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  1. Yeah there were a couple the last few weeks but was working. Must have just missed those posters. Cheers
  2. So with 2 days to go i was trawling through Facebook, callister is moaning one of his banners was removed and cherry has taken legal advice over an obvious fake letter from the anti vax crew.
  3. I'd have gone to that, was it advertised anywhere?
  4. I was at the gym this morning at the hilton and tge car park was rammed with the cars. Hopefully made a few quid over the weekend
  5. I see words but no idea what that sentence means. Is it an insult?
  6. It seems that anyone who has any queries about the vaccine are just labelled anti vaxxer loons which isn't the case. I see today that Pfizer have said their vaccine is safe for 5 to 12 year olds. Now is it not a legitimate question asking why would you give a vaccine to a healthy child that has pretty much 0 chance of being affected by covid?
  7. No ill agree there, I'm still holding out some hope they will return with the same casts and themes but who knows
  8. Unfortunately yes I wasted hours of my life on that garbage and Wandavision and falcon and the winter soldier.
  9. The equivalent of thanos collecting all the infinity stones. Mr sausages could now end humanity
  10. I don't know who I'll vote for simply because none of them actually stand out I'll probably save my time and give it a miss on Thursday.
  11. I generally wait until December 26th before i buy mine, much cheaper lol
  12. Unleaded petrol seems to be going up at a rate of almost 1p per week.
  13. They're introducing vaccine passports in Scotland from 1st October. One of them is for sporting events if there is 10,000 or more people so a crowd of 9,999 is all good but stick 1 more person in there they all have to be vaccinated. Negative tests will not be accepted so potentially you could be unvaxed and have proof you don't have covid and get refused entry but you could be vaxxed have covid and be allowed in with this passport. It's crazy.
  14. The running man was set in 2017 so to be fair we are 4 years behind. Although the film was spot on about the influence of the media
  15. Is there much crime in Ballaugh?
  16. The entry stuff was amazingly very simple and straightforward. Anyway just as autumn/winter approaches a new strain has been found to instill fear in all of us. So come the end of October entry to or from the UK might not be an issue.
  17. I was on the ferry last week.didnt wear a mask at any point, very few people did to be honest
  18. Looks like even some of the candidates couldn't be bothered turning up lol
  19. I'm going over in October for a large indoor event then to a football match under those rules I'd need the vaccine passport but will our government be issuing them? If not then what do I do? I'm on a number of Scottish forums and the majority on there are against them.
  20. I've been in the uk the last 5 days, people just getting on with things. Back tonight had to do my landing form and to be fair it was straightforward and simple
  21. Hang on, I'm in Wales at the minute. Am I safe 😆
  22. I've got to be honest since extinction rebellion popped up I've doubled my efforts to waste water, use my car more and not recycle lol. If anyone can tell me what the below video is about please do https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/1430492536066478080
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