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  1. Don’t think it’s racist to post the image, but I’d argue that the topic that they’re talking about is. Any phrase that starts “All white people are...” is by definition stereotyping according to skin colour. Would the racism question even be asked if the phrase on the board said “All black people are...” (add any word or phrase you like)? It would automatically be condemned.
  2. No. The virus is just a bit of RNA surrounded by protein. The PCR test detects this RNA. It doesn’t lie dormant waiting to start up. There is a delay between getting infected and getting ill (because it takes time for the virus to multiply and for your immune system to mount a response which is why you feel ill). My point was that if you’re not shedding enough virus to be detected by PCR, then at that point in time you’re not going to be shedding enough virus to infect others.
  3. I think it’d have to be a false negative test or a sampling error. I can’t see how it’s possible to pass on a virus that isn’t detectable by PCR - if there’s none on the swab how can you give it to someone else by coughing on them or whatever?
  4. Probably reasonable. It’s always been said that your risk of dying if you catch Covid is about the same as your risk of dying in the next year. 1 in 600 ain’t so bad (and in any case I’ve had my jabs )
  5. Good point. It’s a 90 day period over the recent peak, so effectively for someone like me, living in corona city (the uk) for the last 3 months the risk of dying would be 1 in 17000. Given rates are falling now it’ll be even less risk for the next 3 months. (And even less given vaccination)
  6. Something that may support your argument - have a look at the qcovid risk score. For my age alone, my risk of dying from covid is about 1 in 300, pretty low for an individual but 1 in 300 of thousands is a lot. But given I’m fit and well, no diabetes, no heart disease, not obese etc (these categories and more are in the score) my individualised score came to about 1 in 17000 risk of dying (and about 1 in 1700 of needing hospital admission) So, if the vulnerable being vaccinated includes all diabetics, those with heart disease, the obese etc the residual risk to the health servi
  7. My point was meant to be that 42 hours wasn't so bad a wait when announcements were routinely about things 5 days ago. It wasn't a comment on the gov's performance on the Java cases.
  8. It's better than hearing on a Sunday night that you might have been exposed the previous Tuesday.
  9. Because we don't know the exact timings, level of contact etc. I would suggest however, that young daughter to parent contact/transmission is far more likely than customer to kitchen staff transmission, which may explain the apparent discrepancy.
  10. Top 4 prediction: Manchesters, Liverpool plus either Chelsea or Leicester
  11. Perhaps the staff working last Tuesday are isolating, and it’s opening with others. Or just the actual contracts of the positives are off and kitchen staff can stay on. We don’t know the exact situation, but I’d trust those that do to advise correctly more than the commentators on Gef’s Facebook page.
  12. Alternatively, perhaps the 111 staff have been overworked recently, or someone was off sick (been out for coffee perhaps?), or something else happened such they were unexpectedly a bit short today, so they did the best they could and still managed to keep both aspects (testing and vaccination) of the service functioning despite this. Not everything is down to incompetence.
  13. Unusually for you Roger this post shows a fundamental misunderstanding of antibodies. They’re proteins. They can’t be ‘genetically different’ from other antibodies. They will be different in their individual amino acid sequences, but apart from engineered monoclonal antibodies there will be a multitude of different antibodies. If a person is infected with covid they will generate thousands of different antibodies that react against various bits of the virus. If a person is vaccinated they will generate thousands of different antibodies that react to different parts of the spike protein. They’r
  14. Multifactorial, many connected with the pandemic. Access to short term agency staff from UK almost impossible. Permanent recruitment difficult - UK folk don’t want to move (it’s a complete leap into the unknown, they can’t even test the water) and recruitment from further afield is even more unlikely. Retirements - work is getting harder (because we’re short) and this is pushing some who might otherwise stay on a bit to take the pension and go on the bank part time. There are probably others.
  15. If the roundabout is under the IOM, presumably it’ll be subject to Manx jurisdiction, including rules on isolation. I imagine our plans for this are well advanced, with day 1, 6/7 and 13 covid testing while drivers are held in a circulating holding pattern until either being released to NI or signposted back to Liverpool.
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