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  1. I agree. Actuarial predictions only work when averaged over a large population. Arguing when an individual may pop their clogs based on general principles is nonsense.
  2. I'd draw the line way before that. There was a Range Rover parked up in Ramsey by the hospital for months with a completely flat tyre and an expired tax disc. I suspect it belonged to one of those folk who 'live here' for tax purposes and free healthcare but actually spend most of their time in Spain. I'd have put tickets on that daily for a few weeks, and if not contacted by the owners have it towed away and impounded.
  3. We did - rejected. Just paid up, should have perhaps made it £810,060 that's owed.
  4. My son got one in the disc zone near my house at about 10:15. Parked in a legal space, several other spaces available in the same row, he got a bit delayed and saw the parking enforcer walking away as he approached the car to leave. Seemed a bit tight and unnecessary really, particularly when I know of others that routinely park on double yellows all the time and rarely get done.
  5. Educational emergency? Late library book return? You’re right on this one John.
  6. I sort of think parking should be ok, anywhere, as long as you’re not causing an obstruction (either to access or visibility). There needs to be designated disabled spaces, and some areas need to be paid for to enable turnover, but fining people for being 10 minutes late in a disc zone when there are adjacent free spaces to park is stupid.
  7. Tiffany Scott: Call to block trans prisoner's move to women's jail https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-64438457 And another. Incredible the way the Scots are tying themselves up in knots over this. These criminals are men. I for one don’t care that they’re claiming to now identify as female - to quote Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, “I’m all broken up about their human rights”. Simply ludicrous that they’re even given the oxygen of publicity.
  8. Flinty’s book launch… https://youtu.be/Zg6j9mlw7Wo
  9. Richard Nixon. Found the quote in the wiki article. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_derivative
  10. The ‘British London’ of the real world. (Do Peep Show references work on this forum?)
  11. Is Mrs Brown (as in Mrs Brown’s Boys) a drag act? Because that’s definitely shit. I think it’s probably one of the definitions of shit in Roger Mexico’s dictionary.
  12. Wish I’d thought of that 🙂
  13. Just like any group really. But all are welcome. I entered several classes over a few years, and won a few too. But then I realised it was more enjoyable playing in pub bands to appreciative crowds, than playing difficult classical repertoire to 10 disapproving old ladies.
  14. Way before Trump. A derivative is a rate of change. So the inflation rate is how much prices change over time. If the inflation rate is increasing, that is the rate of change of how much prices change with time, a second derivative. The change in that amount as months go by is a third derivative. Very confusing indeed. In mechanics terms, an equivalent term is ‘jerk’, the rate of change of acceleration. Rollercoaster designers are fond of it.
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