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  1. wrighty

    Manx Care

    Should Matt Hancock also resign, and most likely too the health ministers in every single country in Western Europe? Increased waiting times and reduced access for cancer services are an indirect result of the pandemic. What would Minister Apple have done differently? And saying 'more staff, more clinics' etc won't cut it I'm afraid - where are the staff going to come from? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57092797
  2. wrighty

    TT 2021 ??

    Great plan, so what’ll probably be decided is to scrap the electrics altogether to allow more time to chase a 140mph lap on the big machines
  3. wrighty

    Manx Care

    It’s not how I read it. Duty of Candour is explicitly about when things go wrong with treatment. It is not about when elective appointments take longer than one would like due to perceived lack of resource. You seem to have an axe to grind. Should duty of candour extend to declaring why that is?
  4. wrighty

    Manx Care

    Or, in some cases, make the next appointment on the way out, particularly if it’s only a couple of weeks or so. It’s how we used to do it in fracture clinics, both here and across. But since all clinic bookings were centralised they now get posted out
  5. wrighty

    Manx Care

    I was in clinic all day today. No DNAs. Fracture patients in the morning seen at the right time (days to weeks) according to their condition. Elective patients in the afternoon referred about 3 months ago, apart from a couple I’d agreed to see urgently who had not had to wait much at all. One disappointing element was that the patients I listed for surgery are not likely to get their operations until 2022. Some good stuff does happen. The backlog in the UK is similar. Duty of Candour applies to medical error and patients thus harmed. Not waiting lists. 46 missed appointments
  6. wrighty

    TT 2021 ??

    Erin Arts Centre is a world leader in Opera - some bloke in Port Erin once told me. If it were ever to close, the opera buffs worldwide would just have to make do with La Scala, Carnegie, Sydney... I’m reminded of ‘Only Fools and Horses’. If Del Boy were into Motorsport his van would no doubt be labeled “Trotters Independent Racers - Monaco, Le Mans, Isle of Man” I’m being daft, obviously, but you make a fair point that the relevance of the TT is somewhat overstated.
  7. It's a grey area, as has been debated above, and the tax people should clarify/legislate.
  8. I don't think 'acceptable' is the right word. Are deaths from cancer 'acceptable', or heart attacks etc. It's more a level to which we've become accustomed to. We are used to people getting cancer and dying from it. It's not particularly 'acceptable' but you take it, government modifies some risks for us, and we accept some risks upon ourselves without having to be legislated for. Semantics aside, I think the key figure is not the number of deaths, it's whether the health service is able to cope with cases of covid while still able to provide services in other areas. People die all t
  9. wrighty

    Manx Care

    I was discussing with medical colleagues this morning what we feel are the main problems with healthcare on the island. The word that cropped up, independently, on many occasions was 'access'. The other problem in my view is administration. Most of the staff are good people, trying to do their best, and going the extra mile to do a good job. It's often said, as above, that once you get seen the care is very good. Most complaints tend to be about waiting to be seen or communication issues. The access problem is a difficult one to solve. We were starting from a bad position, made wors
  10. I dabbled with Binance previously. Didn’t like it. Probably not using it right. eToro seems more user friendly, and I prefer their interface.
  11. I’d suggest you choose Kurt Godel If you’re not familiar with his famous incompleteness theorem then look it up. That’ll really blow your mind.
  12. eToro. I like that they’re an established company regulated by the FSC. I’m sure there are tighter exchanges available, but I can stand their spread especially as there are no trading charges.
  13. I read an interesting piece about financial bubbles last night. There are 3 types of investor talked about, which you can extend to 4 by adding a 'type 0' Type 0 - Only invests money he already has, and if it all goes - no biggie Type 1 - Borrows to invest, but can afford capital and interest repayments on the loan, even if the investment tanks Type 2 - Borrows, but can only afford the interest repayments on the loan - if the investment tanks he's in trouble Type 3 - Borrows, but relies on the investment to pay off the capital and the interest on the loan - if the investme
  14. I'll watch, frequently, but will not do any more deals until I decide the time is right to get out altogether. Chasing little peaks and troughs, and day-trading, just erodes profits on the bid-offer spread and lines the brokers' pockets.
  15. The best game to be in is be a crypto broker. For the 20% you made, the exchange will have made 3-4% depending on the coin you trade via the bid/offer spread (less than 1% for BTC, but more like 3 for the rest, at least on my exchange). And that's without any risk to them - they'd still be up if you'd lost 20%. I'm planning to do exactly as you suggested - cashed in some premium bonds this morning (interest rate about 0.000001%, at least it seems that way) and when the cash comes through will buy a range of crypto and leave it for 6-9 months as my estimate of being just before the bubbl
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