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  1. Serious allegations indeed. Whatever the outcome his name has now been splashed all over the press, unlike his accuser.
  2. I’d have selected the ‘3’ answer and moved on to the next question within about 2 seconds. China would no doubt have written a long explanation in the margin as to why all the available answers were wrong. I’d have ended up studying at Harvard, China would be the janitor there solving the puzzles on the blackboard
  3. I think the whole idea of Brexit will be dead and buried once a second referendum rejects it, and people vote with their pockets. If in a couple of years there is economic prosperity on the back of remain, led by a gurning Boris, Farage's group will be little more than a pressure group rather than a significant force at the polls. Or, perhaps Farage will be the next PM (after Boris). Stranger things happen in politics these days.
  4. Just a little boost for my prediction from 6 months ago. So it took 3 goes, but I was right on points 1 and 2. Point 3 will happen, although no second referendum yet. That will come though, when labour start pushing for it and Boris realises he can't negotiate a deal to satisfy parliament and that his own MPs will rather bring down the government and have an election than a no-deal exit. He'll agree to the referendum, and points 4-6 will follow.
  5. You should give them a try - once you’re used to them they’re fine. Top tip - a water melon has a removable bar code and weighs about the same as a bottle of champagne
  6. Define Britain. Don’t think there’s such a thing. There’s ‘Great Britain’ which is the biggest of the islands, comprising mainland England, Scotland and Wales. You could probably refer to the island of Ireland as ‘Little Britain’, but I don’t think anyone does. There are the ‘British Isles’ which encompasses all of them including us here. UK is a variably defined political entity. If you’re going to pull someone up on a point of pedantry you need to be precise yourself.
  7. Yes. I used to think no, and that it was great that qualified drivers could be trusted to drive to the conditions, and didn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on the speedo. Unfortunately you can’t trust people to be sensible, so for the good of the population we need a speed limit, that is enforced. 60 over the mountain is enough, probably lower most other places.
  8. Being blinded by the sun is a regular feature in car vs bike incidents. A friend of mine killed a cyclist in those circumstances about 15 years ago. Personally, when driving in those situations I virtually stop - such that I’m a bit concerned a following driver will run into me. Cyclists too should realise that if they’re blinded by the sun they’re vulnerable to following cars who won’t see them. I’ve told my kids in those situations to get off the bike and walk, along the pavement if there is one, or at least as close to the side as possible while watching out for cars.
  9. I can see your point, but it's the opposite of the one you make with regard to TT. Much of the tech, 'stupid rules', pointless chicanes etc have been brought in to make it safer and improve its safety record. If F1 were stuck in the 1970s it'd be like TT for safety, which is not acceptable in today's world (except on the IOM)
  10. The ‘bouncers’ in Jaks over TT were the same ones that are there week in week out. I find them to be polite and helpful, and very quick to defuse situations when it’s threatening to ‘kick off’. Then again I’m not usually drunk and dancing erratically when in Jaks.
  11. Same everywhere. Driven on the M6 recently? For decades, it seems, the road has been half closed to protect the workforce while it’s upgraded to a smart motorway. You rarely see a workman, let alone a force.
  12. wrighty

    TT 2018

    Don’t hesitate, as long as you’re not compromising your own safety. If coming off at high speed has not paralysed someone you dragging them over a kerb is not going to. Being run over by a following bike however could well do so. If the rider ends up paralysed it’s due to the initial trauma, not a marshal’s well-intentioned first aid efforts.
  13. I think the opposite is true. We’ll now see all the candidates desperately trying to appear as hip and down wiv da kidz by claiming to have smoked/snorted/ingested/injected all sorts of substances in the past, which they now regret deeply.
  14. wrighty

    Bus Vs Taxi

    The right one? When is TJ coming round to help you fit it
  15. wrighty

    Bus Vs Taxi

    Not really. Has your bolt arrived yet?
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