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  1. I read that the other night and just thought wtf have I read
  2. Not my problem. Maybe give the police station a call and raise your issue with them but before you do and it may surprise but I'll let you in on a secret. Police officers need to eat as well.
  3. Application rejected was it? Not to worry sure you can try again next year
  4. To be fair fc iom could have gave them a tougher match. Iran were terrible. England will go far but that back 4 will be their undoing
  5. I think it's a very fine line. I've mentioned elsewhere on this thread all countries in the world have practices that other cultures may not agree with, so let's say Beckham pulls out here but is asked to do stuff for the USA in 4 years time and he says yes no doubt there will be people who say oh Beckham is against allowing women abortions or he's not against mass shootings. Those are just 2 big issues in the usa off the top of my head that no doubt people will use against him. We all know about Qatar and their practices and 1 month of a media friendly offensive isn't going to change people's minds.
  6. I'll try and find the post. Like I say he worked for an English firm so may be different but he was advising people to stay away from them
  7. I have seen some postings on another site from a guy who works for an electrical company in the UK. His advice was not to get these smart meters. Can't remember the exact reasons but he was adamant it would see people worse off.
  8. I actually would like that. I enjoy I good debate and I am all for having my views/opinions challenged but I get the feeling he and his crew won't be of the same thinking
  9. Nah North America has already been chosen as has 2030 I think maybe 2034 we will see North Korea host and win it haha
  10. I'm looking forward to the next world cup that's being held in North America. As I've said a world cup should be in the summer in the off season sitting having a beer and a bbq. This is just a farce
  11. Let's be honest no country in the world is squeaky clean so people acting all out outraged now when they've had 12 years to boycott the place is a all a bit virtue signalling. in saying that Qatar should never have been awarded it, the world cup should be in the summer when you can go to beer Gardens and have bbqs not in the middle of winter. I'll watch a few games no doubt but not overly interested in it
  12. He's getting plenty of support because only his side has been heard. Politics is all about pettiness just look at the nick of the pm question time. I've seen primary school kids have more grown up discussions. The sad thing is each government seem to get worse so God knows what it will be like after the next election
  13. I think by the way Rob has announced this he really under estimates how little people care. It's scary that despite all this he will be a shoe in at the next election because he replies to emails, whilst that is decent it shouldn't be that low a bar to be elected
  14. What walking down the street and not getting chinned by some random person? Yeah I'm pretty sure it's not a daily occurance
  15. Robs been quick on the old book of face.
  16. Not really its not like its a daily occurance
  17. I must be the luckiest person on the island then, always get a parking space in town and never get chinned
  18. That's once in a blue moon. Not exactly a daily occurance
  19. People are genuinely friendly. You can wall through the street smile and nod at someone and not worry about getting started on
  20. Exactly life isn't fair. The sooner people accept that the happier they will be
  21. Seems to be busyish early one with the office workers but quieter later on
  22. The pubs are never busy on a Friday anymore mate
  23. So again what offence? Anti social behaviour isn't an offence and as well as any fine he has to back tax the vehicles before getting them back
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