or 10 quid a week. I put on a couple of bets that were 100 quid plus. My account got suspended and I spoke with someone. The gist of it was they wanted to make sure I wasn't gambling with cash I didn't have. I don't know the circumstances of this guy but if he were regularly betting the same sums then it wouldn't raise suspicion. They don't ask for your job title or annual salary so the only thing they can do is look for irregular betting patterns and then take action
  10. Poker is going through a bit of a lull at the moment there was a massive boom from 2003 until a couple of years ago. Job losses were inevitable. Sad for those that have lost their jobs hopefully they can find something else
  11. Yeah they were given the option some were happy to be interviewed and others weren't.
  12. I know for a fact there were a number of interviews with probation workers and the cameras followed them round. Maybe it wasn't entertaining enough
  13. The guy is sticking up some holiday snaps. Can't believe people are upset about that.
  14. What's bullshit about it?
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