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  1. You've mostly earned it. If your tax bill is due in January 2020 that's for the tax year 2018-19, so the payment on account is for 2019-2020 which is mostly over by January 2020. Seems fair enough to me.
  2. https://www.gov.im/categories/health-and-wellbeing/hospitals-and-emergency-treatment/nobles-hospital/consultants-list-and-team-contacts/ That list is pretty current, and Chris Clague is not on it. No need for rumours, no conspiracy, no cover up.
  3. And cars are getting more reliable. I got mine, new, in April 2015 and have no intention of changing it anytime soon.
  4. Bit later on I think. The worst thing they could do is have someone on seeing in the new year who dies, Amy Winehouse style, before the real date. If they record mid-December, which I think they do, statistically that’s less likely.
  5. wrighty

    TT 2018

    Not the same. It’s all about energy rather than speed. 2 cars, same mass at velocity v has a total energy in a collision of mv^2. One car at double that velocity hitting a stationary one has double that, ie 2mv^2. With the lower mass of a bike compared to a car a slow car hitting a fast bike is better than a fast car hitting a slow bike, even if the closing velocity is the same.
  6. This is spot on. The notion that ‘big pharma’ is suppressing a miracle cancer cure is just ridiculous. No such thing can exist. There is virtually no limit to the number of possible genetic mutations that could cause a cell to become cancerous, so clearly no single drug, such as THC for example, could work against all of them. And even if there were, cancers evolve and a process of Darwinian selection means that resistance to treatments develops over time.
  7. I thnk the point De Nada is making is that if this had been the TT/MGP they would have swept up the mess under waved yellows while the racing continued, leaving the corpse of the young racer in someone’s garden under a blanket. How could the F2 organisers stop the race? What about the fans that have paid to be there, and the other racers? He knew the risks etc.
  8. Is it all over yet, or is it going to drag on into Friday/Saturday, with roads closing despite no spectators, too few marshalls, and monsoon-like conditions?
  9. I’ve been known to sit outside the house for 10 minutes listening to the end of some random radio 4 play that I got into on a drive home. R4 for me is a sort of background noise, but occasionally something interesting grabs the attention.
  10. I think 50GB a month may be a bit tight with all that youtubing. I started on a limited contract with MT and as soon as the kids were here with their usage it was gone. Try it one night. Reset the stats on your wife’s phone (settings-mobile data-reset stats), turn off your wi-fi router and use the hotspot and go nuts on youtube to see how much you use.
  11. We used to have special papers - an ‘extra hard’ exam on the same syllabus that were graded 1, 2 or fail, with the 1 or 2 being used to modify your A level grade to A1 or B2 or whatever.
  12. The, er, 'magazine' or the London district?
  13. Correct. In fact it's not long ago that in the UK the press were constantly moaning about how soft 'open prisons' were, and Jurby is effectively one of them - all fairly low level criminals as we send the few hard cases across don't we?
  14. I used to say something like this: ”I want to buy this freezer, and if you so much as mention an extended guarantee I will leave” I can really see no need for them.
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