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  1. Well to answer the question in the OP, and to get away from this House or Lords nonsense - From Paddy Power: Next PM - BJ 3:1on, JC 2:1, rest no chance most seats - Con 20:1on, Lab 9:1, rest no chance Overall majority - Con 15:8 on, Nobody 7:4, Lab 20:1 So the bookies seem confident enough for you Rog.
  2. How would that solve the problem? In general terms we are suffering from lack of management. Each ‘manager’ usually has several areas to look after and it’s like spinning plates for them. We have a serious lack of economy of scale. I know this goes against the usual MF agenda that suggests there are hoards of managers at Noble’s who do nothing, but it’s the truth. There is a problem with the appointments system - we get more complaints about that side of thing than we do about clinical care - and we are trying to put it right. But calling for someone’s head on a plate is unlikely to help, particularly if that someone reads these pages.
  3. It could be P. Eye, but if so they nicked it from Viz.
  4. With social media so pervasive this is going to be the worst election campaign ever, until the next one. Nobody listens to policies, they just cherry-pick the latest meme to suit their preconceived view. I’m sort of glad I’m not voting in it.
  5. Reminds me of the old joke - name 3 football league teams with swearwords in their names. Arsenal, Scunthorpe and Manchester-fucking-United
  6. I’d say 7 potential winners - add in Australia, Wales and Ireland to your list of four. I see your point though, but how else could it be done? Perhaps a straight knockout for the top 8 ranked sides in the world over 3 consecutive weekends? But then we’d miss out on the upsets (like the Scots threatening legal action and then losing) and the minnows would never develop the game, like Japan are now doing.
  7. In the ‘crime’ section ffs
  8. That's what I thought, but the bookies seem pretty clear at the mo that BoJo is going to be PM with a Tory overall majority.
  9. wrighty

    Nurses' Pay.

    Agency rates are higher than regular rates of pay, and as John says no holiday pay etc. So yes, an agency nurse working 3 12 hour shifts per week for 52 weeks a year may earn £65,520. In the NHS agency rates are meant to be capped at 55% above standard rates, so this would be equivalent to a salary of £42,270 for a non-agency nurse, assuming the cap has been adhered to (it is often exceeded). This is in the ballpark of a band 7 (relatively senior) nurse.
  10. So basically no change save for a swing of 7ish from Tories to LD, with UKIP basically morphing into Brexit. If that bears out in December it will be Corbyn, backed by LD and SNP, meaning another Brexit delay, then a referendum, then no Brexit. Then a Scottish referendum and Scexit???
  11. I predict a Tory-Brexit party mash up. Tories won’t stand in traditional Labour leave areas to allow the Brexit party in. Brexit party won’t stand in strong remain areas and hope Tories win with opposition votes shares between libdems and lab. SNP to win all of Scotland. Probably a real mess. I’d quite like to see Corbyn as PM - not because I think he’d do a good job necessarily, but because it might be more entertaining for a relatively distant observer.
  12. Compressing it to a long weekend would be feasible, if only the weather could be guaranteed.
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