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  1. Reading the puff piece about quayle in the paper today you'd think he had dedicated his life to politics and had some remarkable achievements.
  2. Unfortunately the event I'm going over for is being held in October but might go for a day trip to Liverpool in July lol
  3. I've booked to go the UK in October, 4th time I've had to rearrange it I'm actually confident that it will go ahead this time.
  4. Seen there were over 70k inside a stadium at the boxing in texas last night. Hopefully not long before football stadiums etc are full
  5. Looking positive https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-britain-will-be-free-of-the-coronavirus-by-august-says-outgoing-vaccine-taskforce-chief-12300112
  6. Seen this bumped and thought is it back on haha
  7. Not many people were abiding by the lockdown rules in the UK in the last few months so it's not a surprise the vaccine is being seen as the success.
  8. My point was there are posters saying any death from covid isn't acceptable yet for years there have been thousands of death from the flu so why are deaths from the flu acceptable but deaths from covid aren't? As I've said elsewhere the pandemic in Britain is over the success of the vaccination in Israel proves that there is minimal risks.
  9. It's crazy how nobody wanted the world locked up during flu season, despite thousands of deaths every year. I guess those deaths were acceptable
  10. Thank you, I will be having a read of the ones that were elected in my area and see how close they got before voting
  11. Is there anywhere that would store the manifestos of those who ran/were elected in 2016? would be interested to read what they planned to do and actually did do in their term.
  12. Derek you no longer live on the island why do you even care?
  13. I personally couldn't care less what happened I wasn't involved and it has no bearing on my life. Other than the op mentioning it I'd be none the wiser to it. As for the open legal system as I've said should this get to court then the details will be released then I just don't get this the public have a right to know especially when it looks like any investigation is in its early stages
  14. Why do the public have a right to know? I mean ultimately it might go to court and the story might come out then but if there's no danger to the public and its contained etc why would the public want to know?
  15. Nobody,but I'm not glued to news/social media 24/7.
  16. The reason so many aussies want their borders closed is because for the past 12 months we have been conditioned to believe that covid is going to end humanity and every time there's a few cases they are back into lockdown. Maybe if more positive news was being broadcast instead of constant doom and gloom they might think different Just look at the People in the UK celebrating being able to sit outside a pub. Any smidge of normality people will grab on to.
  17. You would think the mlp would be more critical of the money that seems to get spunked on any project from the last 5 years but alas no saying good luck to someone is worse
  18. The pandemic in the UK is all but over. The vaccine is working, summer should be decent then let's see what happens in the autumn/winter
  19. As long as its booked in you'll be fine
  20. It's not that simple though. They might not have the days for leave, they might not be allowed to go. I know some places over here told staff they werent allowed to leave the island
  21. It says in the paper no manslaughter charges. Not no charges. Maybe go read it again
  22. Being reported there were around 100k. That's a lot of nobodies
  23. Over the past year we have been told pretty much every day that we will kill our gran if we don't follow the rules. It's no surprise there are people who will see danger in a packed shop etc. I've said it earlier that the media have been a disgrace and they continue to publish headlines that are very different to the story. I've only seen it published in a couple of places that 1 shot of the Pfizer vaccine is 65% effective, both shots is 90% effective. This news should be getting published everywhere but it doesn't sell papers. Even after this is all over the news will be about cli
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