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  1. wrighty


    I was going to suggest this. For those of us that follow the manufacturer's service schedule an MOT test seems like an unnecessary hassle, so could a proper service count instead? And make it according to the service schedule - a year is an arbitrary figure. Those that don't get the car serviced - get it tested. We've all seen cars (vans usually) belching out black smoke, and loads with dodgy lights. An annual test for them would reduce the numbers of them on the road.
  2. wrighty

    The next MMR?

    Really? Please elaborate. What vaccine, when, and how did it damage you?
  3. wrighty

    Prince Philip in car crash.

    Council have already reduced the speed limit where he crashed. Perhaps @Derek Flint should invite him over for a lap of the track - might bring the impetus the road safety strategy needs.
  4. wrighty

    Prince Philip in car crash.

    Wonder if they breathalysed him.
  5. wrighty

    Paramount City up for sale

    Jim Royle said that in the Royle Family. He may not have been the first however...
  6. wrighty

    Andy Murray!

    Got to admire him really - in an era with three other ‘all-time greats’ to win anything is remarkable. But like others here I’ve found him a bit dull, and his recently acquired public displays of emotion seem a bit fake too - I seem to recall years ago he was criticised for not engaging with the press, after which he learned how to cry so that the public grew to love him. It’s media training gone mad.
  7. wrighty

    The Canadian Twoonie

    That’ll have been metal-detected, dug up, and passed off as £2 to a short-sighted shop assistant by now
  8. wrighty

    Sir Nige to grace the island.

    Nigel Farage is a rare example of a successful politician. You may not like him or agree with his principles, but he has achieved his aim of taking the UK out of the EU (assuming there isn’t a U-turn in the next few weeks). The vast majority of political careers end in failure - that’s a quote by someone, probably Churchill.
  9. wrighty

    Bogus Research

    I once published a quotation from Albert Einstein in the British Medical Journal, something along the lines of “The pressure to publish leads to superficiality and should be resisted”. The citation for it is on my CV, which I think is quite ironic.
  10. wrighty

    Bogus Research

    This amused me, and Evan Davies when he interviewed the guy on R4 earlier. Report from the Mirror here They basically wrote fake research papers and submitted them to journals. In one they claimed to have inspected 10000 dogs' genitals to see if they could correlate them with dogs' rape tendencies. The reviewers (seriously) questioned if the dogs had been violated in carrying out the study. I think they were trying to prove that studies on 'trendy' leftist topics were likely to be published even if they were completely ludicrous. 7/20 got in. Just because something's published in a 'leading' academic journal doesn't necessarily mean it's the truth.
  11. wrighty

    Premiership 2018/2019

    Big clubs don’t care about the FA cup. I’d go as far as saying they see it as a distraction and extra unnecessary games that get in the way of the premiership and champions league. It started some years ago when Man U were kings and didn’t even enter the competition to concentrate on the world club championships.
  12. wrighty

    New Style £1 coin on the way?

    The halfpenny was abolished in 1984 as being too small in value. It would be worth 1.6p in today’s money. Time to abolish 1s and 2s. I was in Oz in 2012 and the exchange rate was a painful 1.4 then. I don’t think exchange rates matter, it’s inflation and the currency’s value at home that’s relevant. In any case, I’ve virtually given up on cash altogether. You can use your phone or cards almost everywhere.
  13. wrighty

    New Style £1 coin on the way?

    Australia did it. Prices still to the nearest cent, final bill rounded up or down to the nearest 5c.
  14. wrighty

    Bottled Gas

    This! As instantly controllable as gas, but far easier to clean and much safer, with far less hassle than getting bottled gas. Once tried there’s no going back.
  15. wrighty

    Absolutely not fabulous

    I love The Inbetweeners - suits the ‘Viz’ elements of my sense of humour. Some would say that the word puerile was invented just for it. Peep Show however kills The Inbetweeners and dances on its grave singing ‘Cauliflower is not traditional’.