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  1. I think when they announced tge prom wasn't going to be done until June you knew. Imagine tt traffic with half the prom shut
  2. Bit of a moot point for me as I will be near the end of the queue as I am youngish, no health conditions and fairly fit. Ultimately when it does get to my turn then if I need to prove I have had it to go on holiday and generally live my life then yeah crack on.
  3. Haven't we been hearing this for any mass gathering on the Island since back in May? How long do we stop living our life on the basis that covid may return?
  4. The whole flume situation wouldn't be out of place on something like the fast show
  5. Why would there be any form if lockdown? There's no covid in the community as we're constantly told.
  6. As I say I read it somewhere so wasn't sure how accurate it was. Glad to be put straight as I thought it sounded strange. However my first point stands you can do all the testing ypu want but if you have a poor track and trace system it's not going to be much use.
  7. Testing is only good if you have a good track and trace system. This is where it's gone awry in the uk. They are finding all these new cases but not being able to track and trace. I'm sure I'll be corrected but I'm sure Germany has stopped testing altogether.
  8. Wrighty I am going from my own experiences as I say this wasn't an isolated incident that I have first hand knowledge of, anyway it is off topic so I won't say anymore.
  9. A few years back I broke my wrist pretty bad to the point where it was being talked about amputation, I had to stay in hospital here for about 3 days then got flown across to Wigan to have surgery on it. Even now I only have limited movement in my wrist but thankfully nothing that affects my day to day life in the winter it gets a bit sore and stiff. For about a year I was having to go over for check ups etc, on one trip I got speaking to a bloke who had suffered the same injury but part of his care had been at Nobles, after I had my surgery I had pins in my wrist for about 12 weeks before bei
  10. Can anyone explain why there's tge hysteria about whether there's community cases or not?
  11. I haven't heard what he said and the context of it all so can't really comment however having done scientific research with my daughter that after sticking her in goals for an hour and leathering a ball at her I can confirm girls don't like having footballs kicked at them.
  12. Facebook will be fun reading tonight if true. Got to remember the mess with Zurich though We were all going into lockdown because the whole of Zurich were infected
  13. Was only for today. Something to do with gulley suckers through baldrine and laxey
  14. Or they could be one of the other 7/8 who were isolating at home and perhaps took ill. I don't know the answer by the way just pointing out another alternative
  15. To be honest it won't be that exciting. More like man sat on a bus in 1978 that Joe biden had just vacated
  16. I'm not ignoring the risk I just think the risk is small. There was a study out at the weekend I read where only about 27 per cent of family members caught the virus from someone they were living with. I know 3 people who had it and none of their family members caught it. The way some people are going on you would think you just need to walk past someone and that's it you've caught it.
  17. They haven't been isolating though that's the point they have been out mixing and most probably have caught it and got rid of it.
  18. The students coming home will abide by the rules, as you say they have probably had it already, to many people worrying about nothing and creating scenarios that most likely won't happen.
  19. Not really they could have eased restrictions 2 months later and all it would be is we would be in the same situation just 2 months down the line.
  20. No its a 4 pack. Co op is 4 quid spar is 5.50
  21. Yeah the beer I get is 1.50 cheaper in the Co op compared to the spar.
  22. This will be targeting the cheap stuff sold in off licenses rather than pubs. Scotland have had minimum pricing for a couple years now not quite sure how it's gone
  23. If the vehicles were parked against the rules then what's the issue? I've received a couple of parking tickets over the years and it was all my fault. Paid the fine and moved on.
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