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  1. I'm of the same opinion. I used to go to a lot of concerts - all over Europe. The last few years the cost of tickets was putting me off, especially when you're beside some gobshites who talk through the whole event. So I started going to smaller gigs. That's even worse for idiots not shutting the fuck up but at least it was cheaper. They talk and shout loudly as if the music is a hindrance. It was really pissing me off to the point where it was always spoiling my night so I just stopped going.
  2. >>envisaging not one but three tunnels under the Irish Sea connecting in an “underground roundabout” beneath the Isle of Man. Since when do trains use roundabouts?
  3. She was dumped and her mother told her there were lot's more fish in the sea...
  4. It's been a while since I posted. I don't tend to watch movies these days. 90-120 minutes just isn't enough for character and plot development when we've being spoiled by Breaking Bad, Sopranos, etc. Good Vibrations (2012) – Set in Norn Iron, this is the story of music legend Terri Hooley; who was the godfather figure for the punk rock scene in Belfast in the 70s. He was the guy who ‘discovered’ and signed the Undertones only to then let them go very cheaply. It has some great performances from a decent cast and it’s laugh out loud in a few places. A really fun movie and one that most people haven’t heard of. Obviously some great music throughout. 8/10 About Time (2013) – It’s a Richard Curtis film. It’s labelled as a rom-com. It’s got time travel. OK don’t let any of these things put you off. It’s not really a rom-com. There’s a few funny moments; mostly from Tom Hollander’s miserable character but it’s mostly a bittersweet movie. Any movie that has Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson is worth a watch but there are also good performances from Hollander and Rachel McAdams (who might be my favourite least-annoying American actress). I can’t say much about the plot without giving away too many spoilers but there’s a couple of brilliant scenes with Gleeson and Nighy. As with any Curtis film there’s a danger of it becoming a bit twee but he mostly manages to steer it straight. It’s got a great soundtrack too. Probably my favourite feel good/feel bad movie at the moment. 8/10
  5. In more primitive civilised countries, there would be outrage and protests when thing like this are revealed.  FTFY
  6. User FalseDmitriy on Reddit gave a good explanation.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I'm pretty sure I know exactly what happened here. I haven't seen anyone else post about this, but as a teacher who works with struggling readers, I know that highly literate people (including most general-level teachers) have a hard time understanding how someone like this approaches written text, since for many of us reading comes so naturally. From my perspective it's pretty easy to see why Trump said this weird thing, given what we know about him. We know: Donald Trump does not read well. Like most of the students I work with, he avoids reading both because he wants to avoid being embarrassed, and because reading costs him a lot more mental energy than for proficient readers. We know from lots of different reports that his staff does not give him anything long or complex to read, because of this avoidance. For this reason, when Trump does have to read something out loud, it is clear that he is not processing the meaning of what he is saying. For a struggling reader, all their concentration goes into pronouncing the words out loud, and simultaneously processing the meaning is very difficult. We see this when is giving a prepared speech and mispronounces a word in a way that makes no sense. A proficient reader would immediately stop and self-correct. Trump often doesn't, because he is not processing what he is saying. Other times I know I've heard him notice his mistake, but instead of correcting it, he covers it up with a bit of lame word-play, pretending that the mistake was intentional. I can't think of any specific examples of this, but I know I've heard him do it. (Edit) snatchi found some examples: "through their lives... and though their lives." "authority... and authoritarian powers." "They sacrifice every day for the furniture... and future of our children." It's Trump's go-to move when he misreads a word. There are other times when he reacts to a line in his speech like he hasn't heard it before. He noticeably stops and inserts a comment of his own before going back to the reading. He does not know how to gracefully glide between reading and impromptu speaking, since reading is so unnatural for him. Trump also has a relatively small vocabulary. Remember his remarks about "the oranges of the Mueller report." He was parroting something that he had heard before, but not having a firm grasp of the word "origins," he used a more familiar word instead, because that was how his mind remembered the word. The speech he was giving made heavy use of language from "The Star Spangled Banner." For many struggling readers, this would be helpful, since it would rely on familiar chunks of language that would reduce the mental load of reading it. However, we've seen that Trump does not know the words to the anthem. He has tried and failed to sing along with it but couldn't fake it very well. Keeping all that in mind, let's look at what he said: Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do, and at Fort McHenry, under the rockets’ red glare, it had nothing but victory. Based on my experience, here's what I think happened, step by step. Our army manned the air Here I think it's likely that Trump skipped a line on his teleprompter. The line was probably "manned the ramparts," and later on I'm guessing there was a reference to "bombs bursting in air." We all do this sometimes, but struggling readers do it a whole lot more. And furthermore, when a proficient reader makes this mistake they can quickly self-correct, but someone like Trump, who is not totally processing the meaning of what he is reading, can get totally derailed when they do this. it rammed the ramparts Trump seems to have noticed that "manned the air" was a mistake, and he went back to do the line over. But he got "manned" and "ramparts" mixed up, so it came out as "rammed." But he's immediately fallen into another pit: the word "ramparts." He doesn't know what it means. It's a very uncommon word that most Americans only know from this line in "The Star Spangled Banner." Trump, however, doesn't even know that, since he has never learned the words to the song. So I think that at this point, already a little flustered from covering up his last mistake, he thinks he has mis-read another word. "Ramparts?" I must have misread something, he thinks to himself. it took over the airports This is a repair strategy that Trump has used in the past. Mess up a word? Pretend it was the first in a sequence of rhyming or similar words and carry on from there. What's a word he knows that sounds like ramparts? Airports. And "air" was already on his mind from just before, when he accidentally read "manned the air." So they manned the ramparts, they took over the airports. He's hoping that nobody will notice. It's worked before. it did everything it had to do This sounds like an impromptu comment that he inserted into the written text. It uses the simple and non-specific language that he is known for in his impromptu speeches. The comment bought him a second where he could find his place after getting completely lost before. and at Fort McHenry, under the rockets’ red glare, it had nothing but victory. And now he's found his place again. He's back to the written speech that uses lines from "The Star Spangled Banner." He might not even realize how ridiculous his last few sentences have sounded, since again, he's not really able to process the meaning of what he is saying. My kiddos who are in this situation have a hard time. I and their other teachers have to work really hard to help them learn strategies to overcome these difficulties with the way they process written text. It requires just as much hard work on the kids' part. I strongly suspect that Donald Trump never went through this process and remains in a not fully literate state. Usually we're afraid that someone who graduates with this level of reading ability will have very limited career prospects in the future.
  7. Yeah done that. Clicked "Send Code" a few times on different days and nowt. Spent 30 mins talking to someone at Paypal and totally clueless. Guess I won't be using the Paypal app then.
  8. Can't seem to get the confirmation code sent from Paypal to my mobile. Is this one of those known Manxy quirks whereby we're UKish but not really?
  9. Steam Packet Captain spotted on his holidays https://imgur.com/ck2tdkT
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/innovations/wp/2016/02/02/a-small-self-governing-island-may-hand-over-its-roads-to-self-driving-cars/
  11. The Revenant - Moody cinematography? Check. Realistic "Saving Private Ryan" type battles and injuries? Check. Tom Hardy mumbling incoherently through all his lines? Check. Simple, basic plot? Check. Characters that you care about? Eh no, not so much. Interesting and unmissable? Meh. Oscar winning performance for Leo? No but he'll get it anyway as he's "overdue". It won't be anyone's favourite movie ever. 6/10 The Hateful Eight - It's not awful. It's just too long, too drawn out and the flashbacks that Tarantino is known for don't add anything to move the story along. Kurt Russell doesn't quite have the acting chops to carry the movie - he's not bad, he's just not great. Samuel L Jackson yet again plays Samuel L Jackson. The biggest issue for me is I was just a spectator - I really didn't feel anything for the characters who I might add were at times bordering on caricatures. It's not his worst movie but it's no Inglourious Basterds or Pulp Fiction. 7/10 Steve Jobs - I like most of Aaron Sorkin's work. The West Wing has some glorious writing and characters. I feel sorry for Sorkin here as he's had to try and give a balanced view of Jobs, who let's be honest was a bit of a cunt in real life. Jobs basically stood on the shoulders of giants so when you break down the media hype surrounding him and acknowledge that he was a horrible person he turns out to be a pretty uninteresting guy - crucial as he's the focus of the movie. Fassbender plays Jobs as a bland, insular automaton and he's overshadowed by Kate Winslet in most scenes. Seth Rogan shouldn't be allowed near a serious script or movie before he takes some comprehensive acting lessons. All in all a forgettable movie. If you want a movie about Steve Jobs, watch Pirates of Silicon Valley instead. 5/10 Edit Added: God Bless America - Independent movie from 2011 from weird comedian Bobcat Goldthwait that did no business. Stars nobody you will have heard of. Don't let any of that put you off. Last movie to really impress me. Film4 occasionally shows it after midnight; alternatively available from your local Torrent server. Deliciously dark. Thoroughly recommended. 8.5/10
  12. I didn't inhale and I did not have sexual relations with that woman,
  13. Kodi running on a Raspberry Pi stuck to the back of the TV and connected via HDMI works perfect. Streams from the SMB and PnP Nas boxes. Auto downloads subtitles too. Library scanning works perfectly and I never have any problems with it at all. Android app is perfect too. I ditched Plex for this so I don't have to keep the PC running. Having said that I've been playing with Chromecast and managed to cast movies from the NAS to it although it's picky about formats. Kodi plays virtually anything you throw at it.
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