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  1. From a microbiological perspective it makes far more sense to wash your hands before going for a pee than afterwards.
  2. The Apple watch pairs with an iPhone camera such that you see on the watch screen whatever the phone camera is looking at - no recording necessary.
  3. Lowest they can possibly finish now is 11th, according to that website you pointed me to the other week (which I quite like ), and that's with losing all their remaining games and a specific set of other results also happening. I'm starting to think it could be Liverpool's year.
  4. You can't change how people 'feel'. You may change how they behave, or speak, but if someone has had decades of indoctrination from childhood that something is wrong, or dangerous etc, they're never going to 'feel' comfortable about things. And when challenged and under stress it's often feelings that dominate thoughts rather than rationality. So your grandmother's friend may have been able to stop referring to people as 'dirty jews' in public, and even realise that those thoughts were not right, but his/her underlying attitude would probably not change. It's probably not OK, but that's the way it is.
  5. I was going to question when the survey was done as I don’t recall being asked. If it’s 2008 that would explain it. I’m certainly in favour of having the option for myself, if it ever becomes an issue for me, so I obviously support the principle itself.
  6. Richard, you don’t seem to understand what decades of cultural and societal indoctrination does to individuals. It’s hard, if not impossible, to simply reject what you were brought up as knowing to be right. I’m almost 50. Neil’s older I imagine. When I was a kid homosexuality wasn’t illegal but it wasn’t far off, and for my parents generation it most certainly was. I remember my dad had a work colleague he’d known for years and used to drink with. Never married. In about 1985 he was either outed or came out as gay, which was a big deal. On finding this out my dad didn’t want to sit near him in the pub, until my mum told him not to be ridiculous, nothing had changed. My dad wasn’t a bigot of any sort, he’d just grown up through an era where ‘those things’ weren’t talked about. If he were alive today I imagine he’d still feel the same about ‘Peter and John’ books etc, despite society moving on. Progressive youngsters need to accept that they can’t change the way previous generations feel about things, even if they can influence the way they think.
  7. They're right to run to the EU? How does that tie in with your general anti-EU sentiment? Can't have it both ways Rog.
  8. The last thing we need is a private health provider coming in to run our NHS. Our main problem here is the growing problem of frailty and patients with multiple medical problems. Private providers simply cherry-pick straightforward cases and leave complexity to the NHS. They want to make profit, and the problem is that health care costs. Private medicine, in my view, is equivalent to first-class air travel. NHS is economy. Both will get you where you need to go, safely, but if you want to pay you get to choose when and where, get a more comfortable journey, and have wine with your meals. What we could really do with is stability. I hope the next transformation director lasts longer than Mr Spicer.
  9. The Queen is apparently a very wise counsel for the PM - when it comes to international incidents, in her 60 odd years on the throne she’s seen it all before. I’m no fan of the whole clan of them, but I’d rather have Liz, Charlie, Will... as head of state than a Trump equivalent voted in by the masses.
  10. When exactly? I can probably point you in the direction of the local bands you might like - there’s a pretty good music scene over here.
  11. Soleimani assassination: US airbase in Iraq hit by rockets in retaliation https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-51028954 Started apparently.
  12. wrighty

    Manx Tunnel

    Was always impressed by how the writers overcame fundamental physical laws such as the uncertainty principle by inventing stuff like that.
  13. wrighty

    Manx Tunnel

    Hilarious. Similarly, will the tunnel(s) be closed if there is a light mist at the exit, or a small puddle develops in the nadir.
  14. wrighty

    Manx Tunnel

    It’s more likely that Star Trek style matter transportation is invented before this tunnel is built. Particularly if the prom firm get the contract.
  15. Straight out of Fawlty Towers that one John
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