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  1. Years ago I got my tyre stuck in the lines came off and broke my collar bone. My own fault and frankly a sign wouldn't have made any difference
  2. I worked in McDonald's not long after it first opened part time as I was in 6th form and I'll tell you what it was hard graft
  3. Yeah I drive by it every Sunday afternoon. Guess I must just be lucky
  4. But it's not there is no backing up of traffic at McDonalds, this myth seems to exist that the road is blocked by traffic from McDonalds when it isn't
  5. If we are honest the traffic at McDonalds isn't that bad, yes it comes out onto the road but that is because the drive through queue blocks those wanting to go in and eat, even when the traffic comes out onto the road you can get past it, KFC has more space and I do expect once the initial reaction of 'yay we have something new on the Island' wears off there won't be an issue
  6. Why would you wait nearly 2 hours? That's utterly insane.
  7. Exactly, always a parking space about
  8. Ao no queuing round the block tonight. Maybe give it a week or 2 see what it's like rather than a knee jerk reaction because it was busy in the opening day
  9. I do that all the time when I go to McDonalds. You can't get in as the drive through queue is usually out onto the main road so it is just easier and quicker to park up walk in and get your food.
  10. I hope it does their chicken was meant to be awesome
  11. Why cue me? I don't care about the traffic or the queue. I'll visit in a week or so when the initial attraction is over.
  12. Exactly it's the 1st day, it will die down.
  13. Of course they wont
  14. There was 1 time last October I thought I had it tested it was negative went for a pcr test it was negative. That's the only time in the past 2 years I've had "symptoms"
  15. Nah 30 years of drinking irn bru and eating square sausage has made me immune to everything 😆
  16. So many people I know have it again some are on their 3rd or 4th infection. I've still not had it.
  17. Or they followed their protocol, damned if they do damned if they don't
  18. The police facebook page makes entertaining reading, it's said the airport is evacuated and flights cancelled people commenting is my flight cancelled, I work at the airport can I get in.
  19. What information do you want? maybe it's as simple as there is nothing to give at this time
  20. It's not an alternate view though. The poster quite rightly says nothing we say here will change anything for or against so what's the point of getting so upset about stuff
  21. Probably the most sensible post on this thread
  22. What exactly would you like the Government to do? there is always a chance something terrible might happen if people are worried about that and don't want to see it then I would suggest not going and watching it in the first place.
  23. No you really wouldn't
  24. Must be tiring being this angry all the time. Have a can of juice and chill out man
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