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  1. >>envisaging not one but three tunnels under the Irish Sea connecting in an “underground roundabout” beneath the Isle of Man. Since when do trains use roundabouts?
  2. She was dumped and her mother told her there were lot's more fish in the sea...
  3. It's been a while since I posted. I don't tend to watch movies these days. 90-120 minutes just isn't enough for character and plot development when we've being spoiled by Breaking Bad, Sopranos, etc. Good Vibrations (2012) – Set in Norn Iron, this is the story of music legend Terri Hooley; who was the godfather figure for the punk rock scene in Belfast in the 70s. He was the guy who ‘discovered’ and signed the Undertones only to then let them go very cheaply. It has some great performances from a decent cast and it’s laugh out loud in a few places. A really fun movie and one th
  4. In more primitive civilised countries, there would be outrage and protests when thing like this are revealed.  FTFY
  5. User FalseDmitriy on Reddit gave a good explanation.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I'm pretty sure I know exactly what happened here. I haven't seen anyone else post about this, but as a teacher who works with struggling readers, I know that highly literate people (including most general-level teachers) have a hard time understanding how someone like this approaches written text, since for many of us reading comes so naturally. From my perspective it's pretty easy to see why Trump said this weird thing, given what
  6. Yeah done that. Clicked "Send Code" a few times on different days and nowt. Spent 30 mins talking to someone at Paypal and totally clueless. Guess I won't be using the Paypal app then.
  7. Can't seem to get the confirmation code sent from Paypal to my mobile. Is this one of those known Manxy quirks whereby we're UKish but not really?
  8. Steam Packet Captain spotted on his holidays https://imgur.com/ck2tdkT
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/innovations/wp/2016/02/02/a-small-self-governing-island-may-hand-over-its-roads-to-self-driving-cars/
  10. The Revenant - Moody cinematography? Check. Realistic "Saving Private Ryan" type battles and injuries? Check. Tom Hardy mumbling incoherently through all his lines? Check. Simple, basic plot? Check. Characters that you care about? Eh no, not so much. Interesting and unmissable? Meh. Oscar winning performance for Leo? No but he'll get it anyway as he's "overdue". It won't be anyone's favourite movie ever. 6/10 The Hateful Eight - It's not awful. It's just too long, too drawn out and the flashbacks that Tarantino is known for don't add anything to move the story along. Kurt Russell d
  11. I didn't inhale and I did not have sexual relations with that woman,
  12. Kodi running on a Raspberry Pi stuck to the back of the TV and connected via HDMI works perfect. Streams from the SMB and PnP Nas boxes. Auto downloads subtitles too. Library scanning works perfectly and I never have any problems with it at all. Android app is perfect too. I ditched Plex for this so I don't have to keep the PC running. Having said that I've been playing with Chromecast and managed to cast movies from the NAS to it although it's picky about formats. Kodi plays virtually anything you throw at it.
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