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  1. It’s worse getting a manual that is 100 pages thick that has 3-4 pages in English somewhere, amongst all other known languages, including Welsh. Totally wasteful.
  2. I’m tempted to start paraphrasing the classic NTNON Gramophone sketch, but I’ll refrain, Grandad. Edit - enjoy, it’s a classic
  3. wrighty

    Legco 2021

    Let’s hope it does!
  4. Not just surgeons then.
  5. Whatever the weather, I prefer the mountain to the coast road. The mountain has only 3-4 junctions, compared with loads of drives, parked cars, winding turns and often equally poor visibility on the coast. Unless it’s closed, I go over the mountain every time.
  6. Aren't we already getting into the 4th wave? And unlike previous pandemics we're (virtually) all vaccinated now.
  7. This is a wholly positive move, and one I’ve been calling for for years. 6 weeks is the notice required for holidays. So at present, if I book leave in say January, any patients already booked for my clinics get cancelled and rebooked. We get patients turn up with multiple letters all the time - my personal record in clinic was 7, sent out on various dates alternately booking and cancelling appointments. It’s perfectly simple for the patient - if their appointment comes through for when they’re on holiday they phone up and reschedule for when they’re back. Far better that than multiple random changes. The only objection to this so far has been from the IT people who claimed ‘computer says no’. Presumably that has now been overcome.
  8. Teachers, nurses, care assistants, GPs, HGV drivers… What jobs are people actually doing these days?
  9. You are Dave Lister and I claim my £5
  10. Donors too? I can see the sense in restricting recipients, due to immunosuppression, but donors get screened for all sorts of things before donation (HIV, Hepatitis etc) - can’t see why you’d turn down a donor organ just because the donor hadn’t been covid vaxxed.
  11. And thence Chief in 2026. That’s how it works, isn’t it?
  12. Well that’s basically what they’ve done. Logically, in a two-horse race, there should be 4 options - A, B, either or neither. By saying “spoilt ballot” the voter could mean either or neither, we don’t know their intention, and assume they drew a cock’n’balls.
  13. Unless there's a specific 're-open nominations' option, what else are they meant to do if they don't really want either of them to be Chief?
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