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  1. Really? Last Amazom Prime order I put in was 4 days. And that includes a missed delivery on day 3.
  2. With covid, our clinic has been phoning people the day before to check that they’re coming and don’t have covid symptoms. We still have no-shows.
  3. I’ve never ‘struck off’ anyone - I sometimes wish I could. The closest I came was a patient referred urgently, for what appeared to be a routine problem, who didn’t show up. The notes indicated that they had similar form for 8 out of 9 appointments across different specialties. I wrote to the GP saying I wouldn’t be sending another appointment in place of the latest one they hadn’t bothered to attend, stating that if they need to be seen the GP would need to re-refer. As in most things the Pareto principle applies - a small proportion of patients cause a large proportion of the issues. GPs and hospital will go out of their way to see people who attend, and we understand that the admin side frequently messes up. My own approach to DNAs - I almost never say ‘send again’. No point wasting another slot, but if the patient contacts us to request another appointment we rebook. Charging £10 is pointless.
  4. That is a very unfair comparison. A robot carpet hoover has direction and a plan to achieve its goals.
  5. If that’s what you think, take no notice of it. However, ONS survey in England shows a decrease, which for me at least is a good indicator that we’ll be seeing the same.
  6. Footie’s on! Those that know more about these things than me, ie most people, how would ‘the lionesses’ fare against a men’s team? At what level could they play? I assume a Man City or a Liverpool would annihilate them. What about a Norwich? Championship, 1st or 2nd division? How would they do against IOM FC?
  7. Didn't have you down as a troll! In some sports I think the women's version is more entertaining and watchable than the men's. Tennis for example - some men's matches are simply a service shoot out. The women's football I've seen is in some respects more watchable than men's as we don't yet have the cult of personality that is attached to some male players, which has been known to spoil a game.
  8. If you'd said theatre scrubs I might have believed you. A white coat these days would get you ejected from the ward by the infection control police, let alone the operating theatres 😉
  9. No need to wait until after dark for this type of thing. Put on a Hi-Viz vest - nobody would think it was being stolen, they'd assume it was legitimate workers. Hidden in plain sight. Especially if they had a white van or a flatbed truck.
  10. wrighty


    Good to see that this has become a 'Hot Topic' on the thread listing.
  11. Take apart one of the oldest walls - you'll probably find it stuffed with newspaper from the day it was bodged together. I once dated an extension build in our house by finding a 1986 page of the Daily Mirror.
  12. But you have fallen for the marketing hype!
  13. You can't sell it as champagne, but apart from that there's nothing special about the stuff that is basically double fermented white wine. What 'essential element' do you refer to? Some sort of mystical quality that gets added due to where it is produced?
  14. https://www.bmj.com/content/bmj/361/bmj.k2536.full.pdf So you think an extra 300 million would essentially clear the 6.5 million on NHS waiting lists such that waiting time is 90days? Some ambulances are waiting almost that long outside A&Es. You know I’m talking about the UK and not here, don’t you?
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